Team Designation: GLASNOST

Threat Level: Gamma

Expanded Membership Details:


Odmience (250 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Salavyey (250 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Tsarevna Lyagoosha

Tsarevna Lyagoosha (250 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:

Local Law Enforcement

Russian Organizatsiya


Base of Operations:





Tsarevna Lyagoosha (Team Leader)
Glasnost was founded on a chance meeting. Vasilisa who is a descendant of the Romanovs, finally made it back into Russia, after the fall of the Soviet Union. Her stealing into the country was to steal back the Romanov treasures that were stolen by the Soviets. She wasn't seeing revenge on the people responsible for the deaths of the Romanovs, but wanted their treasures back.

However, for all her attitude and bravado, Vasilisa wasn't prepared for life in Russia. Her father had told her countless stories about the Motherland, but none of that prepared her. For Vasilisa it was starting to look like her quest would end in failure without finding any of the treasures.

Vasilisa was standing outside of a high class jewelry store looking to see if the store was displaying any of the Romanov treasures. She had visited at least a dozen stores that day with no luck. Vasilisa was just about to give up when she noticed another young woman looking in the glass.

A look of hunger was in the girls face, and when the girl let loose a powerful scream that shattered the window the store, well Vasilisa was surprised. Vasilisa helped herself to some of the jewelry, but when she turned around the girl had fled. Not wanting to be caught herself, Vasilisa high tailed it herself. As she was chasing after Zhanna, Vasilisa didn't notice the other young woman watching them. Jadwiga was fascinated by the quickness that Vasilisa acted.

Zhanna had returned to her apartment dejected. Her dreams of becoming a doctor were fading fast. She really surprised when a young woman came to her door with a bunch of jewelry in her hand. At first Zhanna thought that Vasilisa was with the police. She tried to explain that her scream was an accident, and then that she didn’t mean to do it.

Vasilisa actually laughed in Zhanna’s face.

“Do you think I’m a cop?” asked Vasilisa, “not a chance ducky. In this country everyone has to be a thief, and I’m one of the best. Call me Tsarevna Lyagoosha."

Their conversation was further interrupted by someone else knocking at the door. This person turned out to be Jadwiga.

“I saw what you did,” Jadwiga said.

“So what,” challenged Vasilisa, “you going to turn us in?”

“No,” said Jadwiga, “I thought I’d join you. My orphans need help, and it doesn’t look like the government is going to be of much use. So in the spirit of Glasnost, I propose an alliance of us three.”

“Okay,” said Vasilisa, “in that case, it’s a good idea. So long as I am in charge.”

Area of Operations
Glasnost works primarily in the Russian Federation. Jadwiga’s job and Zhanna’s schooling doesn’t allow for trips too far from Moscow. Furthermore, Vasilisa is afraid that if she left Russia she would have a hard time getting back into the country. Besides there is plenty to steal in Russia.
The goals of the three young ladies of Glasnost are varied but similar. Jadwiga is the most altruistic of the bunch in that she turned to crime to provide for the orphans of the Saint Vladimir’s Orphanage. Zhanna turned to crime to become a doctor being too poor to afford to go to university. Vasilisa, on the other hand, has lots of money, but she wants to reclaim the lost treasures of the Romanov that were stole by the Soviets. However, the three women discovered a common bond between them, and a strong friendship has blossomed between them. Any of the women of Glasnost would gladly sacrifice herself for another of their group.
Glasnost has made themselves the bane of several Russian Organizatsiya gangs. They've stolen a lot of valuables from the gangs, most of it the gangs have already stolen. The ladies have also made themselves the target of several police investigations due to their high profile robberies. So far Glasnost has mostly targeted those with too much wealth, or those who possess Romanov treasures. Tsarevna Lyagoosha is the definate leader of Glasnost, and reclaiming stole Romanov treasures figure strongly into her goals.