First Strike

Team Designation: FIRST STRIKE

Membership Details:

Arctic Fox






Major Adversaries:



The New Men


Base of Operations:

The Fox Hole

Other Dimensional Realm Beneath Iceland




First Strike was assembled by Arctic Fox who, after a long solo career, decided she could pull off grander schemes if she had the support of other super villains.  She also secretly wanted a foil to use against Saul Numen and the New Men.  One of their first actions was to destroy most of downtown Dallas while the team infiltrated a top secret military installation nearby.  The devastation surprised the entire world and Arctic Fox's team was catapulted into the top ten most wanted teams across the globe.

Since then First Strike has targeted banks and other financial institutions, rival super villain and super hero headquarters, and other high security locations (sometimes just for fun, but mostly to acquire some item of interest to Arctic Fox.).

Area of Operations
The team maintains a secret headquarters in a pocket dimension located beneath Iceland and so far only accessible via Arctic Fox's teleportational portals.  The base itself is expansive and has many parts which remain unexplored (or only barely mapped out).  The previous owners of the base are unknown but definitely alien.  Arctic Fox also has access to dozens of other dimensions and the team can sometimes be found in any one of these.
The members of First Strike each have their own goals, but together they plan to make money, build reputations and remain safely out of prison.  Arctic Fox is the quintessential inventor and explorer who is constantly searching for new mysteries to solve.  Avast just wants to maintain a celebrity lifestyle and reputation.  Nepatiabet has a grudge against the Sentinels and other super hero groups and wants to see them embarrassed and exposed whenever possible.  Spectra is getting older and splits her interests into funding a comfortable retirement with wanting to unleash mythic destruction on the planet because she can (and wants everyone to know it).  Sukoshi just wants to keep having as much fun as her body can handle.
First Strike is best known for their devastating attack against Dallas, but have developed a well-rounded reputation as a very organised and powerful villain group, able to face off against the Sentinels and anything else the world has on offer.  They do not usually work for other interests, although they may co-operate with the major criminal organisations such as CLAW and Zodiac, but only if they are properly compensated and never on a long term basis.