Kishi Banahana

Kishi Banahana

Team Designation: Knight Flowers

Threat Level: Gamma

Expanded Membership Details:

Kishi Carnation

Kishi Carnation (250 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Kishi Carnation

Kishi Daisy (250 points)
[hunts as a team]

Kishi Lily

Kishi Lily (250 points)
[hunts as a team]

Kishi Orchid

Kishi Orchid (250 points)
[hunts as a team]

Kishi Rose

Kishi Rose (250 points)
[hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:

Mister Chaos



Major Allies:

Masao Kamachi

Niwashi the Gardener


Base of Operations:

Tokyo, Japan




Kishi Carnation
Kishi Daisy
Kishi Lily
Kishi Orchid
Kishi Rose (Team Leader)
Down town Tokyo, exploded into Chaos. Windows in the stores shattered into millions of pieces of glass that reflected the noonday sun like light on a prism. Cars flew, but not like in the manga, no these cars flew straight up under plumes of fire, and exploded in defeating booms as their gas tanks ignited. Hordes of Chaos Minions scrabbled along the streets singing the song of Chaos as the roamed. No one was safe from the creatures Chaos Realm. Creatures without names and only a vague shape struck out at anything that moved.

Through the smoke and flames leaped the cricket hero Koorogi, his leaps taking him over the ruined cars and the fallen poles. Chaos Minions swarmed toward him, but where driven back when the sound of Cricket Kick came from Koorogi followed by an ear shattering sonic kick that destroyed many near Koorogi. However, there were many more eager and willing minions just dying to tear at the leader of Senshudan One. The shouts of "Chaos" reverberated up and down the street.

A street away from Koorogi another member of Senshudan One faced similar odds. Peter Fu, world famous actor, and erstwhile super-hero known as Stuntman, danced with only the grace of one who had trained in the martial arts since he was a little boy, stood against a seemingly endless stream of Chaos Minions. Letting out a loud shout he planted a devastating kick to a Chaos Minion shaped like an oni. The minion let out a loud grunt before flying far far way from the Chinese actor. However, many more wear willing to take their fallen comrades place. One of the sword-wielding minions raked his blade down Peter's back, and even though Peter made a roll away from the blade it still left a crimson stain that ran up and down his spine.

In the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Shadow Dragon played cat and mouse with the Chaos Minions. However, she wondered which she was, the cat or the mouse. She would down a minion with a well-placed dart, only to be swarmed by ten other minions hot for her blood. Wiping sweat from her brow, Shadow Dragon pelted up next flight of stairs, with a horde of ravening Chaos Minions hot on her tail. Pause, throw the dart, and kill the Chaos Minion, run like hell. This was becoming a constant theme for Shadow Dragon. Her big fear was that she was going to run out of places to run. How far up did she have to go before reaching the roof? Then what?

Ichiro fared better than most of the others. He could fly, and fly he did. Ichiro tried his best to analyze the nature of the attack by the Chaos Minions but this one even tasked his super-computer brain. Like a bomber out of a war, Ichiro swept through the streets unleashing devastation on the Chaos Minions as he flew, but deep inside he wondered if it would be enough. It was only a moment, and his radar barely registered the blip before the Chaos Minion was on him. The minion stabbed and stabbed at the robotic super-hero, and it was quickly was getting under his armored skin. Thinking back a microsecond, Ichiro determined that the chaos minion had leaped on him from a nearby building.

Ichiro wrestled with the minion, and his superior robotic strength was certainly giving him an advantage, when the Chaos Minion got lucky. Its attacks had disabled his thrusters, and like that old adage, what must go up, must go down. Like an out of control rocket Ichiro slammed into the street. The explosion was tremendous. Ichiro stood unsteadily from the crater he had created, and ran a diagnostic on himself. The results didn't look good, and things were looking worse when he scanned the group of Chaos Minions heading his way.

