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Welcome to The Crimebusters!

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Dr. Lance WestinThe Crimebusters, later known as the Liberty Legion, were the first true team of superheroes of the world. While many organizations, such as the Berlin Club, had in the past a worthy mix of powers and knowledge of the paranormal (von Hammer, 1899), none could be described as a non-governmental gathering of superhumans dedicated to helping the innocent. Beginning in 1938, both the general public and the media in the United States of America hailed these men and women as champions of justice.

The excerpts of formerly classified logs and reports writen by Captain Jake Lobo, mentor to the team provide an excellent history of the Crimebusters/Liberty Legion (Lobo, 1938, Lobo, 1939, Lobo, 1940, Lobo, 1942, Lobo, 1944, Lobo, 1945, Lobo, 1946). Indeed one can easily postulate that all current superhero teams in some way emulate these groundbreakers or at least have drawn inspiration from them.

In the next chapter, we will discuss the basic composition and psychology of modern heroic superteams. Recently unclassified reports written by Sergeant David Baker, describes an evaluation of such people and what it took physically and psychologically to be a member of the Crimebusters/Liberty Legion.

– from Westin, L., and Texeira, M. The Modern History of Heroic Superhuman Teams, 1997, Sage Press, Phoenix, AZ, USA. p 11-12.

Gamemaster: Neil Ma

Campaign mailing list:



Arcana (308 points), played by Leah Watts

Barnstormer (312 points), played by Rob Rogers

Bastion (300 points), played by Jim Diel

Cliffhanger (308 points), played by Brian Newman

Gravity Man (312 points), played by Ben Waddell

Major Freedom (300 points), played by Steve Ball

The Mask of Justice (312 points), played by SKJAM

Prime the Younger (300 points), played by Jason Bennett

Princess Power (308 points), played by Noah Thorp

Tailgunner - Barnstormer's sidekick

Uncle Sam (312 points), played by Jack Butler

(PC Name) (### points), played by


Captain Jake Lobo

Sergeant Baker




Base of Operations: Freedoms Hall, New York City, New York, USA

Vehicle: none currently

Major Adversaries: Claw, The Crime Boosters

Note: This campaign was originally created for the Global Guardians Universe and moved to Uberworld in September 2006.