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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.


All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Welcome to Dawnstars!

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Merhaba, my name is Nefise Quelennec and I am the operations manager for the Dawnstars, which is really a way of saying I look after all of the everyday things while the heroes take care of saving the world. I have been with the Dawnstars since I married one of them, back when the team was first formed by the European Union. Many things have changed since then, but the team is still as strong as ever.

Although no longer fully sanctioned by the European Union, the Dawnstars do enjoy a good relationship with the majority of European countries and have proven themselves many times over since they first appeared in 2001. Their mission is to protect Europe and its people, a promise which involves them travelling across the continent and even beyond those limits on occasion.

The Dawnstars have ten active members and is not currently looking for additional ones, but visitors are, of course, always welcome. Just register through the campaign mailing list below and your gateway to Dawnstars adventures will be right ahead of you.

Allahaismarladik, and gule gule - be on your way with a smile.

Nefise Quelennec, June 2006

Gamemaster: Ben Langdon

Campaign mailing list:



Forrestal (351 points), played by Chris De Young

Mind Stalker (376 points), played by Jason Bennett

Nordkapp Man (366 points), played by Rob Rogers

Chloe Numen (450 points), played by Mark Floyd

Quantum (371 points), played by Andy Matthews

Slipknot (379 points), played by K L Wilson

Sound Barrier (350 points), played by Don Doepke

Suleyman (350 points), played by Noah Thorp

Valkyrie (350 points), played by Rene Carter

Vertigo (350 points), played by Darren Woods



Bartolomeo Abramo

Matthew Bowler

Clelio Dirce

Cristian Inzaghi

Erin Jay

Fabrizio Musculla

Nefise Quelennec

Daniele Sregolato

Dawnstars Staff

Dawnstars Security

Allegra Viticultore



Tenente Ammaniti

The Brotherhood


Commissario Fanucci

Kid Zoom

Solar Centurion II

Union Jack

Base of Operations: Miranda, Venice, Italy

Vehicle: Cuckoo, Nightingale

Major Adversaries: Blitzkrieg, Dirty Deeds, Exiles, Kinder der Zukunft, Motte and Bailey, Oktober, Red Brigade, Remus, T.I.T.A.N.

Major Rivals: Knightwatch, Uber Force

Note: This campaign originated in the Global Guardians Universe in 2002 and moved to the Uberworld in April 2006.