Meanwhile Kitsune was hopping from foxhole to fox hole on step ahead of a bunch of Blade Vampire Chaos Minions. They certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves as their blades flashed in the light, and their laughter tinkled like the breaking of glass. However, the kami wouldn’t allow the minions to grow too cocky. Given just a moment of respite she would unleash lightning or fire that would decimate their ranks, but it was quickly being proven that no matter how many she fried another two would take it’s place. Chaos was certainly winning the day.

Koorogi wasn’t sure where the girl had come from; he was too busy fighting for his life. However he paused for a moment when he heard the girl say something. It sounded like “Kishi Daisy TRANS-FORM-ATION!” Then the most incredible thing happened. A glow surrounded the girl and she rose off of the ground. Her clothes disappeared and both Koorogi and the Chaos Minions paused in their fighting to watch. Eventually the light faded and the girl was against standing on the ground. This time, however, she was dressed in a costume that only could be a super-heroes costume, and she was holding a large hoop with white petal-like protrusions running around the edge. It was like someone had pushed the play button and the Chaos Minions once again attacked. However, this time Koorogi had the assistance of this mysterious girl, who seemed to blush whenever she got too close to the cricket hero.

Stuntman had cleared a circle around him, and he weaved a little while setting up to kick the next Chaos Minion who might get too close. Peter barely saw a movement to his left, and sprung into action. Yelling a martial arts yell (one he was famous for), he leaped to the side he leg coming around for a round house kick that would certainly shatter the skull of the Chaos Minion attacking him. Stuntman scarcely saw the girl, who instantly reminded him of Ravi Singh, an Indian actor he had acted alongside in the Bollywood/Hong Kong movie “Dragons into the West”. Being the expert martial artist he was, Stuntman twisted in mid air, and the kick that would’ve probably taken the girls head off, became a fancy three point landing; one leg stretched wide, the other bend, and his right hand on the ground; all in perfect balance. With ideal Asian composure he stared at the girl, and with equal poise she looked back at him. That was until the Chaos Minion that Stuntman was going to kick sprang up, its’ sword leading the way straight for the girls heart.

Moving as fast as he could, Stuntman knew he would be too late. However, the sight before him stopped him in his tracks. The girl didn’t look worried at all. Stuntman was amazed, and impressed. Then she spoke, and the words seemed magical to Stuntman. She said, “Kishi Orchid TRANS-FORM-ATION!” Out of the blue, a purple light surrounded the girl, and she rose up in the ground. Not only did Stuntman stop and stare, but also so did the Chaos Minion. Peter’s eyes widen ever more when her clothes disappeared, to only be replaced, with what could only be described as an odd Japanese school girls dress. However, it wasn’t the fetching costume that caught his eye, it was the huge club she was swinging around like a feather. The Chaos Minion facing didn’t stand a chance. There was a loud crunch as the Chaos Minions head was driven between its shoulders, before it exploded into a million pieces. Stuntman was impressed, and wondered if she had an agent. However, that thought had to be put on the backburner as more Chaos Minions made their presence known. Action time.

Shadow Dragon pounded up another set of stairs. Her legs were burning, but what a work out she was getting. Shadow Dragon barely noticed the little girl with the white cowgirl hat, until she almost tripped over her. Without thinking Shadow Dragon picked up the girl and ran. What a little girl would be doing in the Tokyo stock exchange while Chaos Minions was everywhere was anybodies guess. Shadow Dragon just ran, she didn’t even have time to throw a dart, she just ran.

“Onee-chan,” said the girl, “could you put Chung-ae down please. Chung-ae can help.”

Shadow Dragon didn’t pay the girl any mind. However, this was also the time she finally came to the roof of the building. A well-placed kick sent the door to the outside flying, and Shadow Dragon and her packaged quickly followed it. Shadow Dragon put down the girl; sweat pouring down her body. She positioned herself between the girl and the doorway, and prepared for the coming attack. Like flies the Chaos Minions swarmed out of the doorway hot for Shadow Dragons’ blood. War fans came up; the Chaos Minions wouldn’t find an easy target in Shadow Dragon. This was when Shadow Dragon heard the girl behind her say something. It sounded like “Kishi Carnation TRANS-FORM-ATION!” Then there was a pink light that washed over Shadow Dragon, but she paid it no mind. Curiously though the Chaos Minions had stopped and stared past her to the girl she had rescued.

