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The Faust Chronicles is an ongoing 'series' following the exploits of six people drawn together by a mysterious secret society to track down and retrieve dangerous mystical objects. Acting in a world of superheroes and villains, these gifted, yet predominately normal, individuals are heroes as well, saving the world one soul at a time.

The Faust Chronicles is a forum for creative writing. The forum follows an episodic form following a group of characters in a particular setting, similar to a television series. There is no GM only a director/producer and this is not a game. There are no character sheets, only character sketches. The writers are in full creative and developmental control of their characters and guided gently by the director along the various paths of discovery.

Imagine a play, where the cast members are forced to improvise and only the director has any idea of where the story is going. If you can successfully imagine this then youíll have an idea of what weíre trying to accomplish.

Some of you might be saying that this is what a PBEM is all about. In truth, itís probably going to start off not much different just without the encumbrance of a rules system, house rules and dice rolls to contend with. As the characters develop and the relationships gel, Iím hoping the project takes on a life of itís own, as any good collaboration tends to do.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. If any talented writers wish a guest star appearance, let the Director, Darren Woods (dwoods@onmbb), know and he will see about working the guest appearance into the current or future Ďepisodesí.


Gamemaster: Darren Woods

Campaign mailing list: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/faustchronicles/




Miles Aldred, played by Chris De Young


Countess Bathory, played by Ben Langdon


Elizabeth Downing, played by K L Wilson


RJ McCoy, played by Andy Matthews


Benjamin Motenko, played by Rob Rogers


?, played by Derek Pearson






Base of Operations: London, United Kingdom

Major Adversaries: Unrevealed

Major Rivals: Unrevealed

Note: This campaign originated in the Global Guardians Universe and moved to the Uberworld in July 2006.