Fuchi-no-Kuroi (Dark Pool) Ninja Clan

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Left to Right:
Steel Blue (Haganeiro) Ninja (240, agents),
Secret Whispers (Mitsugo) Ninja (228, agents),
Cyber-One (406, leader),
E-Space (439)

Fuchi-no-Kuroi traces its roots to the Tokai ninja clan that dominated the southern part of Japan until the Tokugawa Shogunate. In 1956, a man known only as Tokai Ichiro left his position at Oshiro Electronics and gathered to him other members of the Tokai clan.

Japan was becoming a dominant force in worldwide manufacturing. A booming democracy, no longer were there strict controls on certain groups. The Tokai went back to their heritage and established the Fuchi-no-Kuroi, or Dark Pool, ninja clan. Tokai Ichiro stressed the importance of technology to the clan. He himself was suffering from both emphysema and diabetes and had replaced parts of his body with transistor electronic-mechanical components

Conflict fueled the coffers of the Dark Pool. The cold war and other political upheaval around the world brought in contracts. Information was sold dearly and the Tokai had always been good at obtaining information. The new electronics only helped this.

The end of the Cold War marked another era. This was the era in which the Dark Pool clan would begin its rise to prominence. The iron hand of communist rule loosened, ethnic and religious strife ensued in Eastern Europe as well as in other nations that had allied themselves with the Soviet Union. Satellite technology made possible better worldwide communications and surveillance. And then, the internet came into being.

It is an information age now. And technology has allowed a small, minor ninja clan to become the first mercenary group that people contact when they need information or when they need to gain access to electronically guarded targets.

Tokai Ichiro is the clan chief. Known now as Cyber-One has replace most of his limbs and organs with cybernetic parts which are far superior to the transistor and hydraulics systems that he originally used. The ninja of the clan are known as Mitsugo, or Secret Whispers, as they are expert in computer technology and electronic security systems. Fuchi-no-Kuroi can not recruit and train ninja quickly enough to carry out all the contracts that are forwarded to them, so they supplement the Mitsugo with Haganeiro ninja robots. Finally, a Mitsugo was found to have powers derived from his ubergene. E-Space can interact with the electronic world of cyberspace just as well as the physical world, and can 'inhabit' any machine that has a computer chip in it.

Area of Operations
Fuchi-no-Kuroi is based in Tokyo's 'Electric Town', the Akihabara district. Although roughly 50% of Dark Pool's contracts are within Japan, this ninja clan is one of three that operate worldwide. Most of their activities center around high technology centers including Tokyo, San Jose, Munich, Seattle, Singapore, Boston, and now Shanghai and Bangalore. However, wherever there is money to be made by contracts, they will go to the target.
Base of Operations: Tokyo, Japan
Fuchi-no-Kuroi are assassins and mercenaries for hire. They have three major goals: 1) make money, 2) amass technological knowledge in electronics, cybernetics, and robotics, and 3) perpetuate their clan.
Fuchi-no-Kuroi is closely watched by Japanese law enforcement agencies as well as by Japanese superhero teams such as Dr. Boom and Sunshine. Worldwide national law enforcement agencies, particularly those involved in electronics and information counter-espionage, are also wary of their activities. In general, S.A.G.E. only tries to counter Dark Pool if they know of an assassination attempt or there is a large operation, or in an advisory capacity to national or local law enforcement.

Because of their electronics expertise, many of the Dark Pool contracts have to do with breaching security and/or stealing data. While they still take assassination contracts, they usually can't compete with the Sansai ninja clan. They also are less able at humint and physical espionage compared to the Shinkou ninja clan that operates as part of Ichiban.

Major Adversaries: 07-734, The Comets, Iciban, Law Enforcement, Shichinin-no-Yuushi, Senshudan One