Team Designation: FATWA

Threat Level: Delta

Expanded Membership Details:


Imam (413 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Al-Humra Nisr

Al-Humra Nisr (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Ifrit (530 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Saladin (357 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Sirocco (352 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:

The Assembly


Five Pillars

Sons of Set


Base of Operations:

Middle East




Imam (Team Leader)
Al-Humra Nisr
The Imam sneezed violently. The dust was thick in these hidden vaults. Imam wasn’t sure how he’d actually gotten into these forgotten corridors under the kaaba stone. Supposedly the icons, except for the stone above were destroyed. Imam had found an ancient manuscript telling of a hidden cache of pre-Islamic artifacts resting under the very stones where millions of true believers worshiped.

Imam knew what power such artifacts could bring him, and all he had to do was locate them. He paused to study an intricate symbol carved into the wall. Imam knew that he was close. Power would be his, and maybe just maybe with the power of the artifacts he could proclaim himself Caliph. Unconsciously, Imam let his hand slid over the Gauntlet of Ghazim, the first artifact he found, and one of his most dearest. He followed the corridor further into the past, which felt almost alive to Imam.

This is it, he thought, coming to a chamber with the symbol of Solomon engraved over the doorframe. Imam tightened his grip on the flashlight as he proceeded into the oddly shaped room. A moan fell from his lips. It was all trash. The manuscript had been wrong. The artifacts had been destroyed, and their remains dumped here where no true believer would ever find them.

His rage knew no bounds. Mystic blasts from the Gauntlet of Ghazim ripped through the detritus blowing the fragmented relics of a forgotten time into even smaller bits. All too soon the entire contents of the room are so much ashes. All, except for an odd shaped bottle that was at the bottom the pile, which Imam had missed on his earlier inspection. Picking up the bottle, which is heavier than he thought it would be, Imam was planning on crushing it with his gauntlet when he noticed the seal of Solomon on the lead stopper of the bottle. Intrigued, Imam sat back down in the ashes and studied the bottle. He had heard legends of the bottles, but never thought he’d find one.

Using the Gauntlet of Ghazim, Imam wrenched the stopper off of the bottle. Instantly smoke poured from the bottle like a geyser filling the small chamber quickly. The smell of brimstone came to his nose. Out of the smoke and the brimstone, came a demon, an Ifrit to be exact. Roar like a madman the djinni attacked. However, Imam was ready for him. With a mighty swipe from the Gauntlet of Ghazim, Imam fell the raging demon. However, the demon quickly regained its feet and charged again. Again Imam cast the demon to the ground. One last time the Ifrit rose, flames roaring around it, as it struck. Flames engulfed Imam, but the few magical artifacts that Imam wore warded him the flames. Calling forth the mystic fire from the Guantlet of Ghazim, Imam struck the demon down. This was enough for the Ifrit.

“Mercy Master,” croaked Ifrit, “I yield to thee.”

“That’s much better,” said Imam.

Imam reveled in his discovery. With a djinni under his dominion, then nothing would hold him back. A new golden age of Islam would blossom, under his gauntleted hand. The western powers would fall, and that infidel state of Israel would cease to exist. Imam would declare a Fatwa the world would never forget. Turning to Ifrit, Imam spoke his first instructions. “Slave, by the name of Allah, and his prophet Mohammed, peace be upon his name do command…” The beginning.

Area of Operations
Fatwa primarily operates in the Middle East with occasional forays into Afganistan, Packistan, and India. The group has a number of secret bases hidden all over the area. Sympathizers and those who fear the power of the group often offer sanctuary to Fatwa. However, Fatwa has been known to involve theirselves where Imam feels that Islam is threatened or where a magical artifact could be located that he can add to his collection.

Fatwa was set up to be a strong arm for Imam in his quest for power. This quest includes the collection of magical artifacts, acts of terrorism against the infidel, and the spreading of the faith, usually at the point of a sword. Imam one day believes that he’ll be powerful enough to declare himself a caliph, but that day is still in the future.

To most western powers, and the State of Israel, Fatwa is simply a terrorist organization. Because Fatwa has been active in Egypt, the Sons of Set see Fatwa as a threat, and won’t cooperate with them. Naturally Five Pillars are always willing to combat against Fatwa. Imam has also declared that Cabala must be destroyed, and clashes between the two groups have been responsible for a lot of destruction in the Middle East.