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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Uberworld Countries: Europe

The Uberworld is a large and complicated setting, covering the seven continents of Earth, the oceans and even places beyond the planet and solar system, through time and alternate dimensions. These pages document the current situation in the various countries of Uberworld, including the incidence of ubers, position in global politics and interesting story hooks.

As a general rule, uberhumans occur once for every million people, although others factors may influence that ratio.



not an uber (other source of powers)  

( )

active in country, but not born there
Map from Perry-Casteneda University of Texas collection

Albania (Republic of Albania; Republika e Shqiperise)
Capital Tirana Population 3,563,000
Language Albanian GDP per Capita $4,900
Known Ubers Dove*, Dove II*
Information From the end of World War II until the beginning of the 1990s, Albania was an isolated Communist country ruled by a dictator whose power extended from the Fifteen Families. There are many reasons for the fall of the government and the rise of democracies. The economy was in shambles, revolution in the Soviet bloc altered the politics of Europe, and a lone superhero, Dove, fought hard against the Fifteen Families in the 1980s.

What was left for the new democracy was in shambles. Even now, the current government struggles to boost the welfare of its citizens and has one of the poorest economies of Europe. This is largely due to poor infrastructure and a large public debt. Still hope comes in many forms. Despite its statement of protection for ethnic Albanians outside of Albania, the government has been helpful in mediating disputes in Southeastern Europe. Corruption, while still present has steadily diminished. And the economy is growing.

Crime in Albania is still a work in progress. Of most international concern is its growing role in trafficking of drugs from Southwest Asia and South America to Western Europe. Ethnic Albanian organizations - including the Dhimgioka crime family that has scattered throughout Europe - have played a large role in the distribution of drugs.

Andorra (Principality of Andorra; Principat d'Andorra)
Capital Andorra la Vella Population 70,500
Language Catalan, French GDP per Capita $26,800
Known Ubers Beezle Bob*, Sorceress*, Strata, Veronica*
Information This small country in the Pyrenees with a little over sixty thousand people is nestled in the mountans between Spain and France. Because of its lack of natural resources and its location, it has had relatively few external problems for the past few centuries.

Currently, the economy is heavily dependent on tourism. There are even rumors that the superhero community enjoys vacationing in private lodges in a certain forested vale within the country. A group of teenage uberhumans, Ola Nuevo, has been known to operate in the country. At this time, the people who have seen them are divided in categorizing them as heroes or villains.

Armenia (Republic of Armenia; Hayastani Hanrapetut'yun)
Capital Yerevan Population 2,983,000
Language Armenian GDP per Capita $4,600
Known Ubers Sky Queen
Information Armenia is a former Soviet country with poor natural resources. Economically, they are heavily tied to Russia who purchases their net energy production. However, their Metsamor nuclear power plant is under international pressure to be closed. Europe and Israel are the other major economic partners for this poor, land-locked nation.

There is a large degree of tension with neighboring Azerbaijan as well as some tension with Turkey. Over 200,000 ethnic Armenians have fled Azerbaijan, and a large number of ethnic Azerbaijani have fled Armenia. Ethnic Armenians in Georgia, Turkey, and Iran are also minor international problems. Government corruption measures have been introduced, but are slow to be enforced. There is also a low amount of drug trafficking in Armenia that continues to plague law enforcement.

Sky Queen is the only known uber to be operating in Armenia. She is generally regarded as an outlaw villain, but because some of her activities, a minority of the populace regard her as a patriot. In fact, Turkey and Azerbaijan both have condemned Armenia for failing to apprehend Sky Queen; this is a sore point in the local foreign relations. Sky Queen has worked with T.I.T.A.N. before as well as Oktyabr and even Russian Dawn. But most of her activities seems to be stealing - especially fashionable women's clothing and accessories.

Austria (Republic of Austria; Republik Oesterreich)
Capital Vienna Population 8,184,000
Language German GDP per Capita $31,300
Known Ubers Blizzard, Double Eagle, Edelweiss II
Information A member of the European Union since 1995, Austria is a prosperous and very stable country with partial international political neutrality. There are fundamental economic concerns with its aging population and increased competition since joining the E.U.

