Kinder der Zukunft (Children of the Future)

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Left to Right:
die Kinder (110, agents),
Vaterschmerz (499, leader),
Leibwächter (398)

Dr. Josef Mengele, a member of the elite and fanatical Nazi SS, escaped an American POW camp towards the end of World War II. He had gained a claim to fame for discovering that ubermen had hereditable traits that appeared to be genetically derived. Perhaps just as important was the infamous way that he made this discovery.

By 1942, he was already well established as a cruel doctor who experimented on live captive Jews. He found that severe stress caused two of his experimental subjects to change - to become ubermen. Throughout the war he continued his cruel research, but also became interested in ubermen. He obtained a directive signed by Adolf Hitler to create an army of uberman. To do this, Dr. Mengele intensified his experiments to determine how to activate the ubergene. At the same time, he developed serum that was later used to transform normal soldiers into ubersoldiers. The entire stock of uberserum was used to create the infamous Uber Waffen SS Company that spearheaded the Ardennes Offensive.

After the war, Mengele hid in a mansion in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The mansion's basement was converted to a laboratory, and soon the evil doctor was back in business.

After a series of kidnappings and experiments, he created a small group of ubers that were indoctrinated into his vision of the Fourth Reich. The Kinder der Zukunft, or Children of the Future, became his new stormtroopers. And they began to expand their kidnappings to a worldwide scale - all the faster to grow the Fourth Reich. Twin ubers were found in this search, and Mengele experimented on them, creating the perfect bodyguard.

In 1992, a group known as S.A.G.E. found out what really happened in the mansion. Mengele set fire to the building and fled with Leibwachter and a handful of die Kinder. Eventually, they set up shop in the Schwarzwald - the Black Forest of Germany.

Area of Operations
The Kinder have a secret base in the Black Forest in Germany where its reputation as a haunted wood is resurging. It is here that Dr. Mengele continues his ubergenetic and pain research. But perhaps even more important, this is where nascent die Kinder receive their training and their indoctrination. Their original base in Buenos Aires, Argentina was abandoned after it was discovered by S.A.G.E. in 1992. The Kinder maintain 'safehouses' worldwide to support their kidnappings.
Base of Operations: Black Forest, Germany
The Kinder was created by Dr. Josef Mengele for three reasons. First, he seeks to establish a Fourth Reich. He has 'realized' that the Nazis of the mid-20th century were only partially correct. The superior race, he has determined, are ubermen. Thus, he seeks to establish worldwide domination with ubermen on top - under his direction. The second reason for the Kinder's existence is that Dr. Mengele can't do everything himself and he needs to have loyal agents to carry out the primary goal. Finally, he needs to satisfy his thirst to experiment on human beings and those ubermen who are less than gamma level are suitable subjects.
The population of the world as a whole has not heard of the existence of the Kinder. Most intelligence agencies consider the Kinder to be defunct after S.A.G.E. discovered and raided their Argentine base. But because Dr. Mengele's death was not confirmed, S.A.G.E. has been watching and waiting. Gauntlet knows of the existence of the Kinder, but does not know details beyond the fact that the Kinder kidnap ubergene-positive children.
Major Adversaries: Gauntlet, Law Enforcement, S.A.G.E.