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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Welcome to Hero City!

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Dr. Mike BowmanHi there, and welcome to Hero City. I'm Mike Bowman, once known as Doctor Tomorrow and now the mentor of Hero City's team of heroes. As you probably know, Hero City is the theme park of superheros, one of five major theme parks making up the world's largest and most popular entertainment destination, located in Orlando, Florida. But the team travels all over the world, fighting for justice and protecting the weak. You might want to take a moment to review the background of the team.

The team has eight active members and is not currently looking for additional ones, but visitors are, of course, always welcome. Just register through the campaign mailing list below and your gateway to Hero City adventures will be right ahead of you.

– Dr. Mike Bowman, May 2006

Gamemaster: Rob Rogers

Campaign mailing list:



The Beast (352 points), played by Steve Bates

CrashTest (350 points), played by Alan Walters

Doctor Tomorrow 2 (368 points), played by David Blank

Fantasia (366 points), played by Brian Newman

Gentleman Ghost (367 points), played by James Diel

Jungle Boy (370 points), played by Ben Langdon

Little Dragon (367 points), played by Noah Thorp

Mini-Doom (367 points), played by Stephen Blount


Dr. Mike Bowman

Josiah Gold

Mister Toad




Base of Operations: Hero City Tower, Orlando, Florida

Vehicle: The Rail

Major Adversaries: Le Cirque du Macabre, the Comets, the Havoc Masters, the New Empire, the Quakemaster, Small Wonder

Major Rivals: The Heroes of Filmland

Note: This campaign originated in the Global Guardians Universe in June 2004 and moved to the Uberworld in April 2006.