There is little uberhuman activity here except in the abatement of natural disasters such as avalanches, extreme cold, floods, and mudslides. The team of Double Eagle, who announced that he will retire in 2007, and his young mentoree, Edelweiss, seem very capable of handling these crises, even though they are thought of as 'part-time' or 'amateur' superheroes by others such as U-Force and The Brotherhood, with whom they have cooperated twice. Recently, a destructive uber known as Blizzard has appeared causing sporadic damage in Graz, Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. Each time her rampages have been stopped and each time she has disappeared outright for weeks or even months before striking again.

Belarus (Republic of Belarus; Respublika Byelarus)
Capital Minsk Population 10,300,000
Language Belarusian, Russian GDP per Capita $6,800
Known Ubers White Russian
Information East of Russia and north of the Ukraine, of all the nations formerly comprising the Soviet Union, Belarus has changed the least. The economy remains largely state owned. Its industry and agriculture and relies on Russia as its major trade partner. Still the personal economics of its citizens has fared well since the fall of the Soviet Union, but it is apparent that reported economic indicaters are likely to be exagerated or underreported to give a more favorable appearance.

There is a large degree of political and social unrest. The president, Lukashenko, rules dictatorially in the Soviet style. Recently he, with the support of ethnic Russians and former Communists, is attempting to form a closer union with Russia. Many others desire to keep Belarus separate.

The uberhuman known as White Russian has at times been considered an enemy of the state, but has been pardoned by both Belarus and Russia. Still, both are closely monitoring him as he has a tendency towards violence.

Belgium (Kingdom of Belgium; Royaume de Belgique)
Capital Brussels Population 10,364,000
Language Dutch, French GDP per Capita $30,600
Known Ubers Confession, Le Homme Jouet*
Information This small European constitutional monarchy is located primarily in the lowlands between France and Germany. Its economy is primarily fueled by diverse industry that relies heavily on both the import of foreign natural resources and the export of manufactured goods. The majority of its trade is with other European Union nations. While there is a relatively large public debt, the government has worked at balancing the budget.

One of the major areas of concern is the synthetic drug industry which both creates drugs such as ecstasy and provides chemicals for cocaine processing. Drug trafficking and money laundering also plague the law enforcement organizations. The mad inventor known as Le Homme Jouet (the Toy Man) has also been an occasional thorn-in-the-side as he creates dangerous and destructive weapons that look like childrens toys.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bosna i Hercegovina)
Capital Sarajevo Population 4,025,000
Language Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian GDP per Capita $6,500
Known Ubers Doctor KojicPartisan*
Information Of the former Yugoslav provinces, Bosnia and Herzegovina suffers the most from its past. In addition to the burden of the command economy of Communist Yugoslavia, this manufacturing plants of this province were primarily producing military equipment. Thus, in a modern economy, there is a huge amount of investment needed to convert them to the production of saleable consumer goods.

During the Communist regime era, ethnic tensions were repressed and left to fester. In the mid 1990s ethnic civil warfare errupted among Serbs, Croats, and Bosniak Muslims. This was exacerbated by aid sent to the factions by other former Yugoslav states. In 1996, an international peacekeeping force finally put a halt to the war which involved instances of genocide on all sides. The populace suffered severely from this war and still bears the scars. Approximately 300,000 of its people remain internally displaced. The economic recovery has been slow, but steady.

During the ethnic wars of the mid 1990s, each side made use of superhumans, primarily as assassins. In the end, the Serb known as Partisan assassinated the Croat's River Rush and the Muslim's Ottoman Moon. Partisan is currently known to be a member of the mercenary uberteam known as T.I.T.A.N. Another uberhuman, the psychotic Doctor Kojic, has also emerged during the war but seems to align himself with nobody.

Bulgaria (Republic of Bulgaria)
Capital Sofia Population 7,450,000
Language Bulgarian GDP per Capita $8,200
Known Ubers Besnik Boiko*, Siege*
Information The country that is now Bulgaria has long been both a crossroads and a strategically contested hotspot. Greeks, Persians, Romans, Huns, Slavs, Germans, Turks, and Russians have each at one time or another ruled this land. Currently, it is a democratic state with a market economy and one of the newer members of NATO; quite different from its previous role as the most stable Soviet satellite and a major source of its most highly trained agents and assassins.

