Crimson Spider Lin Kuei

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Left to Right:
Spider's Fangs (223, agents),
Shadowspinner (470),
Master Spider (449, leader)

The Crimson Spider Lin Kuei was founded by an aspiring and ambitious student of one of the top Kung Fu masters in China. To avenge the humiliation that he suffered, he practiced long and hard at techniques that were stealthy and deadly. After slaying the master and the majority of the students of the school, the founder established his own school dedicated to the art of assassination.

The first of such schools, followers of the Crimson Spider school worked hard at eliminating competition. By the end of the 19th century, the Crimson Spider was the only lin kuei clan. However, at the same time, competition from other assassin and mercenary organizations began to increase.

For the past half century, Crimson Spider has had at least one uber as part of the clan. The uber, at this time, Shadowspinner, is selected for abilities that make for super-assassins and raised from childhood as part of the clan.

Area of Operations
Originally, the Crimson Spider operated in China and neighboring countries. Since the beginning of the 18th century, Crimson Spider assassins have gone on missions worldwide.
Base of Operations: The Crimson Spider School (in Szechuan Province, People's Republic of China)
In existence since the mid-14th century, the Crimson Spider Lin Kuei have specialized in assassination. They only accept difficult assassination contracts and pride themselves at being the best at it.
The world as a whole has not heard of the Crimson Spider Lin Kuei. Even in China, lin kuei ('forest ghosts'; Chinese assassin martial artists) in general are thought to be folklore from the past. Those familiar with either the Martial Arts World or Mercenaries and Assassins World may have general knowledge about Crimson Spider. Only rival assassin teams and some high level law enforcement know about Crimson Spider Lin Kuei in any detail.
Major Adversaries: Dirty Deeds, Immortals, Law Enforcement