The Directorate

The Directorate

Team Designation: The Directorate for the Protection and Defense of Saudi Arabia against Uberhuman Threats

Threat Level: Gamma

Expanded Membership Details:


Al-Nil (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Azim (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Bedouin (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]

Colonel Saud

Colonel Saud (378 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Hyena (350 points)
[Hunts as a team]


Major Adversaries:




Sons of Set


Base of Operations:

Saudi Arabia




Colonel Saud (Team Leader)
The Directorate found its origins in the first Gulf War. Colonel Faisal ibn Abdullah Al Saud was sent to Iraq to investigate reports that Saddam Hussein was gathering chemical and biological weapons to use against Iran. The kingdom was worried that if Iraq actually defeated Iran than maybe Iraq would turn their eyes to the south to the oil rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. While Colonel Al Saud did find evidence that Saddam Hussein's cousin Chemical Ali was buying chemicals to make nerve gas he found also that Saddam was willing to create super-soldiers as well. Colonel Saud was barely able to escape by playing dead. Once back in Saudi Arabia the colonel got an audience with his father who was acting as regent of the kingdom after Faisal's uncle King Fahd had suffered a stroke.

Colonel Saud was able to convince his father that Iraq posed a great threat to the security of Saudi Arabia. However, due to the political climate, in which Saudi Arabia actually supported Iraq, there was little the king could do against Iraq directly. Instead, he made Faisal head of a new independent covert organization in his government that only answered to the king. The basic mandate of the Directorate was for Colonel Saud to gather together any and all uberhumans, not including females as this would certainly outrage the imams, in the kingdom and form them into a team to act as the protectors and defenders of the kingdom. This turned out to be more difficult than what was first proposed. Uberhumans typically appear in 1 out of million people. It wouldn't be likely for Colonel Saud to find one uberhuman, let alone a whole team.

During the time of the first Gulf War, a super-hero group formed in the Middle East. The group was known as the Five Pillars, and consisted of Iron Amir from Qatar, Pearl from Bahrain, Roc from Iran, Saluqi from Lebanon, and Veil from Egypt. Colonel Saud considered recruiting any of them, except for Veil, but his mandate only allowed for him to recruit uberhumans from Saudi Arabia. In a way, Colonel Saud always resented this fact, but his loyalty to his kingdom would never allow him to compromise. So to this day there is ranker between the Directorate and the Five Pillars. In fact, not of the Five Pillars are allowed to operate inside the kingdom.

It was during an attack in Jeddah that Colonel Saud found his first uberhuman. Fatwa, for some reason only known to their power crazed leader Imam, had laid waste to the city. Colonel Saud along with a few of his Directorate agents attempted their best to hold off the attack when Colonel Saud ran into Hamra al-Nisr. Even though he had unloaded an auto pistol at the Palestinian it didn't have any effect on the uberhuman. Colonel Saud was forced to dive into the water. When he surfaced the fiery uberhuman was gone. Standing on the dock was a huge man holding what looked like what had once been part of a crane. The thing must have weighed several tons, yet the man wielded it like it were a paperweight. Colonel Saud had finally his first uberhuman, but even with Azim, Colonel Saud knew that just one uberhuman would not be enough.

Following some really old records of events that had occurred over several centuries, Colonel Saud was able to piece together the history of the hyena, a creature of myth. One of the earliest records he could undercover was about a certain clerk in the court of the Caliph in Baghdad who turned into a monstrous hyena killed several people before he was killed by the caliphs' soldiers. Colonel Saud was intrigued by the records. He pondered whether this hyena man could be of use to the kingdom. After that it was only a matter of time for Colonel Saud to track down a descendent of that poor clerk in ancient Baghdad. To his horror, the man had turned out to be a stand up comedian. This man surely wouldn't be fit to serve the kingdom. Colonel Saud spent an entire evening watching this young mans' act, and while Colonel Saud didn't enjoy the show at all he did come to the conclusion that this Hazim bin Hazim would do, if only to irritate him. After the show Colonel Saud confronted the man, and he admitted that he was this werehyena. The man thought it would be entertaining to him to be with the Directorate. Colonel Saud wasn't sure, but he wasn't going to turn this aid from the kingdom.

