Defensa Suprema

Team Designation: DEFENSA SUPREMA

Membership Details:


La Bruma Azul

El Capitan

Ana Cascabel

Doctor Difusion

Drac de Ferro

Furia Solitaria


Yohualli Eecatl

Reserve Members List




Major Adversaries:





Zodiac Agency

Base of Operations:

Defensa Suprema HQ, Mexico City



Suprema Planes (x2)

Jet Cycles (x4)

Mexico first attempted to organise a national superhero team during the 1980s but met with only limited success.  Most of the Mexican super heroes of the time were either loners or found that they could make more money or gain more media exposure in the United States.  Nonetheless, Mexico did organise the Guardas team which was more well known for its shifting team line-up than any of the team's actual exploits.

This all changed in 1997 when Mexico City was besieged by Apocalypto.  The Guardas were decimated and a new generation of heroes emerged to oppose the villain.  They were headed by former Guardas member, La Bruma Azul and included the Americans, Owl Man II, Major American and Samsonite, as well as the Southern Knights.  During the battle Yohualli Eecatl and Drac de Ferro joined the fray and after the enemy was vanquished, the three Mexicans joined together as Defensa Suprema.  La Bruma Azul initially used his personal fortune to finance the team but the Mexican government soon realised the potential of having a widely popular team on the payroll.

Later members included Doctor Difusion, Vengador and Furia Solitaria - all three of whom joined the team during a battle with Huitzilopachtli.  Most recently the team has welcomed a new member, the demi-god Aztec.

The team is currently led by La Bruma Azul, but former leaders include Yohualli Eecatl (whose term ended swiftly and with the threat of a team dissolution) and Doctor Difusion.

Area of Operations
The team is financed and auspiced by the Mexican government and its official activities are confined to Mexican borders.  The individual members have, at times, pursued other missions out of Mexico but the team itself is not sanctioned to operate internationally.
Defensa Suprema was set up to protect Mexico from the growing number of uberhuman threats, particularly the threat posed by Apocalypto and Huitzilopachtli.  The secondary purpose of the team is to provide the country with role models and to use them as a rallying point for promoting the government's policies and the ideas of peace and prosperity for all.
The team is extremely popular in Mexico and well known in the United States, where its Mexican population seems to follow the team's exploits more closely than those of the American team, Sanction.  The team is considered to be as effective as most other super hero teams of first world countries.  With the inclusion of Aztec the team is now even more powerful.