Team Designation: JUNTA

Membership Details:


La Espada


Perro Nino



Major Adversaries:


Southern Knights


Base of Operations:

Santiago, Chile




Uberhumans entered the world stage during the closing stages of the Second World War, and since that time there have been various explanations for this emergence.  Some believe that ubers have always been around, although they have fitted more closely with society than they do in present times.  Others believe that uberhumans signal the next stage in the evolutionary path.

Cristian Enrique Palma grew up as a second generation uber.  He viewed ubers as being above the everyday people and when he graduated military school he decided that his calling would be to bring about a revolution so that uberhumans could overthrow human governments and establish themselves as the rightful rulers of the planet.  He even fantasised about ubers taking over the universe, using Earth as the first step to greater things.

As Tupungato he caused civil unrest in Chile, resulting in widespread riots and an eventual collapse of the government.  However, the Chileans voted in the next election and brought back democracy, leaving Tupungato without his dream fulfilled.  He turned elsewhere, calling out to ubers across the world to unite against humans.

Some heeded his call while others secretly wished to do so.  Governments across the world reacted to Junta's cries for revolution as they had to the Russian and French and American revolutions of the past.  They were fearful.

So far Junta have managed to cause a lot of unrest across South America, and the idea that ubers should rise up and take control of government has entrenched itself in fanatics across the globe.

Area of Operations
Junta is based in Chile and has moved against many governments of South America.  Although their influence has reached across the globe, the members of Junta have yet to operate beyond South America, although that could change at any moment.

Tupungato is a member of S.U.M.M.I.T. and has operated in Europe and some Asian countries, although he does so as a member of that organisation, quite separate from Junta.

Junta is attempting to bring about a revolution where uberhumans will overthrow their 'human' governments and establish themselves as the rightful rulers of the planet.  Junta hopes to be at the forefront of this revolution so it can reap the rewards.
Junta is known across the world, although more so for its political beliefs than its effectiveness in bringing them about.  It is viewed as a dangerous organisation by governments, although to some ubers it represents a dream.  Many young ubers hope to join Junta and its membership is sure to increase.  Tupungato has a strict military outlook and requires members of Junta to be physically strong and disciplined, attributes which further reinforce Junta's image as a powerful threat to the status quo.