Gang of Five

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Left to Right:
Red Star General (452, leader),
Dominance (437),
Red Censor (501),
Mask of the Revolution (570),
People Power (431)

As part of the makeover of the People's Republic of China to make itself more acceptable to the rest of the world, the premier team of Communist China, the Immortals was disbanded in 1996 and re-formed to its present state.

At the time the decision was made, there was much debate at the highest level of the Communist Party. The main arguments were that tight control was needed over the super-powered humans. The counter argument was that such controls would be counterproductive towards the new face that was to be shown to the world. To address these concerns, the Central Committee decided that it was necessary to have two levels of super teams.

At the lower level, superhumans would be recruited that would be media-genic for the Immortals and for other similar teams. They would handle emergencies that would be politically correct - i.e. rescues, stopping international criminals, and stopping non-political internal criminals. At the upper level, another team would be formed to both watch the lower level teams and to carry out actions that are not politically correct.

Three of the most ambitious ubers from the original Immortals team placed themselves on this team and changed their code names from Rooster, Ox, and Rat to Red Star General, Dominance, and the Mask of the Revolution, respectively. Fearful of this coalition of powerful ubers, the Party added two other ubers code named, People Power and Red Censor.

This team never gelled completely due to competing ambitions, but they do work together on key missions (not to be shown up by the others). To those who know about it, the team is called the Gang of Five.

Area of Operations
The Gang of Five operate primarily in the territories of the People's Republic of China. On occasion, they will also carry out clandestine actions worldwide wherever needed.
Base of Operations: The Red Chamber (in Beijing, People's Republic of China)
Vehicles: Long March Anti-Uber Tank, Red Star Assault Jetcopter
The primary purpose of the Gang of Five is to ensure that other teams sponsored by the government of the People's Republic of China do nothing to compromise the goals of the Communist Party. The secondary purpose is to carry out clandestine actions that would be regarded in poor light by the international community.
The Gang of Five is a secret society of ubers in the mainland China. The other teams that operate withing Communist China including the Immortals and the Supreme Tiger Lin Kuei have not heard of the Gang of Five. S.A.G.E., the Assembly, and House Hiuma have vague reports of a high level clandestine super team under the control of the Communist Party, but do not have extensive knowledge of it.
Major Adversaries: The Assembly, Shichinin-no-Yuushi, S.A.G.E.