Team Designation: Justiciar

Threat Level: Epsilon

Expanded Membership Details:

Inmaculada Ayotunde Ndidi (155 points)
[Hunts only as a team]

Cazador (150 points)

Hafiz (150 points)
[Hunts only as a team]

Major Adversaries:

Witch Doctor


Base of Operations:

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea




Inmaculada Ayotunde Ndidi
After Equatorial Guinea was invaded by Iron Maiden units during a coup by the Witch Doctor, power has been in the hands of the Azambian warlord through his puppet President Nicolas Kobina Ebo.  The economy and social standing of most of its people improved with the support of Azambia, but there were subtle changes such as a clamp down on Western influences in accordance with the wishes of Azambia's warlord, Witch Doctor.

Inmaculada Ayotunde Ndidi had been a successful businesswoman in the illicit slave trade centred around Equatorial Guinea, but one by one the major slave traders were replaced with government agents.  The Witch Doctor wrested control of the slave trade for his own ends.  Inmaculada went to ground rather than be destroyed along with the other slave traders, and once underground she decided that the only way to get her life back was to usurp the government.  She was contacted by British and Spanish intelligence services who had failed to orchestrate a coup in the months before the Witch Doctor's successful one.  Inmaculada was given finance and weapons to help destabilise the Azambian-influence government of Equatorial Guinea, and she soon had the assistance of Hafiz and the pseudo-super hero Cazador.

While they do not pose much of a threat to the Witch Doctor, Justiciar has proven to be annoying and with further support they may be able to bring about change in the area.

Area of Operations

Justiciar operates in Equatorial Guinea with most of its activities confined to the island of Bioko and the capital city of Malabo.  They have supporters in Europe but have never travelled their as a group.


Justiciar aims to destabilise the government, or more specifically to destroy the connections between Equatorial Guinea and Azambia.  Each member has their own goals, however, particularly Inmaculada who wants to regain her power over the slave trade.


Justiciar is partially financed by the Spanish and British governments so their operations are known to the intelligence services of both countries.  Within Equatorial Guinea, however, not much is known of them apart from sporadic guerrilla warfare and attempts to destabilise the government.  The Witch Doctor knows of the small group but has no concerns whatsoever about them.  In fact, at times, they amuse him.