Hit and Run

Hit and Run

Team Designation: HIT RUN

Threat Level: Gamma [Hunted Value: 20] [Contact Cost: 9]

Expanded Membership Details:


Hit (373 points)
[Hunted Value: 10] [Contact Cost: 3]


Run (373 points)
[Hunted Value: 10] [Contact Cost: 3]


Major Adversaries:

Southern Knights


Base of Operations:





Hit (Team Leader)
Horacio Barrionueve was a suave uberthief known as the Blue Bandit. During one heist, he was opposed by an ice-using uber and caught. Then the police came. The would-be-hero, Miguel Laguardia, was treated poorly by the police and struck up a friendship with the Blue Bandit.

The two became the duo of thieves known as Hit and Run.
Area of Operations
Operating out of the barrios of Argentina, the pair of superthieves strike primarily at the richer towns and cities of South America. Occasionally, they make a foray to North America or Europe where richer treasures await... along with stronger security.
The pair is primarily just interested in making money... making money with style. They often carry out their own heists, but can be hired if the price is right, the risks are reasonable, and the exposure is good. Occasionally, they share a bit of their fortune with the poor in their home area.
Law enforcement and superheroes of western Europe, southern North America, and most of Latin America have these pair on their wanted list. Generally, they aren't a major threat unless you have a lot of money. In the barrios of small towns and villages in Argentina, Hit and Run are actually regarded as Robin Hood class heroes.