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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Ah, you're back again. That's great, and I see that you have come here with a definite question on your mind. Even better.

At S.A.G.E. we value questions even higher than the answers they sometimes reveal. It is the questioning mind which leads to greater wisdom.

And remember that no one person can possibly hold all of the answers. It will be up to you to judge answers on an individual basis and make up your own mind.

While you do this, be sure to read the two FAQs we have prepared for you as well as joining the mailing lists where you will be put into contact with other Uberworld enthusiasts.

Take care!

Dr. Toshio Tokada, May 2006

There are always going to be questions, and without them this website and the universe it portrays would become quite a stagnant place.

So make sure you do ask questions, and make sure you get the answers.In some cases there might not be an answer, but that is really just an invitation for you, as a creator, to come up with the answer and present it to the rest of us.

Uberworld is built on the collective imaginations of a whole host of people, and it has grown out of questions, followed up by the exploration of possible answers.

This page has links to two areas which receive a lot of questions: Player FAQs and Campaign FAQs.

  • Player FAQs deal with questions regarding characters: How to create them, but more importantly how to get them into game play.
  • Campaign FAQs are guides for those wishing to pursue a vocation in GMing. It's a fun extension of basic pbeming and well worth the effort.

The major guide for submitting ideas for characters and campaigns is that there are no real hard and fast rules. There are guidelines, but we recognise that everyone is a little different. We aren't going to discriminate against people who submit a character which doesn't conform to the FAQ.

Use them as a guide, and be sure to ask questions of the GMs, as well as the general Uberworld public.

There are two main email lists set up for this:

  • Uberworld News: which features all of the official news, including calls for new characters.
  • Uberworld Forum: which features a relaxed atmosphere where people can ask questions and chat about things related to Uberworld. A lot of great stuff happens here, most of which is adopted into the wider Uberworld setting.

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