L'Estrie Industries

L'Estrie Industries

Team Designation: L'Estrie Industries, a Cutting Edge Electronics Company

Threat Level:

Expanded Membership Details:

Elaine L'Estrie

Elaine L'Estrie (53 points)


Guys L'Estrie (Armstrong) (350 points)

Rene L'Estrie

Rene L'Estrie (23 points)


Major Adversaries:

International House of Crime


Unger Munitions


Base of Operations:

(Corporate HQ) Paris, France




Elaine L'Estrie (CEO)
Guys L'Estrie (Armstrong)
Rene L'Estrie (R&D)
L’Estrie Industries was founded by Hector L’Estrie after the Second World War. During the occupation of France by Nazi German, Hector was a member of the Resistance. He was a wizard at electronics, especially communications. Hector was responsible for getting a lot of messages to the allies. With the liberation of France, he went along with the French forces for the invasion of Nazi Germany. During the Battle of the Bulge, Hector was shot. He had lung problems since the end of the war.

Returning to devastated Paris, he involved himself in reconstruction. This was the true founding of L’Estrie Industries. The company became involved in the massive effort to restore telephone service to Paris. Once L’Estrie Industries completed this task, it branched across the country bringing communications to the whole of France. De Gaulle himself decorated Hector.

Over the years with Hector at the head of the company L'Estrie Industries branched out into television and later into computers. Hector eventually married a woman named Brigitte and together they had two children: Elaine, a girl, was the eldest, and Guy, a boy the younger. Guy took after his father in that he too was a wizard when it came to electronics.

When Hector finally retired he named Guy president of the company. However, Guy wasn’t the businessman that his father was and L’Estrie Industries’ place in the electronics market fell. The company changed from being a manufacturer to a research and development firm. L’Estrie Industries developed key components in the burgeoning market of robotics, all thanks to Guy. While the company became smaller, it became more profitable.

Meanwhile, Elaine didn’t show as much promise as her younger brother. While she had knowledge in electronics, she just didn’t have her brother's flair for it. When she was nineteen she started traveling extensively across the world marketing L’Estrie Industries to prospective clients.

However, tragedy struck when she visited Madrid. On her way to a meeting Elaine was kidnapped and later raped by her abductor. Guy paid the ransom and his sister was returned to Paris. The rapist was never found. Later Elaine found out that she was pregnant. Nine months later, Rene was born. Guy was taken by the baby and vowed to protect his nephew. Elaine was pulled out of marketing and was firmly stationed at the Paris offices of the company. Guy wouldn’t risk his sister again. Not long after the kidnapping Hector passed away.

Elaine was provided with counselling and seemed to be getting over her attack, although she is still bitter about the rape to this day. Elaine prospered in the Paris office, making many strides for the company. Rene was the apple of her eye, but as he grew older she became more disappointed in that he looked more to Guy than to her. The two never really bonded much.

L’Estrie Industries was cornering the market for robotics in France and was making head ways in other markets as well. In London, Jonathon Sterling noticed the returning influence of L'Estrie, and sent out a solicitor to purchase the company. While the offer was generous, Guy wouldn’t think of selling the company. The solicitor returned again with another offer only to be rebuffed. Jonathon Sterling never did take rejection well.

Unknown to Guy, Jonathon Sterling was also the uber known as Sterling; the leader of TITAN. Sterling sent his operative, the German Uber, Rage, to pay Guy a visit. Rage in his usual way brutalized Guy beating him almost within an inch of his life. Rene showed up just as Rage was leaving and was hurt himself. Rene was able to save his uncle but at the price of turning him into a cyborg. Guy, as a cyborg, became known as the French super-hero Bras Fort or Armstrong. Deciding his life was in fighting crime; Guy turned complete control of the company over to his sister Elaine. She has been in control of L’Estrie Industries ever since. Elaine has brought the company to the forefront of electronics in France and even in Europe itself.
Area of Operations
L’Estrie Industries corporate offices are located in Paris, France. The company has several factories and research facilities located across France. Their most guarded facility is the research and development lab located in Strasbourg. This was the place where Guy L'Estrie became a cyborg.
The mission of L’Estrie Industries is to become the leader of the electronics industry in Europe. This goal has already almost become a reality in France. L’Estrie Industries have attracted some of the brightest and most educated people in the field of electronics. A few of them have even come from S.A.G.E.
L’Estrie Industries, as to be expected, is known for their superior electronics. They have few competitors in the field of cybernetics and are a leader in the field of consumer electronics in Europe. L’Estrie Industries are always trying to expand their market share. The company has even made some headway into the American marketplace.