Chimera Force

Team Designation: CHIMERA FORCE

Membership Details:

Battle Ram

Knight Errant


Major Adversaries:

Grahken Raiders

Skellarian Empire

Stellar Shield

Union of Civilized Worlds


Base of Operations:

Knight Errant Command, J'stron F'plrar



The Chimera

When the F'plrara Confederations first encountered the Union of Civilized Worlds, they had elite units built around Star Knights. These were primarily special forces assigned military projects. After gathering intelligence from captured UCW prisoners-of-war, the F'plrara decided to convert three of their Knight Errant teams to espionage and counter-espionage duties with the capabilities to also handle difficult law enforcement and xenozoological rampage tasks as well. Sphinx Force takes on the most secret actions. Basilisk Force takes on supernatural phenomenon. Chimera Force is tasked with most other duties, especially those involving sentients not from the Confederations realm.

Area of Operations
This team generally operates on the borders of the F'plrara Confederations. To carry out their tasks, they often go outside the recognized systems under the rule of the Confederations.
Chimera Force is tasked with safeguarding the Confederations from high powered, low dispersion threats. Each member strives to performing their missions well, but within that framework might have their own career goals.

The Africa Force 1 team has felt some regret that they had not been able to help Africa Force 4. They now take it upon themselves to mentor and assist their counterparts as much as possible.

All of the Knight Errant teams are considered to be elite forces. They are professional, driven to complete their missions, and with unquestionable loyalty to the Confederations. As with other F'plrara they are considered to ruthless, especially by more pacifistic sentients.