While the Bulgarian government has not completely cleaned up government corruption and organized crime issues, it has significantly improved. Furthermore, since moving to a market economy, there has been steady growth with textiles and mining serving as the major industries.

In general, there has been little superhuman activity in this country. The cyborg, Siege, after a brief fit of rage destroying two buildings in Sofia, is rarely seen in Bulgaria having joined the mercenary group T.I.T.A.N. The cardmaster, Besnik Boiko has been known to help out here and there, but he is primarily a wanderer.

(Republic of Croatia; Republika Hrvatska)
Capital Zagreb Population 4,496,000
Language Croatian GDP per Capita $11,200
Known Ubers Ruzica*, Specula
Information Once a part of Austria-Hungary, then a part of Yugoslavia, Croatia is a Balkan nation on the Adriatic Sea. In the 1990s Croatia fought against another former province of Yugoslavia, Serbia, in a largely ethnic war. There is still contention with Serbia and with Slovenia regarding borders, but no open conflict. The major source of international tension is the trafficking of narcotics from Asia and South America to Western Europe.

Croatia has a fairly strong economy with good diversity. Still unemployment is high and regulations are not sufficient to protect against severe economic crises. Its trading partners are primarily Central and Eastern European.

The uberhuman, Specula, openly operates in Krk Island, primarily giving aid to the less fortunate. She is assisted by her monkey friend, Ruzica.

Czech Republic (Czech Republic; Ceska Republika)
Capital Prague Population 10,241,000
Language Czech GDP per Capita $16,800
Known Ubers Cynosure*, (Slipknot)
Information A member of the European Union, this country has a storied history first as part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, then as the focus of some of the opening moves of Nazi Germany. During the period of Communist rule it was center of a liberalization movement that was crushed by the Soviets. More recently, it split on generally good terms with the Slovak Republic, something not often seen in the modern era.

One of the most stable and former Soviet bloc countries, the Czech Republic has enjoyed steady growth. Through diversity in industry, close economic ties with Germany, and sound government policy, this nation has become a sturdy member of the EU.

Slipknot is a much hailed Czech hero of the Dawnstars team, which currently operates out of Italy. The hero, Cynosure, who operates within the Republic and Eastern Europe, is generally thought of as a good guy, but also as something of a klutz.

Denmark (Kingdom of Denmark; Kongeriget Danmark)
Capital Copenhagen Population 5,432,000
Language Danish GDP per Capita $32,200
Known Ubers Holger Danske, Man Killer
Information The part of Scandinavia that is connected by land with the rest of Europe, Denmark has been a solid European nation and also holds the territory of Greenland as well as several small North Atlantic islands. A part of the EU, it still does not use the euro. With a strong and diverse economy, the major difficulty lies in future workforce decline due to retirement.

Holger Danske, an active member of The Brotherhood is a national hero and icon of Denmark. The vigilante, Man Killer, has, to victims of misogynistic crimes, achieved a similar status.

Estonia (Republic of Estonia; Eesti Vabariik)
Capital Tallinn Population 1,333,000
Language Estonian, Russian GDP per Capita $14,300
Known Ubers Porguneitsi*
Information This Baltic Sea nation, for many years in modern history has been part of the Soviet Union. Now, it is both independent and part of the European Union. Historically and economically, Estonia is strongly linked to Scandinavia (especially Finland) and Russia. Of all the nations in the region, it has one of the strongest economies with great industrial diversity and a strong information technology sector.

Once a member of the Soviet Empire, Estonia is occasionally plagued by Oktober, but this nation is also aided by Russian Dawn. On occasion the strange devilish supervillain, Porguneitsi surfaces to cause trouble.

Finland (Republic of Finland; Suomen Tasavalta)
Capital Helsinki Population 5,223,000
Language Finnish, Swedish GDP per Capita $29,000
Known Ubers Doctor Claw*
Information This most eastern Scandinavian country is deemed by the World Audit Democracy profile to be the freest place in the world (civil liberty and political rights). Historically, the country has been part of Sweden and Russia, as well as an independent nation; currently it is a member of the European Union. Its climate and rough geography make it one of the most sparsely settled nations of the world, too. The Finnish economy is largely tied to Russia although there are a handful of large international corporations based in the country.

