Grace of God

GM: Ben Waddell


Player Character:

PC1 played by Player1

Game Description
The Grace of God SoloUber campaign is a low level campaign for a mystic type character. The acceptable character archetypes will be: trained normal with minor mystic talent, Martial artist with minor mystic talent, mythical creature (must be human appearing and can enter holy places), Mystic, Mystic gadgeteer, mystic weaponsmaster... anything that kinda fits in there. The idea here is no true metahumans, all powers will be divinely given. YES, Divinely, not satanically, or from some other god, from G-O-D.

In the Grace of God Solo-Uber campiagn you will be playing a priest culled from the brotherhood, or sisterhood for those nuns out there, of the Catholic (yes I know there are tons of other religions, and I am not doubting the veracity or faith of any of them, but I am using Rome and the pope in this particular adventure.) Religion. You are to become one of a secret society that works behind the scenes for the church, dispatching (yep killing, off to a better place for the innocent, recieving their just deserts for those that aren't innocent) the mystical creatures and ghoulies that slip and seep through the cracks of the barrier between this world and the next. You could be hunting a werewolf in London or tracking a demon through the streets of Japan. You are Heaven's Hit man, doing the jobs that no one else either wants to do or can do.

Genre and Setting
Building A Character For Grace of God
While writing quality is important, the GM will be looking for an enthusiastic player with a interesting character.
Total Points: 175
Starting Points: 100
Maximum Disadvantages: 75
Maximum Points From One Category Of Disadvantages: 20 (up to 30 points of Psychological Limitations)
Maximum Speed: 4 (except Speedsters) (up to 30 points of Psychological Limitations)
Maximum Active Points for Any One Power: 40 (does not include Reduced Endurance; One single power may have 50 AP)
Maximum DCV: 8
Maximum DC: 10
Minimum Points in Non-Combat Skills and Perks: 30
Other Notes:
All characters must purchase the following:
  • Psychological Limitation: Code of Conduct (15 Point Disadvantage)
  • Hunted: Monitored by Catholic Church: (MoPow, NCI, Watching) 8- (10 Point Disadvantage)
  • These do not stack with the 75 points to make a total of 200 character points, they are part of the 75 but do not count toward your maximum points from one category.