Ichiro was slammed by spear and hooked sword from Chaos that swarmed him like a virus. However, Sensei Progress Green had made him well, a beacon of the honor that his father always stood for. Ichiro surged up throwing the Chaos Minions off of him like a purge. Plasma vented from his arms incinerating the minions left and right but they still kept coming. Deep inside the android, his sensors pinged a new target. Could it be more Chaos Minions, but the signature didn’t quite match. Turning twenty-three point six degrees to his left, Ichiro saw her. Another quick scan showed his visual sensor that it was a human female, approximately one point five two meters in height, and ninety three kilos; classified as a teenager. In another nanosecond Ichiro queried his database about this human, and came up with a vague match, something to do with the battle on the bullet train with him and Koorogi. Why said subject would be here at this point in time, Ichiro couldn’t process. However, this was certainly the situation his father had built him for. A human was endangered, Ichiro had to assist. Ichiro threw out an arm and was lumbering towards the human female (identity unknown), when his visual sensors picked up a drastic increase of photon energy centered on the human female. His auditory sensors picked up words the human female was saying, and saved them for further analysis. The words were “Kishi Rose TRANS-FORM-ATION!” Again a search of his database turned up no results. Perplexing, thought Ichiro. A light refracting with the color red, classified as a rose color enveloped the human female. For the briefest time, Ichiro’s sensors couldn’t penetrate the light, but it faded a little, and Ichiro could see that the human female’s clothing had disappeared (possible inter-dimensional transportation), to be replaced by a uniform similar to a schoolgirl uniform (no match to any of the three hundred schools or academies in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area).

When the girl returned to the ground she was holding a two-meter whip, possibly composed of an organic material. The human female smiled, and the smile struck Ichiro. I reminded the android strongly of Princess Snowflake Pink. There was fierceness; happiness to the smile and the fallen Princess Snowflake Pink was known to smile like that. It gave Ichiro a sense of hope, a sense of love. If only an android could feel such emotions. That smiling face came closer to Ichiro, and the whip was not far behind. Like an extension to the human female it blazed a path through the Chaos Minions, and for a moment, Ichiro wonder who was rescuing whom. Chaos Minions fell like rice under the scythe of the human females whip. Not to be outdone, Ichiro extended his arm, and the plasma energy burst forth again vaporizing the Chaos Minions as he fought. It felt good to be…alive?

Kitsune was breathing hard; her nine tails whipped back in forth in her agitation. No matter how many Chaos Minions she destroyed, no matter how many narrow escapes she made, it didn’t seem to matter. It was like the monsters knew exactly where all her foxholes led. Exhaustion was quickly settling in. It was also at this point that Kitsune realized that the Chaos Minions were herding her, and possibly the rest of Senshudan One as well. Mister Chaos was certainly putting all his pieces on the table this time. Kitsune had her back to wall; her hackles raised, and facing her were three Chaos Minions drool dripping down their ruined faces in anticipation. Kitsune had to crane her head up when she heard the shout above her. “Kishi Lily TRANS-FORM-ATION!” And then there was a bright light showing where this girl with a wild mane of hair blowing in the breeze stood. Kitsune strongly smelt magic on the girl, but had a hard time identifying it. She certainly got the attention of the Chaos Minions, as they stopped looking at Kitsune. Kitsune felt a little hurt. What was she chopped liver?

Things didn’t stay that way for long, because the girl with a naginata that kind of looked like a lily sprung down from the wall the blade of the naginata leading the way. The chaos minion was split from the crown of its head to its crotch, and it still had a dumb look on its face before it exploded into a million pieces. This was the break that Kitsune was looking for, lightning flared and fire roared from her magic. Chaos Minion roasted and then exploded, and all the while the girl is her odd school uniform danced with her naginata shaped like a lily cutting here, and slicing there. The smell of magic was strong on the girl. However, more and more of the Chaos Minions poured into the alleyway, so what little leeway they created seemed to ebb as they fought on.

