Kyoto Crabs

Kyoto Crabs

Team Designation: Kyoto Baseball Team

Threat Level: Epsilon

Expanded Membership Details:


Akaei (250 points)
[hunts as a team]


Hitode (250 points)
[hunts as a team]


Itachizame (250 points)
[hunts as a team]


Kamasu (250 points)
[hunts as a team]


Kyogei (250 points)
[hunts as a team]


Suibo (250 points)
[hunts as a team]


Tako (250 points)
[hunts as a team]


Uni (250 points)
[hunts as a team]


Utsubo (250 points)
[hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:

Doctor Crab

Brotherhood of the Finger

Senshudan One

Shichinin no Yuushi


Base of Operations:





Akaei (Center Field)
Hitode (2nd Base)
Itachizame (1st Base)
Kamasu (Short Stop)
Kyogei (Catcher)
Suibo (Left Field)
Tako (Pitcher-Team Leader)
Uni (3rd Base)
Utsubo (Right Field)
The Kyoto Crabs originally a minor league baseball team in Japan. The crabs were considered “Little Brothers” to the nearby professional baseball team the Hanshin Tigers. While not drawing as much as the Tigers, or any of the professional teams, the Crabs were considered more of a local flavor and were very popular in Kyoto.

When the first Doctor Crab was looking for minions to expand his criminal syndicate he was attending a game between the Kyoto Crabs and the Yawata Youngbloods. The doctor had his hotdog in one hand and a his crab like arm hidden in an elaborate sleeve. Normally Doctor Crab looked down his intellectual nose at sports, but Number One Son had convinced the villainous doctor that a night of watching baseball would be enjoyable. And oddly enough, Doctor Crab did in fact enjoy himself. Perplexing.

Sadly the Kyoto Crabs lost the game, much to the cheering from the Youngbloods. Dejected the Kyoto Crabs returned to their locker room. It was a depressed team that met Doctor Crab and Number One Son as the super-villain stormed the locker room.

At first the players were scared of the doctor, but soon calmed down when Doctor Crab didn’t kill them. Instead Doctor Crab offered them a chance to start winning, and finally get a chance at the spotlight. None of them knew what the cost was going to be.

In a few weeks the Kyoto Crabs were starting to win, and it was by landslides. None of the minor league teams seemed to be able to stand against them. There was a backlash in the public when the Kyoto Crabs were accused of using steroids, but testing proved a negative (thanks to the invention of Doctor Crab).

The popularity of the Crabs went through the roof. They even got national attention by easily defeating all of the minor league teams clenching a national minor league title. This attention allowed the Kyoto Crabs to play a special exhibition game against the nearby Hanshin Tigers.

It was the seventh inning, and the Crabs were leading the Tigers by three runs, when disaster struck. All of the Crabs players fell over in tense pain, as the mutagenic steroids that Doctor Crab had been giving the team started to effect them. This time in a way more to Doctor Crabs pleasing. The stadium erupted in panic as the Tigers and the fans did their best to escape. As for the Crabs, they were no longer human.

After the transformation, Doctor Crab along with Number One Son gathered up the team members. In a stirring speech Doctor Crab told them that they had nowhere they could turn to, because only he could return them to their human form, and as such they must serve him as his loyal henchmen.

At first the Kyoto Crabs were reluctant, but the steroids had given each super-human powers, and that feeling was one that was hard to resist. In the end, all nine agreed, as if they actually had a choice after all.

Doctor Crab used the Kyoto Crabs as distractions for the Senshudan One, and the Seven Heroes so that he could commit his fiendish crimes. A few times the Kyoto Crabs ran up against the Brotherhood of the Finger as well. While the Kyoto Crabs were never as good as Doctor Crab had hoped, they did keep his enemies busy.

The original Kyogei was killed by a train during a running battle with Senshudan One. Kyogei tried to stop the train, and instead the train ran him over. Hitode was captured by the Brotherhood of the Finger, and parts of him were sent back to the Kyoto Crabs via the post office. Finally when Doctor Crab met his end at the hands of Senshudan One at his secret volcano lair, most of the Kyoto Crabs were killed alongside him. Suibo, Utsubo, and Tako were the only survivors of the destruction.

The three remaining Kyoto Crabs went into hiding nursing their wounds. Life was difficult for the mutated men, but they did their best. It was little Suibo who discovered Doctor Crabs journal in an abandoned lair that hadn’t been raided. Suibo contacted the other two, and using the journal were able to return to their normal forms. This would’ve been the end of the Kyoto Crabs, if it wasn’t for the feeling of the power the transformation gave them.

In the end, the three gathered together again, and once again using Doctor Crabs formula turned themselves into Ubermensch. The feeling was great, but the three remaining Crabs, felt incomplete; not a whole team. Each went out and recruited replacements for the lost Crabs. Soon a whole new team of Kyoto Crabs was taking the field. Not only were they now under the thumb of Doctor Crab, but now they had a chance to take the spotlight themselves. Life is good.
Area of Operations
The Kyoto Crabs mostly keep their crimes in Japan. They have several hidden lairs across the country, where the Crabs congregate. However, Kyoto, naturally, and Tokyo are two of the primary areas that the Crabs commit their crimes in. Typically the Kyoto Crabs have avoid going head to head with Yakuza and other super-villain groups.
The Kyoto Crabs are in it for the headlines. They want to be the premier super-villain group in Japan. While they don’t have a master plan, they get by creating as much headlines as they can. Naturally they’ve clashed with the heroes of Japan, but this can only be expected. Their primary targets are electronic stores (for the big screen TVs), disrupting sporting events, and being a nuisance to public safety. The Kyoto Crabs get quite a kick out of their powers, and like to show off what they can do.
The Kyoto Crabs once were considered a reputable minor league baseball team. They won a few and lost a lot. The team was known primarily in the Kyoto Prefecture. All this changed when they rose to national attention by handily defeating all other minor league teams, and were allowed to play against the Hanshin Tigers. That game was called when the Kyoto Crabs transformed.

As a villain group, the Kyoto Crabs clashed often when the heroes of Japan, and even with a few of the criminal elements. However, just as their days as a baseball team, they won a few and lost a lot. The one thing that most could be said about the Kyoto Crabs were that they knew how to work together. All were loyal to one another.

It was thought for the longest time after Doctor Crab died in his secret volcano lair that the Kyoto Crabs had died alongside him. However, three members survived and went into hiding. The Kyoto Crabs were quickly forgotten.

However, like a crab shedding its shell, the Kyoto Crabs have made a comeback. A new lineup makes up the team. All of them are superhumanly powerful, and are going to show Japan what the Crabs have, and while still not considered much of a threat to Japan, are certainly making a lot of noise.