The International House of Crime

Team Designation: CRIMEHOUSE

Threat Level: Gamma
[Hunted Value: 25] [Contact Cost: 15]

Expanded Membership Details:

Arctos (365 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 3]

Eros (380 points)
[Hunted Value: 20] [Contact Cost: 4]

Marjorie Door (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 4]

Queen Bee (500 points)
[Hunted Value: 20] [Contact Cost: 3]

Scarab (378 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 3]

Shamrock (375 points)
[Hunted Value: 10] [Contact Cost: 3]

Scarab (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 10] [Contact Cost: 3]

Major Adversaries:

The Brotherhood

Five Pillars

Gang of Five


Shichinin no Yuushi

Southern Knights

Base of Operations:

The Vault



Queen Bee (Team Leader)
Marjorie Door
The lights off in her business suite, Maisie looked out through the left window of the corner office. The surface of the harbor 62 stories below was calm, a few ripples produced only by the barges laden with fireworks. Through the other window, she could see the streets below filled with revelers who were mostly standing about and talking to each other except for those near to the entertainment stage. They all looked minute to her from way up high in the United Overseas Bank Plaza One skyscraper. And, of course, she could hear nothing of party from way up here with sound-insulated walls.

Glancing at the computer screen, she saw her customized display with a dynamic world time zone map taking up most of the space. The red-highlighted area encompassed everything from the Phillipines Sea and west to the International Date Line. The large, bold number at the top of the screen displayed $3248. It was a paltry sum, but still fun to watch. It would grow larger very soon. The '+8' time zone was already at 11:59:16 p.m.

She knew that the others were in their Vaults doing the same thing. But for the Queen Bee, a place like this was much more suitable. At the top, looking down at all the drones - or at least potential drones.

She knew where the others were because of the entry alerts that had been sent to her from each Key computer in each Vault.

Eros was in the Vault in Melbourne. That would have seemed odd at first - each Vault was built in the home city of each member of the International House of Crime and Eros hailed from Sydney. But, Eros was one of the newer members. His predecessor, Kookaburra had been caught four years ago by the superhero team of Turtle and Dove. The Kookaburra suit had been dismantled into parts and the superthief who piloted it was behind bars - had been behind bars now for four years. Even that was turned into profit.

The Queen Bee had wiped his memory pertaining to the International House of Crime and then sent some drones and gathered the parts of his suit and then sold them to the government in Beijing. It wasn't for her to ask why they wanted it, just that they paid a good sum for it. To fill the hole in the lineup, Maisie recruited Eros. Right now, he was already a day ahead of her.

After Singapore passed into the new year, it would be quite some time before another member of the club did. Then there would be three members entering 2006 within the space of four hours. Scarab would be the first, but, in Ismailaya, Egypt, he was still a quarter day behind Queen Bee. In truth, Scarab was, along with Queen Bee, a founding member of the International House of Crime. She had been thoroughly and soundly defeated by him. To save herself, she did some quick thinking and created the International House of Crime. Luckily for Maisie, Scarab saw that as an opportunity.

Arctos and Shamrock shared Europe with Shamrock being the International House of Crime's "Banker" of Western Europe and Arctos having the same position for Eastern Europe. The master of cold cash was in the Vault in Stockholm. Shortly after Queen Bee, Scarab, and Vinchuca had written the Contract for the club, Queen Bee set about looking for recruits and came across information on Arctos. She planted information for him regarding Victor and Olga Dubrovnik, of the new Russian bourgeouise class - their new wealth made from investment in oil in the Caucasus. Arctos took the bait and Queen Bee had her "chance encounter" with him letting him take the cash and signing him into the club.

Shamrock, the former terrorist, sat in The Vault in London, nearly beneath the Millenium Wheel. She was the newest of the club's members. Maisie still kept a close eye on her. The luck-wielding uber had slain the former Western European seat holder, Pennyroyal, in the midst of a heist targeting Sterling House. Of all the capers, that one was the only one that really failed. T.I.T.A.N. entered the fray and Maisie had to make a quick deal with Shamrock that allowed the International House superthieves to escape intact, just barely with a bit of luck.

In La Paz, Bolivia was Vinchuca, the tough bug-man uber. He was with the club from the beginning ten years ago. One of the world's top computer thieves, Queen Bee recruited him just as soon as she got the idea for the International House of Crime. She could see that computers and information were going to be important in the past decade and in decades to come.

Vinchuca was the one that set this up - at Maisie's request of course, although it was Scarab's idea as the first 'heist' that the team did together. The concept was fairly simple. Every so often, the world's atomic and solar based time systems had to be put back into synchronization. There was fluctuation in the solar time, not, of course, in the atomic time. But the fluctuation necessitated occasional fixes. Tonight was one such fix. Instead of sixty seconds, the last minute of the year 2005 would have sixty-one. Over the past ten years, the International House had inserted viruses into the computer account tracking systems of all the major banks - and even a few minor ones - in the world. Some were done during real heists for other profit; some were done for minor heists that covered the insertion of the viruses. It was discrete and difficult to find. It didn't even really provide much profit. Why, even tonight, they were unlikely to get more than $72,000. But over the ten years, they had made about three-quarters of a million dollars - just about enough to cover operating expenses. The viruses siphoned off all the interest that accrued for a single leapsecond and placed it into the coffers of the International House of Crime's laundering businesses. Still, it was fun to watch the numbers jump up every hour. And it was virtually undetectable.

The last member of the club that would enter into 2006 would be Marjorie Door. The mysterious uber was also with the club from the beginning. Maisie still knew less of her than she would have liked to, but she did know that at this moment - and likely for the next twenty hours, Marjorie Door would be in The Vault in Orlando, in the United States. The mischievous, and slightly airheaded, thief liked money, but liked just as much to take the money from wealthy men whom she makes as acquaintances.

Breaking out of her thoughts of the club, Maisie looked to her computer monitor as the time read 11:59:58.




Already she could hear, even through the thick wall of the tower, a roar from the cloud and the explosion of fireworks over the harbor. Before turning again to the windows to see the display of celebration, the Queen Bee glanced at the monitor just in time to see the figure change from $3248 to $10,859.

Area of Operations
The International House of Crime, as its name implies, operates worldwide. Much of this is due to the basic nature of this club. Each member has an area of interest that is generally the continent where he/she resides. On occasion, the entire club will get together for a truly spectacular heist.
Their is really only one major goal of this bunch of thieves: to make money that they haven't really earned. For a few of the members (Eros, Shamrock, and perhaps even Marjorie Door), however, even that goal is just a cover for their more bloody motives of revenge or hatred.
Known as one of the top gang of international thieves, they are wanted by nearly every law enforcement agency on the planet. Theft, blackmail, and criminal conspiracy are the three most used description of crimes committed by the superthieves.

Although they are all wanted individually for crimes, top level law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and Europol also have reason to believe that they operate as a group and have heard of the International House of Crime in their investigations.