Finland is relatively free of crime and has little in the way of international disputes. A crime spree occasionally surfaces, usually connected to Doctor Claw and his clan, who take full advantage of their civil liberties and political rights.

France (French Republic; Republique Francaise)
Capital Paris Population 60,656,000
Language French GDP per Capita $28,700
Known Ubers Armstrong*, Bastille, Commandant Cerebral, Le Crapaud, Damnation, Madame Guillotine, Sirene, Soldat de la Roche, Sting, Treasure*,
Information With a storied history of internal and external conflict, France is also rich in culture and considered a center of cuisine. Once the seat of a short lived European empire under Napoleon and and a long lived global empire under the Bourbons and Napoleons, France is also considered one of the birthplaces of modern democracies.

This nation, central to the western European economies, has a highly diversified industrial base and excellent infrastructure. Although it has high productivity, the economy is beginning to suffer from an aging population and high unemployment. Because of its large use of nuclear power, France is one of the smallest producer of carbon emissions.

France (and its territories) is a stable democracy with its share of international disputes and drug trafficking. It also has its share of superhuman activity. Three superhero teams operate in the country, Trinity, the Brotherhood, and the Dawnstars. One supervillain team, Jeu d'Extremite appears to be based in the country, and several others find reason to play here.

Germany (Federal Republic of Germany; Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
Capital Berlin Population 82,431,000
Language German GDP per Capita $28,700
Known Ubers Flotsam*, Immorta, Max Uber, Night, Rage, Rayerta*, Rumpelstiltskin, Megan Schavan*, Schmetterling, Steppenwolf, Steppenwolf's Beast*, Thumbelina*, Vaterschmerz*, Zeitgeist, Zwerg
Information Up until modern times, Germany was a collection of small states generally unified by language and culture. With the rise of nationalism, Prussia was able to unify the country under a single king during the 19th century. This national pride eventually led to Germany being an aggressor nation in the two World Wars after which the country was split into four by the major powers. The four quickly coalesced into two, West and East Germany. It was not until the fall of communism that the country was united again.

After the Marshall Plan came to fruition, West Germany became a leading economic power and key player in European politics (NATO) and economy (the EEC). The reunification of the two Germanies brought about some degree of chaos, but within a few years began to stabilize under the economically dominant West German system.

Although economically and politically stable, Germany continues to have small but significant internal disruption. The west enjoys a higher standard of living and a lower unemployment rate, although this has been steadily equalizing over the past two decades. A high level of immigration further stresses the social structure and is the scapegoat for radical neoNazi groups. Germany seems to have abundant superhuman activity - more than any other state in Europe - and was home to what could be considered the first superhuman group, the Berlin Club. Three superhero teams operate in the country, U-Force, the Brotherhood, and the Dawnstars. Kinder der Zukunft, Blitzkrieg, and GNOME are among the most prominent supervillain teams that are thought to be based in Germany. Others including T.I.T.A.N. and the Headhunters have also been reported to operate in the country.

Greece (Hellenic Republic; Elliniki Dhimokratia)
Capital Athens Population 10,668,000
Language Greek GDP per Capita $21,300
Known Ubers Achilles, Bellerophon*, Medea*, Midas, Pegasus*
Information This picturesque small country at the southern end of the Balkan peninsula has, in pre-modern times been a major hub of trade between Europe, Asia, and Africa. One of the putative birthplaces of democracies, the culture of the Greek city-states dominated much of the Mediterranean region for nearly a millenium including under the Macedonian Empire and the Roman Empire. It is now, a modest but prosperous member of the European Union.

While its internal politics and governance have been stable, Greece has meddled externally, primarily in Cyprus. Throughout most of world, the Greek pantheon of gods and heroes are perhaps the most well known; many superhumans around the globe bear names derived from Greek legend whether their powers are derived from such or not. Three superhero teams operate in the country, the Myrmidons, the Brotherhood, and the Dawnstars. T.I.T.A.N. and the Headhunters have also been reported to operate in the country.