Koorogi stood back to back with the girl and her odd weapon. They were totally surrounded, and exhaustion was taking a toll on them both. That was when he heard the rings. The rings of a seven-ringed staff carried a seedy looking monk. All eyes turned to the monk, who stood there and pushed his straw hat back so that it fell back to hang from his neck. Assuming an odd pose, the monk started chanting. Koorogi had no idea what the words meant, but even a detective like him could figure out that it was magic. The chant certainly had an effect on the Chaos Minions. As one they turned to tear the monk from limb to limb. The girl leaped away to stand between the Chaos Minions and the monk. Koorogi was dumbfounded. The Chaos Minions were started to melt, their cries of Chaos burbling as the quickly melted into a pool of dark sludge.

All across downtown Tokyo the Chaos Minions melted like ice cream left out in the sun too long. Senshudan One along with all the girls gathered in front of the chanting monk. The monk abruptly stopped chanting when an errant breeze blew by, raising all of the girls’ skirts. The girls naturally screamed out in embarrassment and tried to pat down their waving skirts. The monk was just babbling by this time, and a thin line of blood leaked from his nose. All of the girls, Kitsune, and Shadow Dragon all glared at the monk. All were familiar with those wayward breezes. As for the other members of Senshudan One they tried to look occupied studying anything else but what was going on.

Things finally were settled down. Koorogi tried to talk to the girl who had fought alongside him but she nervously moved behind the red headed girl who seemed to speak for the group.

“I’m Kishi Rose,” said the red head, “and this are my friends. We’re the Kishi Banahana, the Knight Flowers.” Kishi Rose then introduced the others, Kishi Daisy, Kishi Lily, Kishi Orchid, and lastly Kishi Carnation their youngest member.

“And this is Niwashi the Gardener. Don’t mind him, he’s just a perv,” said Kishi Rose.

“We fight chaos,” chimed in Kishi Carnation.

Area of Operations
The Knight Flowers fight crime mostly in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area. However, trips to hot springs inns, various camp grounds, and school field trips to other parts of Japan aren’t that uncommon. Anywhere in Japan where chaos or crime sticks up its ugly head is sure to hear the words, “Kishi TRANS-FORM-ATION!”
Niwashi gave each of the Knight Flowers magical flowers that were watered by the Waterspout of Chaos or Peace. He has had hopes that his actions would allow him to return to the Order of Order. However, while the order has kept an eye on their fallen monk, his attachment to worldly matters will always keep them at arms length.

The other girls have their own goals and aspirations. Hiroko wants to finally kiss and possibly date Masao-kun, but if only she can stop being so dreamy when around him. Otsu on the other hand would just be happy if her brother got a clue, and that Otsu got a photo-sticker taken with her and Koorogi. As for Shiuli, being a member of Kishi Hanabana allows her the freedom to escape from her boring lifestyle, and it annoys the heck out of her bodyguards. Yuriko’s attitude is similar to Shiuli’s, except she doesn’t have bodyguards (unless you count her brothers), and fighting against chaos is a real kick in the pants. Yuriko wouldn’t want to be anything else. It’s the thrill that matters to Yuriko. Finally Chung-ae, is too hyper to do anything else. She can’t sit still long enough for anything but fighting crime.

Outside of the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area, the Kishi Banahana are virtually unknown. However, their crime fighting skills are reported in the local papers. The Knight Flowers are known as the kid sister to the Senshudan One team. The group doesn’t have a sponsor, though a lot of teenage magazines would give their left arm for an interview with the Flowers, but after fighting crime they always seem to disappear without a trace.

Kishi Banahana has occasionally battle with the New Empire, and with various Yakuza gangs, but mostly their main foes has been Mister Chaos and his countless Chaos Minions.

Mister Chaos seems to have a great dislike for the Knight Flowers. To him they represent everything that is wrong with Japan, and their magic seems to draw upon the same source as his. Mister Chaos doesn’t understand the link between the two, and it grates on him like a sore tooth.