Emerald Crane

Team Designation: EMERALD CRANE

Membership Details:







Mister Bug


Robber Bride


Sartorial II


Vento Escura


Major Adversaries:



Witch Doctor


Base of Operations:

Emerald Tower, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




Emerald Crane was an old man even in the 1970s, although no one ever truly knew where he came from or why he settled in Rio de Janeiro.  Whatever his origin, it became clear that Emerald Crane was a master of martial arts and began to teach students who could seek him out in the slums of Rio.

When Rio de Janeiro was nearly destroyed by Professor Quake, Emerald Crane became more pro-active.  He assisted many refugees and when the city began to rebuild several years later he returned to the slums and established himself as a kind of Godfather.  While he was in charge no harm would come to the people of 'The Emerald City' - a name he used to describe the slum area outside of Rio.

But Emerald Crane wasn't just interested in protecting the welfare of the people around him.  He began to worry about the world and its future.  He believed that the only secure future would be one where freedom and choice remained options.  He abhorred totalitarianism and dictators, perhaps a clue to his past.  He believed that his mission in life was to subvert the goals of those who would seek to take over the world.  At first he targeted multinational corporations, but he also disrupted operations run by the CIA, CLAW and Southern Cross International.

Martial Artists continued flocking to him although he increased the expectations and only took the most gifted of them as students.  He trained them and then sent them out to usurp the powermongers, to preserve the status quo.

In 2002, Emerald Crane died.

His students remained in Rio de Janeiro, but moved out of the slums and into a steel-clad tower known as Emerald Tower.  They continue to attack those who overstep their boundaries but the organisation has lost some focus since the mentor's death.

Area of Operations
The Emerald Crane is based in Rio de Janeiro which is testament to the destruction man is capable of.  They travel internationally, however, depending on their current target.  They have undertaken major assignments in the USA, Europe and Azambia in Africa.
The Emerald Crane oppose those people or organisations who seek to dominate the world which endangers the very existence of humanity.  They are also particularly aggressive about eradicating any kind of temporal entity such as time travellers who may also usurp the earth's proper destiny.

In addition to the lofty ideals of the organisation, each member also holds their own individual goals, many of which have surfaced since the death of Emerald Crane.

The organisation operates in secret, so not much is known about them.  SAGE has some records on their activities, but they usually cloak their operations in red herrings and fall guys.  Each member, however, is generally known in martial arts circles, although they may not be known to associate with each other.