Team Designation: Lemuria

Threat Level: Alpha

Expanded Membership Details:

Knights of the Stone (219 points)

Priests of the Ancients (222 points)

Servant Soldiers (60 points)


Major Adversaries:




Base of Operations:

Imperial City


Knights of the Stone
Priests of the Ancients
Servant Soldiers
During the Age of Piracy of Atlantis, the lost Scrolls of the Ancients were found - fancy script etched on preserved seal hide. A cult, the Seekers of the Ancient Gods, formed based on one writing telling of a 'machine' that seemed to grant wishes. The charismatic leader of the cult quite suddenly left with three hundred Atlita on a search of the origin of the people. And they weren't heard from again - at least to several generations of Atlita.

Beroon Sulik and his followers searched, following what the Scribe could of the scroll's description. At last, they found what they were looking for, the Stone of the Ancients. It was a link to the Ancient Gods, and the source of great power. Beroon learned how to command it and eventually picked loyal cultists to form the beginings of the Priests of the Ancients. They would form the channelers of power commanded by Beroon and successive Emperors.

To stabilize their control over the populace and also to take on the more highly risky tasks, the Knights of the Stone were formed. And, once this group of warriors grew to a sizeable amount, a expeditions were sent to survey the oceans and look for more artifacts of the Ancients. A small party of two Lemurian Knights of the Stone along with their Servant-Soldiers found the route back to Atlantis, and instead of returning to Lemuria as they had been tasked to, they decided to bring back some loot and glory. With their lightning weapons, the Lemurians cut down two dozen Atlanteans until porpoise riders were able to bludgeon them unconscious.

In some ways, Atlantis had been lucky that the Knights were so desirous of glory. They knew that eventually, they would have to face Lemuria again. By the time that an invasion army was spotted making its way to Atlantis, they were better prepared. The lightning weapons still were nearly indefensible, but by that time, Atlantians had explosive-propelled harpoons that allowed their numerical superiority to turn the Lemurians back. But the cost was great.

It was not long before Lemuria sent another invasion force. This time the Lemurians were better prepared and did not underestimate the Atlantians. But, by another chance, a metal mechanism that appeared to be vaguely humanoid appeared, calling itself the Parts and the Whole, aided the Atlanteans and threw the orderly Lemurian advance into a chaotic retreat, not by attacking, but by disrupting their movement and communication.

There followed a period of almost continual low level conflict between Atlantis and Lemuria. Occasionally large battles were met, but for the most part, this consisted of raids and small skirmishes between scouting parties.

Atlantean scientists have surmised that the Philosopher's Stone of the Lemurians is an advanced communications device whose signal is indetectable by current technology. They also guess that there must be a satellite somewhere that was sent by the ancient Atlantean ancestors who came from an unknown planet around an unknown star. The current thought is that the satellite holds highly advanced technology that seems like magic to the Lemurians and that the 'wishes' are merely a vague knowledge of some ancient code that commands the satellite or the Stone machine.

While Lemuria is a heriditary monarchy, it is the Priesthood that wields the power. The caste system is firmly established and follows the hierarchy (highest to lowest): Imperial Family, Priesthood, Knights of the Stone, Servants, Peasants. Social mobility is difficult except through merit promotions during warfare. The society is otherwise akin to religious oligarchies such as that of Iran.

The Lemurians

Lemurians are of the same species as the Atlanteans: a piscoid alien species from an aquatic world. On their original world they evolved to a generally humanoid form. They are very comfortable in the water and much less so in air. Generally more bulky than humans, they also have large eyes that enhance their dark vision. Both the Atlantean and Lemurian languages are derived from the Ancient Tongue. Clicks and long vowels predominate the language because of their better long distance carriage. Hissing consonants are lacking because of their difficulty in water.
Area of Operations
The Lemurian Empire is centered on the Ninety East Ridge of the Indian Ocean near the Cocos Islands. Lemurian scout and raiding expeditions have encompassed the globe, but they seem especially interested in Northern Australia where they believe that parts of the ancient vessel landed at the locations of the Henbury craters.
The Lemurian Empire seeks to conquer Atlantis and bring them to 'understand' their religion. After that, they would like to conquer the rest of the world.
To Atlanteans, the Lemurians are backwards barbarians. To the Lemurians, the Atlanteans are soft, self-righteous heretics who don't believe in the Power of the Ancients. Both cultures do not interact with the surface world much. The vast majority of surface worlders believe that Atlantis is just a legendary place; and most haven't even heard the word 'Lemuria'.