GM: Ben Langdon


Player Characters:


played by James Diel

Red Baron

played by Stephen Bates


played by Chad McMinis


played by Rob Bartnik


Game Description

A group of villains on the payroll of Remus who has placed bounties on Europe's heroes.  The player characters will initially identify targets themselves (using the Character Directory) and plan to eliminate them to collect on Remus' bounty.  However, they will soon realise that they are competing against other groups for the same reward money and rivalries will spring up with The Legion, T.I.T.A.N. and Empire, as well as individual villains or small groups such as Motte and Bailey and members of the International House of Crime.

In addition to Remus' bounties, the characters may stage other criminal activities depending on their interests and long term plans.

The characters will be hunted by Europe's heroes after their operation becomes clear, and the players should be aware that their characters may end up in prison or worse, but that this is part of the risks involved in such an endeavour.

Remus has set a time limit for his plan, and the team which defeats the most number of heroes after twelve months (taking into account the power of the heroes) will receive a state-of-the-art headquarters at Remus' expense.


The characters were individual super villains, operating in their corners of the world without much success or threat; but after receiving an invitation from the criminal mastermind Remus they are brought together to capture the Danish hero Holger Danske in exchange for half a million euros.  If the Headhunters succeed, they will be rewarded with the money as well as a further invitation to take on further bounties on other European heroes.

Remus has set himself up in Florence where he intends to co-ordinate the systematic elimination of Europe's heroes from his comfortable offices.  He has hired the Brazilian telepath, Omen, to assist him; as well as employing the services of weapons designer Professor Otto van Harnz who will be on call for the player characters who may require specialist equipment.

Genre and Setting
Headhunters is a Villain Campaign set in Europe, but with the potential to travel across the world in pursuit of bounties.  While the characters are villains and criminals they should show a willingness to work together - this is not a solo game for lone wolves.

The Headhunters could be considered the Uberworld's version of Marvel's 'Marauders', 'Masters of Evil' or 'Sinister Six'; or any other grouping of villains whose purpose is to gang up on heroes and take care of them once and for all.

The game will contain some adult themes but will be more along the lines of a team game with lots of inter-character development and dialogue.  The Headhunters are out to eliminate heroes, but their methods will depend on the player characters.  There is no place for out-and-out bloodshed and murder, but the characters are villains and are able to (and encouraged to) utilize less than honorary tactics.

At least once per week, faster depending on the response time of the PCs and GM.
Building A Character For Headhunters
Total Points: 350
Starting Points: 200
Maximum Disadvantages: 150
Maximum Points From One Category Of Disadvantages: 50
Maximum Speed: 5
Maximum Active Points for Any One Power: 65
Maximum DCV: 10
Maximum DC: 13
Minimum Points in Non-Combat Skills, Perks, and Talents: 20
Other Notes:
Other Game Requirements
  • While this is a Villain Campaign, the player characters are required to be team-oriented and not overly murderous;
  • The game is set in Europe, and although it is possible for characters to come from anywhere in the world, most would be European;
  • There is the real possibility of being captured and incarcerated.  In such cases the player can decide to create a new character or hope that the team can come up with a plan to rescue the imprisoned character;
  • Links to other NPCs is encouraged.  See the Uberworld Character Directory for ideas.
Submissions must include:
  1. background biography synopsis (should be interesting but not too convoluted)
  2. background story: a fictional piece describing a critical moment of the character's life
  3. personality description
  4. appearance description
  5. powers/skills/perks/talents description
  • A character sheet is optional for the submission. The player must be willing to work with the GM after acceptance to finalize the character sheet.




The Professor