Colonel Saud had recently been hearing reports of a Bedouin with superpowers, but no matter how hard he tried to find this uberhuman none of this efforts were brought to fruition. He had entered his office one day to go over some more reports on this Bedouin when Colonel Saud saw someone standing in the shadows. Instantly Colonel Saud had he gun out and firing. It didn't pay not to react when dealing with uberhumans. Colonel Saud had lost several agents over the years due to not reacting properly against uberhumans. The two had a silent communication between them, and Colonel Saud was able to convince Bedouin that he could better protect the kingdom better by being a member of the Directorate.

Thing quieted down for a few years. There was no clear winners to the first Gulf War. Both sides bungled their way through the war. Saddam not only attacked Iran with nerve gases but turned on his own people as well; those who weren't part of his political party or a member of his form of Islam. Fortunately, at that time Saddam didn't turn his attention south.

After the Iraq-Iran War things turned the worst between Iraq and Kuwait. Kuwait had financed a large portion of the war for Iraq and were not willing to forget the billions of dollars Iraq owed to Kuwait. Eventually Iraq invaded Kuwait quickly overrunning whatever defenses Kuwait had. Colonel Saud's father just knew that Saudi Arabia would be next. He ordered Colonel Saud to get another super hero for the Directorate regardless of the cost.

Meanwhile the United States and its' allies were protesting the invasion. Against the advice of Colonel Saud, the king actually invited American super-heroes to come and defend Saudi Arabia. Sanction was the first American super hero group to come along with the United States military for what was to be known as Operation Desert Storm. Colonel Saud was only thankful that Lady Liberty wasn't invited. Sanction alongside super heroes from the United Kingdom and even the Directorate super heroes were involved with driving Iraq out of Kuwait. Colonel Saud thought at the time that things were settled with Iraq. In the future he was proven to be wrong.

The one thing that came out of the Operation Desert Storm was the collection of an illegal immigrant, Doctor Yklymberdi Aronshtam, who one time was a personal assistant to Professor Proserpov, probably one of the greatest minds in the world. With a little arm twisting and threats of deportation, Colonel Saud was about to convince the good doctor to assist the Directorate in finding another super hero. The result was Al-Nil.

Currently the Directorate has not expanded its ranks. Colonel Saud is still looking for uberhumans to fill the ranks of the Directorate, but is making do with his Directorate agents instead. Since the Americans have invaded and now occupy Iraq he keeps a close eye on the activities to the north. At time Colonel Saud thinks that the Americans might pose a greater threat to the kingdom than Saddam Hussein.
Area of Operations
Mostly Saudia Arabia. From time to time the Directorate will covertly sneak into other Middle Eastern countries, northern Africa, and even as far as Pakistan.
The primary mandate for the Directorate is to gather together Saudi Arabian uberhumans and enlist them in the defense of the kingdom against threats foreign and domestic. The Directorate is responsible for combating super villains wherever they might show up in the kingdom. Colonel Saud as the head of the Directorate keeps an eye on terrorist organizations, extremist groups, and any Middle Eastern uberhuman. Imam the leader of Fatwa is high on the list of super villains sought by the Directorate. The main reason being that he is Saudi Arabian.
The Directorate has a mixed reputation in the Middle East. Most other countries do not trust the Directorate, and at times there has been conflict between the Directorate and Five Pillars. Five Pillars are not allowed to operate in Saudi Arabia. However, the other countries in the Middle East do see that while the Directorate concentrates mostly on Saudi Arabia they do an excellent job of protecting Saudi Arabia from superhuman threat and thus provide some stability to the Middle East.

Outside the Middle East, and the Directorate is met with mixed blessings. The United States official group Sanction has good relations with the Directorate as does a few super hero groups in Britain. However, groups like Russian Dawn are suspicious of the Directorate, especially after they discovered that Doctor Yklymberdi Aronshtam, a wanted criminal in Russia is working for them. To the east, the Assembly look upon the Directorate as a force of possibly instability in Pakistan. The Directorate has often been accused by the Assembly of sowing discord in Pakistan.