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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

Contact List

Uberworld is a collaborative project which values the contributions of its members. There is no single owner of Uberworld, and it is through the variety of creative input that the universe thrives.

The following positions are offered on a rotating basis for a six month period. At the end of each period an informal election is held and a new person assumes the position of Elect.

This elected person becomes the assistant to the existing Position holder until they take over full responsibility and a new elected person becomes the assistant. Each changeover occurs every six months, usually in May and November.

Current Positions

Art Co-ordinator: This position is responsible for co-ordinating the art and design needs of Uberworld. This involves the creation and maintenance of a list of art jobs, as well as the promotion, liaison and recruitment of artists wishing to contribute to Uberworld. This position is also responsible for working with the webmaster in designing the website, offering advice and new ideas when required.
Art Co-ordinator: Noah Thorp
Art Co-ordinator Elect: TBD

Continuity Co-ordinator: This position is responsible for maintaining a consistency across the campaigns and background information. They are required to point out discrepancies and offer solutions to those involved, more as a mediator than a director. This position also allows for the development of cross-campaign 'adventures' or world-wide events which will have an impact on the various campaigns of Uberworld.

Continuity Co-ordinator: Neil Ma
Continuity Co-ordinator Elect: TBD
Forum Co-ordinator: This position is responsible for the maintenance of the Uberworld Forum and Uberworld News mailing lists, as well as the generation of 'social events' such as polls and light entertainment. The Forum Co-ordinator also serves as a player liaison when required and can be contacted to offer advice to new players and gamemasters.

Forum Co-ordinator: Noah Thorp
Forum Co-ordinator Elect: TBD
Webmaster: This position is responsible for uploading new files to the website as well as maintaining existing ones. This is done in consultation with the gamesmasters, players and general public. Any errors can be reported to the webmaster as well as suggestions for improvement.

Webmaster: Jeff Hebert
Webmaster Elect: TBD
World Book Co-ordinator: This position is responsible for the development of the World Book section of the website including the World Book itself, and the Timeline and Encyclopedia sections. This involves the creation and maintenance of a list of writing jobs, as well as the promotion of the various sections amongst the general Uberworld community. It is expected that the World Book Co-ordinator wil work with writers from the community to develop these important background sections. The position also allows for the development of new sections, not yet covered by the website.

World Book Co-ordinator: TBD
World Book Co-ordinator Elect: TBD

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