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"Greetings mine friends, my name is Tiergarten, and I am the grandson of the Wolfman of the Black Forest, who once was one of the Ubermesch who rebelled against the Nazi Party near the end the Second World War Mine grandfather and his compatriot the great super-hero Max Uber were some of the few uberhuman who survived the second world war. Alas mine friends that were a long, long time ago. Yesterday's heroes give rise to today's new heroes, a new generation; Gen-X.

As I said Europe has changed a lot since my grandfather's time. The super-hero team Dawnstars the stars of Europe have been disbanded by the European Union who were the backers of the team, and mine idol Max Uber the leader of U-Force, and possibly the most powerful Uberhuman in the world lays in the hospital after a titanic battle with robotic 07-734. In Great Britain the Knightwatch and Majestic are at each other throats, both vying to be the "official" super-hero group of the United Kingdom. Their rivalry neutralizes them both. It is now time for a new generation of super-heroes to face the challenges a changing Europe faces. Where the adults fight amongst themselves, the uberhuman teens of Europe must unite as Gen-X.

-Tiergarten, June 2013

Gamemaster: Noah Thorp

Campaign Mailing List: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-X


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