Holy See (Vatican City) (The Holy See; Santa Sede)
Capital Vatican City Population 921
Language Italian, Latin GDP per Capita N/A
Known Ubers (Aliguyon), (Cardinal Syn), (Chain Lightning), (Confession), (Damnation), (Doctrine)*, (Guardian), (Judge), (Penance), (Preghiera), (Redeemer), (Specula), (Starlight)
Information In 1870, the Kingdom of Italy took over the Papal States and the Holy See ceased to have independent territorial sovereignty except for the small independent domain of the Vatican City within the Italian city or Rome. It also is a religious body that governs the Catholic Church throughout the world.

The Holy See has its own group of superheroes, Sanctity that operates worldwide on humanitarian missions and in support of the church and its values. A more sinister team, the Order of Truth, has also been known to operate under the governance of an unknown member of the Catholic hierarchy.

Hungary (Republic of Hungary; Magyar Koztarsasag)
Capital Budapest Population 10,007,000
Language Hungarian GDP per Capita $14,900
Known Ubers Gypsy Baxtalo
Information With wide plains, hills, forests, and rivers, it is easy to see why foreign conquerors enjoyed ruling this land. But just as strong has been the desire of the people living in Hungary to revolt against their rulers. The Ottomans, Austrians, Nazis, and Soviet Union have all learned this. Modern Hungary is a small land-locked country that has steadily been overcoming the economic problems of its recent communist past. One of the newest European Union nation, it is enjoying substantial foreign investment. Government reform is in full swing, inflation is largely under control now and unemployment is declining.

Little recent superhuman activity has been seen in Hungary. There have been occasional sightings of T.I.T.A.N., Kinder der Zukunft, and Oktober, but Hungary is still not wealthy enough to attract major attention. The mysterious hero, Gypsy Baxtalo, is often sighted in Budapest, but has also been seen in other places in the country as well as other countries nearby. It is speculated that he is a relative of the World War II heroine, Gypsy.

Iceland (Republic of Iceland; Lydveldid Island)
Capital Reykjavik Population 297,000
Language Icelandic, English GDP per Capita $31,900
Known Ubers Avast, Arctic Fox*, Nepatiabet, Spectra, Sukoshi,
Information A land of stark natural beauty and of scarce natural resources, Iceland largely has been isolated from the world for most of its existence. Its democratic government, the Althing has met since 930 AD. During the two World Wars, this island nation was occupied (mostly) peacefully by the UK and US. And aside from fishing disputes, there has been little in the way of conflict for this nation. Modernization has led to an economy largely based on service and finance although fishing still plays a large role. While the economy is stable, a large portion of it is pumped into the welfare system.

The only superhuman activity is due to First Strike, a mercenary team based in an unknown location in the uninhabited part of Iceland.

Ireland (Ireland; Eire)
Capital Dublin Population 4,015,000
Language English, Irish GDP per Capita $31,900
Known Ubers Blarney, Shamrock
Information A land of green fields and rolling hills, lakes and peat bogs, except for the western coastal mountains, Ireland is predominantly Celtic in cultural origin. After fending off Danes and the English, 26 of the 32 counties achieved independence in the early 20th century. The remainder, Northern Ireland still is part of the United Kingdom.

Agriculture and trade have long been the cornerstones of the Irish economy although that has lately shifted to varied industry and trade. The growing economy is aided by government programs that reduce government spending, increase labor skills, and promote investment.

While considered a land of enchantment and home to various fey, superhuman activity is largely unseen. A retired member of the Dawnstars, Blarney, is the owner of a popular pub.

Italy (Italian Republic; Repubblica Italiana)
Capital Rome Population 58,103,000
Language Italian GDP per Capita $27,700
Known Ubers Astro, (Blarney), Cardinal Syn, Choir, (Forrestal), (Kid Zoom), (Mind Stalker), (Nordkapp Man), (Chloe Numen*), (Paladin), Penance, (Quantum*), (Slipknot), Slipstream, Solaris, (Suleyman), (Sound Barrier), Monica Torentino*, (Valkyrie*), (Vertigo), Vesuvius
Information Once the center of the known world under the Roman Empire, Italy later became home to the Renaissance. This nation is still very much a land of history, science, and art. Unified Italy was born of the Kingdom of Sardinia and played a large role as part of the Axis nations in World War II. Currently, it is a very stable nation and a member of the European Union.

