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GM: Joe Senecal


Campaign Description
The Denver Defenders is a medium-powered, single city campaign featuring the heroes of Denver. The heroes will be dealing primarily with local problems in this combat intensive campaign.
Due to a statistical oddity, metahumans are more common in Denver than anywhere else. While still rare, they are common enough that most people know someone with a metahuman ability. Most have only minor powers, and most of these metahumans live normal productive lives. But the higher percentage of metahumans mean that a unusually high number of gang members and thugs have superpowers. In order to deal with this problem, the City of Denver decided to sponsor a group of superheroes, the Denver Defenders.

Unfortunately, few local metahumans had taken up crimefighting, so David Perkins, the man put in charge of forming the team, went looking thoughout the country, and even internationally to try to find heroes he could convince to move to Denver. While the job was a paid position, the salary wasnít going to make anyone rich, so often other enticements. For example, he was able to convince the Scottish Ent to make the move by offering local collage support for his botanical research.

Originally the team consisted of 9 members. But the Denver Defenders were a resounding success. Although maintaining the Defenders was not cheap, it had proved to be a worthwhile investment in bringing metahuman crime under control. Even the ultra cautious Money Club had most of their membership captured, though they later escaped with the help of those members still at large.

But time has taken itís toll on the team, and the membership has slowly fallen as members left the team for various reasons. Feeling that the team was no longer large enough to fight the metahuman gangs that kept sprouting up in the city, the city council directed David Perkins to start another recruitment drive to bring the membership back up to 9 members.

Area Of Operation
The Denver Defenders operates primarily in the Denver area and nearby regions.
The mission of Denver Defenders is to safeguard Denver and its surrounding area from criminals and superhuman threats.
The Denver Defenders are a city sponsored team. They work closely with the police, who for the most part respect and support the heroes. They are also generally popular with the public.
Building A Character For Denver Defenders
The intent of the campaign is to have a local team of heroes.  While they might occasionally leave the city, most of the adventures will happen in the Denver area.  The GM has a preference for the edgier or more unique characters, those who are in some way weird or strange, but this is not a requirement.

Character backgrounds should be submitted initially.  Based on those, I will select a team lineup and will ask for character sheets.  Character backgrounds should include why the character decided to join the Denver Defenders.  Characters backgrounds should either include a prior heroic career before the Denver Defenders, so that the City of Denver would have reason to contact them; or have them contact the City of Denver to apply (this is especially appropriate for characters who already lived in Denver).

And finally, character backgrounds should include what general skill sets a character has in addition to a detailed description of their powers.

Base Points: 350                              (200 Base + 150 Disadvantages)
Starting Points: 200
Maximum Disadvantages: 150
Maximum Points From One Category Of Disadvantages: 50 (up to 75 points of Psychological Limitations)
Maximum Active Points for Any One Power: 65 (does not include Reduced Endurance)
Other Notes:
  • Secret ID and Public ID are both allowed and are worth 15 points.
  • Each character must spend 3 points on Team Bases and Vehicles.
  • It is recommended that characters have powers and/or skills useful for finding criminals.
  • All player characters should at least have the "Reluctant to Kill" limitation.

Past Members:

Manimal played by Shane Giles

Visage played by Abraham Daniel


Flux played by John Scalera

Little Rock played by Chad McMinis

Pico played by Eric Stradling

Shinji Mirimoto played by Kevin Schultz




Note: This campaign was originally created for the Global Guardians Universe and moved to Uberworld in September 2006.

Team Designation: Denver Defenders

Threat Level:

Alpha BETA Gamma Delta Epsilon

[Hunted Value: ] [Contact Cost: ]

Membership :


Amethyst (350 points)
played by David Duncan

Cracklin' Rosie

Cracklin' Rosie (358? points)
played by Michael House


Dreamweaver (350 points)
played by KL Wilson


Eclipse (350 points)
played by Darren Woods


Ent (350? points)
played by Curt Graham


Goshawk (350? points)
played by Miq Millman


Mandrake (350? points)
played by David Pierce


Samsonite (350 points)
played by Joe Senecal


Major Adversaries:

The Money Club



Major Allies:

David Perkins

Sergeant Wilks

Steve ???


Base of Operations:

Denver Defenders HQ



Denver Defenders Jet