Josiah Gold
Josiah Gold


Value Roll Notes
3 STR 13 12- Lift: 151.6kg; Dice: HTH Damage 2 1/2d6 END [1]

Josiah Gold

12 DEX 14 12- OCV 5 DCV 5
26 CON 23 14-
0 BODY 10 11-
8 INT 18 13- PER Roll 13-
16 EGO 18 13- ECV: 6
5 PRE 15 12- PRE Attack: 3d6
0 COM 10 11-
4 PD 7   7 PD (0 rPD)
0 ED 5   5 ED (0 rED)
6 SPD 3   Mental Defense: 0
0 REC 8   Phases: 4, 8, 12
0 END 46   Running: 6" (12" NC)
0 STUN 29   Swimming: 2" (4" NC)




9 Glock: Killing Attack - Ranged 1d6+1 (vs. PD) (20 Active Points); OAF (-1), 2 clips of 8 Charges (-1/4) [8]
8 Handcuffs: Entangle 4d6, 4 DEF (40 Active Points); 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4), Set Effect (Hands Only/Feet Only) (-1), OAF (-1), No Range (-1/2) [1 rc]
21 Increased Constitution: Life Support (Immunity All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents; Immunity All terrestrial poisons and chemical warfare agents; Longevity 200 Years) 0
1 Insomniac: Life Support (Sleeping Character only has to sleep 8 hours per week) 0




Fringe Benefit: Local Police Powers, Weapon Permit (where appropriate)


Assorted Contacts Worldwide




1) Favor: Orlando Chief of Police


Martial Arts
Maneuver Phase OCV DCV Notes
45 Commando Training
Aikido Throw 1/2 +0 +1 5 1/2d6 +v/5, Target Falls
Boxing Cross 1/2 +0 +2 7 1/2d6 Strike
Choke 1/2 -2 +0 Grab One Limb; 3 1/2d6 NND
Escape 1/2 +0 +0 43 STR vs. Grabs
Hold 1/2 -1 -1 Grab Three Limbs, 38 STR for holding on
Judo Disarm 1/2 -1 +1 Disarm; 38 STR to Disarm
Karate "Chop" 1/2 -2 +0 HKA 2d6
Kung Fu Block 1/2 +2 +2 Block, Abort
+3 HTH Damage Class(es)
Weapon Element: Blades, Clubs




Breakfall 12-


Bribery 12-


Bugging 13-


Bureaucratics 12-


Combat Driving 12-


Concealment 13-


Criminology 13-


Deduction 13-


Everyman Skills

AK: Chicago, IL 11-

Acting 8-

Climbing 8-

Concealment 8-

Conversation 8-

Deduction 8-

Language: English (idiomatic)

PS: Police Officer 11-

Paramedics 8-

Persuasion 8-

Shadowing 8-

Stealth 8-

TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles


Interrogation 12-


Hero City Team Package

Contact: Hero City Staff (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact: Hero City Staff (Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has useful Skills or resources, Good relationship with Contact), Organization Contact (x3) 11-
[Notes: Staff includes Dr. Mike Bowman, Josiah Gold, Pix'l, Troff, Yvonne Ridley-Swank, Lloyd Baumler, Mister Toad, Minnie, and Daisy.]

Fringe Benefit: Hero City Team Member

Hero City Communicator: Mind Link, Specific Group of Minds, Any distance, No LOS Needed, Number of Minds (x16) (45 Active Points); Only With Others Who Have Mind Link (-1), Flashed As Radio and Hearing Groups, Not Mental Group (-1/2), IIF (-1/4), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4)

Reputation: True-Blue Corporate Heroes (A large group) 11-, +1/+1d6

Reputation: Cool Heroes (Among Kids) (A small to medium sized group) 11-, +2/+2d6

TF: The Rail

Monitored: Media 8- (More Pow, NCI, Watching)

Social Limitation: Celebrity

Social Limitation: Subject to Orders (Frequently, Minor)


Paramedics 13-


Security Systems 13-



KS: Corporation Intellectual Property (INT-based) 13-

KS: Criminal Law And Procedure 11-

KS: Media Relations 11-

KS: Security Protocols (INT-based) 13-

KS: The Corporation 11-

KS: The Espionage World 11-

KS: The Law Enforcement World (INT-based) 13-


Shadowing 13-


Stealth 12-


Streetwise 13-


Systems Operation 13-


Tactics 13-


TF: Large Motorized Ground Vehicles



AK: Anaheim, California (INT-based) 14-

AK: Company Properties (INT-based) 17-

AK: Hong Kong, People's Republic of China 11-

AK: New York City, New York (INT-based) 13-

AK: Orlando, Florida (INT-based) 15-

AK: Paris, France (INT-based) 13-

AK: Tokyo, Japan 11-


WF: Police Weapons, Small Arms
150+ Disadvantages


Dependent NPC: Random Company Employee 11- (Normal)