While Italy has a diverse economy, it is most well known for leading the fashion, food, and luxury sport vehicle industries. Agriculture has diminished over the past few decades, but this country is the sixth largest exporter of manufactured goods. Most energy is imported as is raw materials. Still, high taxes and costly labor has caused its economy to lag behind other of the EU.

Organized crime has deep roots in this nation, particularly Sicily and the south. Cosa Nostra has much power in those areas even being the de facto government in some villages. Its power extends also to the US East coast and in cities of western Europe. The other major organization that plagues Italy is the Red Brigade, a militant socialist faction born in the early 20th century as part of the worldwide revolution. These and other criminals are controlled to some extent by the heroic activities of groups such as the Dawnstars, The Brotherhood, Sanctity, and Protezoni.

Latvia (Republic of Latvia; Latvijas Republika)
Capital Riga Population 2,290,000
Language Latvian, Russian GDP per Capita $11,500
Known Ubers Balodis*, Morningstar, Vasilevskis*, Vasilevskis Mark II*, Zvaigzne Sieviete
Information This Baltic nation has, throughout history been part of Russia, Poland, Sweden or independent. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the country has struggled economically, but currently has one of the highest rates of growth in Europe and has become a part of the EU. Latvia was once the primary source of amber; now it has a fairly diverse economy whose major trade partners are regional. Still, the arge government debt and inflation are major concerns.

There is a substantial amount of organized crime connected with organizations in the former Soviet Union. Latvia is a major transshipment point for narcotics and has a large degree of money laundering, counterfeiting, and corruption. Law enforcement still needs to mature to handle these problems. Fortunately, the Knights of Winter has been able to curtail most uberhuman threats to both Latvia and neighboring countries.

Liechtenstein (Principality of Liechtenstein; Fuerstentum Liechtenstein)
Capital Vaduz Population 33,700
Language German GDP per Capita $25,000
Known Ubers Fireball
Information A principality that originated in Austro-Hungary, this small Rhine land was named after the royal family that purchased the land in an effort to increase its court influence. After economic hardship following World War I, the country became closer to Switzerland economically and politically and remained neutral in World War II. The low tax rates have spurred economic growth and led Liechtenstein to have one of the highest standards of living in the world despite its small size and limited national resources.

During the 1980s and early 90s, Liechtenstein became the target of several plots by would-be petty dictator ubers to establish their own little nation. Fortunately, all of these plots were foiled by various superheroes, and in one case even by a rivalry between the plotters. Currently, the mercenary known as Fireball is known to live in the country.

Lithuania (Republic of Lithuania; Lietuvos Respublika)
Capital Vilnius Population 3,596,000
Language Lithuanian GDP per Capita $12,500
Known Ubers Pradzia
Information Once home of an Empire that stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea, this country was conquered twice in modern times, most recently by the Soviet Union. The Lithuanian population suffered severely during Nazi and Soviet occupation but has rebounded since then. With one of the most vibrant economies in Europe, this Baltic nation is rapidly establishing a well-developed technology sector.

Lithuania has been the target of two actions by Oktober, who have a special hatred for the country as one of the initiators of the break up of the Soviet Union. While the government gives tacit approval to Russian Dawn and acknowledges that it is within the team's sphere of operation, there is some degree of distrust, especially for the ethnic Russian members. For the most part, they actively embrace and promote the Lithuanian hero, Pradzia.

Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; Grand Duche de Luxembourg)
Capital Luxembourg Population 468,500
Language German, French, Luxembourgish GDP per Capita $58,900
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia; Republika Makedonija)
Capital Skopje Population 2,045,000
Language Macedonian, Albanian GDP per Capita $7,100
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Malta (Republic of Malta; Repubblika ta' Malta)
Capital Valletta Population 398,000
Language Maltese, English GDP per Capita $18,200
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Moldova (Republic of Moldova; Republica Moldova)
Capital Chisinau Population 4,455,000
Language Moldovan (very similar to Romanian) GDP per Capita $1,900
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Monaco (Principality of Monaco; Principaute de Monaco)
Capital Monaco Population 32,400
Language French GDP per Capita $27,000
Known Ubers Princess Susan
Information A resort country, Monaco is a tiny independent country affiliated with France. As might be expected, tourism is one of the major industries, and because of the favourable tax climate, this country also enjoys more than its share of international businesses.

