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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Borgs and Bots

Bionics and Cybernetics

It is one thing to put a person into a powered exoskeleton (see Uber Exo). It is quite another to modify a person with mechanical and electronic components. In particular, the machine parts must fit the tolerances of the body to prevent musculo-skeletal (from mechanical parts) or neural (from electronic components) damage. There are a few experts in the world that can take on the delicate and complicated task of melding organic and inorganic materials as well as neuroelectric and electronic signals.

Perhaps the most practiced bionic engineer is Jacques Assamoua (Revenant), an Ivorian engineer who also holds a degree in medicine. In addition to his academic training in the newly formed Azambia, he has set up his own lab and conducted numerous experiments having garnered financial resources to do so from both Witch Doctor and Remus. In addition to making himself a cyborg, he has als created the cyborg Delatus and the three Triunes. It is also believed that prior to his work on the Legion's cyborgs (himself included), he worked for an arms dealer in Sudan named Osman, who brought him disabled veteran soldiers on whom to practice the craft. The Assembly superhero known as Naga is thought to be the only remaining member of this cohort.

Although he has not created as many cyborgs, the Guy L'Estrie (Armstrong), founder and owner of L'Estrie Industries, is considered nearly as good of a bionic engineer as Assamoua. A general practice doctor by trade, this genius has also self-trained himself to be an engineer starting first with implantable medical devices, then with robotics and cybernetics. It was with his patents in these fields that L'Estrie has grown into a major player in the medical prosthetics and devices arena. Using devices that he created, his nephew, Rene, rebuilt L'Estrie after a near fatal attack by the uberhuman, Rage. In addition to repairing himself using cybernetic parts, L'Estrie has also done the same for Silver Sun of Africa Force One.

The prolific inventor/engineer, Rinji Hiuma (Doctor Boom), has helped a top surgical team create the superhero Hawk Rider II from a heroic, dying young man whose life was saved by grafting organs and limbs from the slain uber superhero Hawk Rider. In order for the young man to function, cybernetics were require to allow his body to withstand the stresses placed upon it by Hawk Rider I's organs.

The superagent known as GRUber was mad a cyborg when his right arm was replaced with a cybernetic weapon system. There were numerous Soviet doctors involved that included Otto von Harnz (the Professor).

It is believed that the superninja, Cyber One of Dark Pool, was created with parts stolen or purchased from the black market including those that originated from the labs of Assamoua, L'Estrie, Hiuma, and von Harnz.

The cyborg, Davey Jones, one of the leaders of the Deep6 team, clearly has cybernetic parts not made with even the most advanced Earth technology. Dr. Topa Ga-gan believes that the modifications were of Skellarian origin.

Artificial Intelligent Life

The most extreme version of man into machine is the creation of sentient artificial life. For the most part, this would be robots and other types of automatons. Robots are mechanical constructs that have independent movement and direction. Androids are a sub-class of robots made to look like humans (or other biological organisms). However, there are even non-mechanical automatons including bio-organic forms, energy forms (including electronic life), and magical construct. In some cases, their intelligence is sufficient for sentient thought.

An extreme case of this is the being known as 07734 who is a sentient machine from an alternate Earth dimension in which machines rather than organic life evolved. Although he is not a construct per se (as he was 'born' in the way that is typical of sentient births in the alternate dimension), he is a sentient machine. He has created many sentient machines himself on Earth including the android, Cyberna, currently a member of S.A.G.E.

Frankenstein's monster, made in a laboratory in Eastern Europe, was the first documented automaton created by scientific process. Since then, mainstream science and engineering has developed automatons primarily through development of machines and electronics.

Currently, there are many manufacturers worldwide that make and industrial robots and a handful that make limited intelligence courier robots (such as those used within hospitals and large office buildings). Daitatsu Industries of Japan, L'Estrie Industries of France, and Unger Munitions of the USA are the most prolific maker of untethered robots, although those on the commercial market are of limited capability and limited intelligence. Unconfirmed reports as well as crime scene engineering studies seem to indicate that the Dark Pool's Haganeiro ninja bots contain parts and software from Daitatsu. The late Yutaka Mizuguchi (Sensei Progress Green) used some parts from Daitatsu and L'Estrie for the robot Ichiro. He also used parts from Daitatsu and Unger for the robot Jiro, who went out of control and slew the original Senshudan One team. Interestingly, the Y2K Bug that was developed by CLAW, but left its owners also had parts from Daitatsu and Unger. Fatima al-Basit has used parts from L'Estrie and Unger for the O.L.G.A. Bots used by Southern Cross International. Troff of Hero City was modified by Mike Bowman and Eric Gaza from an old animatronics robot and appears to have only unique parts.

The Atlantean robot Parts is composed of over a hundred small robots that can function in concert as a physically linked larger robot. This robot was created by the Atlantean Taklit ancestors in distant space and has technology different and, in some instances, more advanced than that currently found on Earth.

The most difficult to understand are automatons created with the use of magic. The Knights of the Living Dead created by the placement of armor enchanted by Conde de la Muerte on corpses are the most often seen version of this. An enchantment created by Daemon of the Comets caused many of the animatronics figures at Disney World Park to come to life. While most of these lost their enchantment, a single animatronic, Small Wonder, remained alive.