Distinctive Features: Radiates "Cop" (Easily Concealed; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses)


Hunted: Local Police Agency 14- (Mo Pow, NCI, Limited Geographical Area, Watching)


Physical Limitation: Color Blind (Infrequently, Slightly Impairing)


Physical Limitation: Nearsighted (Infrequently, Greatly Impairing)


Psychological Limitation: Code of Conduct: Policeman's Code (Common, Strong)


Psychological Limitation: Totally Committed to the Company Founder’s Vision (Very Common, Total)


Psychological Limitation: Workaholic (Common, Moderate)


Quirk: Awkward with Public Relations


Quirk: Dresses Like a 1950s Plainclothes Policeman


Quirk: Little Patience for Kids


Quirk: Quotes Walt


Quirk: Wears Horn-Rimmed Glasses


Reputation: Hardass, 11- (Known in the Corporation and Contacts)


Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x BODY Radiation (Uncommon)


Vulnerability: 2 x STUN Radiation (Uncommon)
0 Experience Points
Characteristics Cost 80 Base Points 150
Powers Cost 39 Disadvantages 125
Talents Cost 0 Experience Points 0
Perks Cost 20 Total Points 275
Martial Arts Cost 45
Skills Cost 91
Total Cost 275
Concept Company Chief of Security Hair Colour Black
Nationality American Eye Colour Hazel
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois Height 1.75 m/5' 9"
Date of Birth January 17, 1906 Weight 72.00 kg/159 lbs

When asked about his background before joining the large entertainment company in 1955 to head the security of its fledgling Anaheim theme park, Josiah Gold simply reveals that he came from a “three-letter organization.” Looking at the serious set of his jaw and his flinty, world-weary eyes, people realize immediately that he’s not exactly talking about AAA. In fact, the joke about the well-preserved Gold is that he came to the company from B.C.E.—“before the common era.”

In truth, Gold is much older than he appears. A former decorated Chicago police officer, he joined the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in late 1942, shortly after the group’s inception, working under William J. “Wild Bill” Donavan and helping to guide Allied landings as an officer assigned to Operation TORCH. When OSS was dissolved in 1945, Gold went not into the CIA, as many OSS veterans did, but into the FBI instead. It was early in his time with the FBI that he encountered—and arrested—an atomic-powered bank robber named Frank Toblin, who called himself Dynamo. Dynamo could fire bolts of radiation from his hands, but he had a glass jaw, and Gold easily subdued him, but not before taking a blast of radiation himself. Gold hasn’t aged a day since.

Gold met the company’s founder in 1954 through a mutual acquaintance. Inspired by the man’s enthusiasm and vision, and increasingly frustrated with the FBI’s leadership under J. Edgar Hoover, Gold applied for the job of chief of security at the Anaheim theme park. The position has grown over the years, and Gold is now in charge of all security operations for the entire corporation. Although the superhero team is not technically under Gold’s control, he has a great deal of influence over its missions, and personally screened the backgrounds of all applicants to the team.

Created by Rob Rogers

Gold is a no-nonsense man who exudes an "old-style cop" image. Once people get past his tough exterior, they learn that he is kind and thoughtful, truly inspired by the company founder’s vision of entertainment and what it could do for the world. Incredibly loyal to the company, he has devoted himself to it at the expense of other personal relationships. While he feels protective of company employees and guests, particularly children, he has an old cop’s intolerance for criminals.
Quote: "This company’s founder and those who have followed him have shaped the vision. My job is to protect it."
Quote About Him: "I thought you guys were mice, not security pros."—a captured criminal.

Gold's only uberhuman ability is an increased constitution resulting from his radiation exposure in the late 1940s. As a result of that exposure, Gold doesn’t age and never seems to get sick, either. Other than that, he is a very fit man with some combat training, keen perception, and a host of skills relating to his background as a law enforcement officer and government agent.


Josiah Gold looks like he stepped out of the 1950s. He has short-cropped black hair in an old-fashioned style, wears heavy, horn-rimmed glasses, and dresses in a series of gray suits that some people affectionately joke came from the company’s costuming department. A thin, muscular man with a serious face, he appears very much like Jack Webb from Dragnet, if Webb had worn glasses.