Just as the marriage of Grace Kelly into the Royal family caused international attention to fall upon this country, so did the recent marriage of the former flashy uberthief Susan Barras, now Princess Susan of Monaco. She has renounced using her uber powers and is said to simply desire to raise her son and daughter and enjoy the quiet life.

Netherlands (Kingdom of the Netherlands; Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)
Capital Amsterdam Population 16,407,000
Language Dutch GDP per Capita $29,500
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Norway (Kingdom of Norway; Kongeriket Norge)
Capital Oslo Population 4,593,000
Language Bokmal Norwegian, Nynorsk Norwegian GDP per Capita $40,000
Known Ubers Annika Heyerdahl*, Thrud Thorsdottir*
Information Background and story hooks...

Poland (Republic of Poland; Rzeczpospolita Polska)
Capital Warsaw Population 38,635,000
Language Polish GDP per Capita $12,000
Known Ubers (Polestar)
Information Background and story hooks...

Portugal (Portugues Republic; Republica Portuguesa)
Capital Lisbon Population 10,566,000
Language Portuguese GDP per Capita $17,900
Known Ubers Maria Texeira*
Information Background and story hooks...

Romania (Romania)
Capital Bucharest Population 22,330,000
Language Romanian GDP per Capita $7,700
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Russia (Russian Federation; Rossiyskaya Federatsiya)
Capital Moscow Population 143,420,000
Language Russian GDP per Capita $9,800
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

San Marino (Republic of San Marino; Repubblica di San Marino)
Capital San Marino Population 28,900
Language Italian GDP per Capita $34,600
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Serbia and Montenegro (Republic of Serbia and Montenegro; Republika Srbija i Crne Gore)
Capital Belgrade Population 10,829,000
Language Serbian GDP per Capita $2,400
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Slovakia (Slovak Republic; Slovenska Republika)
Capital Bratislava Population 5,431,000
Language Slovak GDP per Capita $14,500
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Slovenia (Republic of Slovenia; Republika Slovenija)
Capital Ljubljana Population 2,011,000
Language Slovenian GDP per Capita $19,600
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

Spain (Kindom of Spain; Espana)
Capital Madrid Population 40,341,000
Language Spanish GDP per Capita $23,300
Known Ubers Flecha de Or*, Pajaro de la Noche
Information Background and story hooks...

Sweden (Kingdom of Sweden; Konungariket Sverige)
Capital Stockholm Population 9,001,000
Language Swedish GDP per Capita $28,400
Known Ubers Arctos
Information Background and story hooks...

Switzerland (Swiss Confederation; Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, Confederation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera)
Capital Bern Population 7,489,000
Language German, French, Italian GDP per Capita $33,800
Known Ubers Aiguille*, Horn*, Monte*, Seiche
Information Long an independent nation defended by stout men and numerous mountains, Switzerland remains so today. This country boasts a strong economy, low unemployment, and highly skilled labor force. Swiss banking industry has also been a stabilizing force as many individuals enjoy the secrecy that they afford.

After Seiche rampaged through Lausanne, the Swiss Army built three nearly identical suits of modular powered armor which it has called Aiguille, Horn, and Monte. While none of these individually can match up with most battlesuits employed by superhumans, as a team the Swiss Army Men are formidable, especially when backed up by the Swiss military forces. The team has been involved in thwarting superhuman thieves but has seen little other direct action.

Ukraine (Ukrayina)
Capital Kiev Population 47,425,000
Language Ukrainian, Russian GDP per Capita $6,300
Known Ubers None
Information Background and story hooks...

United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
Capital London Population 60,441,000
Language English GDP per Capita $29,600
Known Ubers Bailey, Big Ben, Brigadier*, (Captain Spectre)*, Colony, Donegal Mist, Energizer, Fab Four, Lady Lancelot II*, Lady Of The Lake, Mad Dog Morgan, Mason, Mister Honey, Motte, Nephthys*, Sterling, Union Jack, Wildfire
Information Background and story hooks...

Source: CIA World Factbook