The Legion

Team Designation: THE LEGION

Membership Details:









Major Adversaries:

Africa Force





Base of Operations:

Legion Headquarters

Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire



Crossbones Jet


Originally a regiment within the French Foreign Legion, after fighting against France during Algeria's Independence, the regiment was disbanded and hunted down.  Rather than wait for their capture, the Legion continued its operation within Africa, eventually gaining haven in the newly created state of Azambia.

The Legion gradually began to change in the 1990s under the leadership (and scalpel) of Dr Assamoua, aka Revenant.  When the soldiers were injured, they were 'remodelled' as cyborgs.  The Legion became known as professional and hardy soldiers.  When the Legion left Azambia they met with a series of unfortunate defeats across the globe, particularly in Indonesia and south-east Asia. Their membership dwindled and Assamoua found himself rising in rank as his superiors died around him. He decided to wrest control and took the Legion back to Cote d'Ivoire where he established a hidden base of operations, including a sophisticated medical facility.

From his new haven, Assamoua made an alliance with the Italian crime lord, Remus, although this alliance resulted in a loss of resources for the Legion.  After Remus was nearly destroyed, Assamoua found himself with several of Remus' former employees on his doorstep.  Rather than regular soldiers, these were ubers, and from that day the Legion has been changed yet again.

Medusa has taken control of the team, although Assamoua still retains his position as chief surgeon and cybernetic expert.  The team now accepts assignments across the globe according to Medusa's personal view of justice.

Area of Operations
The Legion accepts assignments from across the globe, although most of its work is conducted in Africa and Europe.

The Legion is a mercenary group, so money is the number one priority; although most of the members have their own agendas.  Most of the team have survived manipulation and so they may accept missions where they feel they are fighting against oppression.  While they feel betrayed by Remus, since his revival, Remus has made use of their services and Medusa has made sure that her team holds no lasting grudge.


The Legion has undergone several phases of reputation.  In the beginning they were known as a rebel band of Legionnaires: soldiers who were on the run from the French and willing to do anything for money.  After coming under the protection of Azambia and its Witch Doctor, the Legion began experimenting on itself in the field of cybernetics and became known as ruthless machine killers.  Since Medusa and the other ubers joined the team, the Legion has become more versatile and while they still maintain a strong sense of the cyborg, they also consist of powerful ubers (some of which have their own reputations as killers and mercenaries).