Team Designation: GAUNTLET

Threat Level: Beta [Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 3]

Expanded Membership Details:

Professor Quake

Professor Quake (500 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: 2]


Dumaguete (361 points)
[Hunted Value: 10]


Embrace (363 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: 1]


Omen (363 points)
[Hunted Value: 10]


Pele (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team]


Major Adversaries:

Southern Cross

Southern Cross International


Base of Operations:

Olympic Chemicals, Melbourne




Professor Quake (Team Leader)
Professor Tom Durant organised Gauntlet to oppose the work of Southern Cross International after he became suspicious of the organisation's involvement in the development and training of young mutants. He had worked for Southern Cross as an engineer on the Sanctuary One base and after an accident which triggered his ubergene, Durant became Professor Quake and joined the Southern Knights.

Durant will not directly share the knowledge he has regarding the organisation's 'dark secrets' but has implied that it is being manipulated by shadowy puppeteers. Ironically, Gauntlet itself is being manipulated by Quake's contact in Southern Cross, a mysterious woman known as Enigma.

Enigma has been supplying Quake with sensitive information regarding Southern Cross and the Southern Knights but nothing more is known of her identity.

Gauntlet has been active for four years and has caused considerable damage to Southern Cross installations and opposed the Southern Knights many times. Quake has recently begun to formulate a plan to locate and train his own community of ubermen, and has considered forming his own independent nation. This megalomania has only just surfaced and has caused considerable amusement amongst the Gauntlet team.

The members of Gauntlet were all handpicked by Professor Quake and their names were provided to him via Enigma. Omen and Embrace were both considered for training by Southern Cross, while Dumaguete and Pele crossed paths with Quake accidentally (on their own little crusades).
Area of Operations
Gauntlet maintain a secret headquarters in the centre of Melbourne, using a sub basement level of an industrial chemical treatment plant (Olympic Chemicals) which had been excavated by Quake during his time as a superhero. There are no records of the sub basements remaining and the team enter and exit the headquarters via Quake's unique tunnelling ability, or through an emergency elevator system which opens into a small unused storage room.

Gauntlet also maintain a smaller headquarters in Sao Paulo. Dr AnÝbal Araujo, aka Embrace, continues her medical research in Brazil and her luxurious home is often used by the team when they are in town. Araujo has recently begun spending more time in Brazil and her activities with Gauntlet have begun to cause her to question her faith.

Gauntlet has been organised to oppose the Southern Cross organisation, and to provide an alternative path for young uberhumans in the Australian and South American communities. Professor Quake is committed to the destruction of Southern Cross, but has recently become fascinated with the idea of building his own island nation.
Gauntlet is considered an active and dangerous terrorist group in Australia, New Zealand and Brazil and is actively pursued by Southern Cross. Professor Quake has garnered some support amongst the disenfranchised uberhuman populations of those countries, especially as he begins calling for an 'uberstate' under his rule, although most people see him as a lunatic.