The Uberworld
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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

The Uberworld Fiction Page

From all corners of the world, and even some places beyond, these stories chart the lives of heroes, villains and the ordinary people who make up Uberworld.  Written by a variety of authors there's something here for everyone.

Alliance of Super-Heroes

The Amazing Three   Stephen Bates

Argus High


Canadian Shield


Chronicles of Faust



Adventures of Slipknot Decisions, Decisions KL Wilson
  The Trap KL Wilson
  The Aftermath  
  A Night Out  
  The Reunion / Trouble In Paradise KL Wilson and Darren Woods
Suleyman the Great Ashes Noah Thorpe
  The Teacher Noah Thorpe

Denver Defenders




Hero City

You Can Hear The Jungle Drums   Ben Langdon
Christmas   Neil Ma


The Missing Mission of the British Bulldog Stephen Bates

Motown Mayhem


The New Men

Saul Numen    
Chloe Numen    
Samantha Numen The Calling Andrew Olmsted
  Sisters Andrew Olmsted and Zen Fairborn
May Numen Sisters Andrew Olmsted and Zen Fairborn
Balthasar Numen Of Mice And Mutants Ben Langdon
  The Meatworks Ben Langdon
Jeremy Numen Joy Ride Brian Newman
Inez Escobar    

New York Nights


Russian Dawn

Byeluye Kolokol Venchaniya Part One: Not Mine Now Neil Ma
  Part Two: Faces and Names Neil Ma

Senshudan One


Stellar Shield


The Sultans

The Preludes Things Are The Same Others Different Neil Ma
  Shadow Walker KL Wilson
  On A Warm Summer's Evening On A Train Bound For Nowhere Ben Langdon
  Bedrock Andy Mathews

Tales from Uberworld

Avatar Death Is Just The Beginning Jason Bennett
  The Price of Life Neil Ma
  What's Left Behind Christopher Lockheardt
Blindside Cherry Blossoms Turning In The Wind Neil Ma
  Dust Falling Back On A Trodden Path Christopher Lockheardt
  Images Of Past And Future Jason Bennett
Stubborn Vows Did I Wake You? Christopher Lockheardt
  Some Things Change And Some Things Don't Jason Bennett
  Change Of Mind Neil Ma
  Calendar Girl: Jape's Obsession Ben Langdon


Miscellaneous (No Associated Team)



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