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Harold Kyrre, Jr.
Cost Characteristic Value Roll Notes
0 STR 10 11- Lift: 100.0kg; HTH: 2d6; END: [1]
57 DEX 29 15- OCV: 10  DCV: 10
10 CON 15 12-
0 BODY 10 11-
8 INT 18 13- PER Roll: 13-
0 EGO 10 11- ECV: 3; Mental Defense: 0
3 PRE 13 12- PRE Attack: 2 1/2d6
3 COM 15 12-
4 PD 6   Total: 14 PD (8 rPD)
3 ED 6   Total: 14 ED (8 rED)
51 SPD 9   Phases: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12
2 REC 6   Running: 30" / 100km
7 END 44   Swimming: 2" / 4"
2 STUN 25  
ETERNITY | Summary
Real Name: Harold Kyrre, Jr. Hair Color: Blonde
Concept: Speedster Eye Color: Blue
Affiliation: Dawnstars Height & Weight: 6' 5" (1.95 m) / 165 lbs (75.00 kg)
Played By: Alex Johnson Date of Birth: January 6, 1997
Created By: Alex Johnson Place of Birth: Bergen, Norway
Cost Powers END
60 Superspeed: Multipower, 60-point reserve
6u 1) Ground Speed: Running +24" (30" total), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (60 Active Points) 2
4u 2) Megaspeed: Running 10", Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), Megascale (1" = 10 km; +1/2), Can Be Scaled Down: 1" = 1km (+1/4) (40 Active Points) 1
6u 3) Moving Things In A Flash: Change Environment 8" radius, +9 Points of Telekinetic STR (60 Active Points) 6
2u 4) Wrapping Things Up: Entangle 4d6, 4 DEF, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (50 Active Points); OIF: Object of Opportunity (-1/2), Extra Time (Extra Segment, -1/2), Defence Depends On Material Being Used (-1/2), Cannot Form Barriers (-1/4) 2
20 Sidestep: Missile Deflection (Any Ranged Attack) 0
3 Super Sight: Normal Sight , Megascale (1" = 10 km; +1/2), Can Be Scaled Down: 1" = 1km (+1/4) (3 Active Points) 0
14 Body Armour: Armor (8 PD/8 ED) (24 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Real Armor (-1/4) 0
3 Tinted Goggles: Sight Group Flash Defense (5 points) (5 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
Cost Skills
10 +2 with DCV
3 Acrobatics 15-
3 Breakfall 15-
3 Computer Programming 13-
5 Cramming
3 Cryptography 13-
3 Deduction 13-
3 Electronics 13-
0 Everyman Skills
AK: Bergen, Norway 11-
Acting 8-
Climbing 8-
Concealment 8-
Conversation 8-
Deduction 8-
PS: Student 11-
Paramedics 8-
Persuasion 8-
Shadowing 8-
Stealth 8-
TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
3 KS: General Knowledge / Trivia 13-
3 KS: Known Uberhumans 13-
12 Linguist
Language: Danish (fluent conversation) (2 Active Points)
Language: English (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)
Language: French (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)
Language: German (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)
Language: Norwegian (idiomatic)
Language: Swedish (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)
3 Paramedics 13-
3 Power: Superspeed 15-
10 Scientist
SS: Chemistry 13- (3 Active Points)
SS: Mathematics 13- (3 Active Points)
SS: Physics 13- (3 Active Points)
SS: Ubergetics 11- (2 Active Points)
3 Security Systems 13-
3 Shadowing 13-
3 Sleight Of Hand 15-
3 Stealth 15-
3 Teamwork 15-
200+ Disadvantages
10 Dependent NPC: Parents 8- (Normal)
20 Hunted: Remus 8-
10 Physical Limitation: Ages Four Times Faster Than Normal
15 Physical Limitation: Weird Biochemistry Requires Specialist Medical Care
20 Psychological Limitation: Code Against Killing
15 Psychological Limitation: Scientific Curiosity
15 Psychological Limitation: Young
15 Social Limitation: Minor
15 Social Limitation: Public Identity
10 Social Limitation: Seen As An Adult, Although He Is Only A Few Years Old
5 Unluck: 1d6
0 Experience Points
ETERNITY | Points Summary
Characteristics Cost: 150 Base Points: 200
Powers Cost: 118 Disadvantages: 150
Talents Cost: 0 Total Experience: 0
Perks Cost: 0 Spent Experience: 0
Martial Arts Cost: 0 Unspent Experience: 0
Skills Cost: 82 Total Points: 350

When Margaret Kyrre found out she was pregnant at 24, she was ecstatic. Married a year before to her high school sweetheart, life couldn't get better. When she gave birth 2 months later, things seemed less rosy. Her son, Harold Junior, was healthy and active, just like a baby should be. He rolled over at 4 weeks old, stood at 6 weeks and was walking at 9 weeks. By the end of a year he was talking complete sentences, learning to read and running. His development continued at this amazing rate. He seemed to age 4 years for every 1 that passed. The biggest problem was his eating and sleeping schedule. He rarely slept more than 2 hours at a time, and ate every hour or less when awake.

In desperation from lack of sleep, his parents bought Harold, or Junior as they usually called him, a computer. Within minutes he was hooked. He could sleep for a couple hours then wake up and surf the internet. He could learn at all hours without disturbing anyone. His accelerated age also affected him mentally, and he developed his mind as fast as his body. By four years old he was a teenager, mentally, physically and emotionally. He quickly realized he would not live long enough to have a normal life. Determined to make a difference, he began looking for ways to do so.

After a discussion with his parents, he decided to attempt to join the Dawnstars, which was being formed as part of the European Union's first foray into the world of superheroes. Even in a few years he could make a difference there, and someone might be able to help him. He applied like anyone else, only to get rejected because he was only 5 years old. At first he was angry, by the time he would be eligible for membership, he would be too old to make a difference. Something had to be done. In the next few days Junior had written over 100 letters to every Foreign and Defence Minister in Europe. All he wanted was a chance to prove he was old enough in all the ways that mattered.

He refused to give up, and finally the Foreign Minister of Belgium replied. If Harold could come to Brussels, the letter explained, he would be given an audience with the task force set up to find members for the Dawnstars. Harold made the arrangements and flew to Brussels that day. He spoke to the task force and convinced them of Harold's sincerity. The leader of the Dawnstars was brought in as well, and Medusa listened to the young man's pleas. She recommended that Harold be admitted to the team.

He took the code name Eternity, both as a play on words and because everything around him seemed to take an eternity to happen.

He had a fantastic time with the Dawnstars and was taken under the wing of the eccentric Neanderthal scientist, Professor Grak. Unfortunately in 2002, Eternity was assassinated by the Silver Marten on the orders of the criminal mastermind, Remus.



Not unexpectedly, Harold is hyper. He lives in a world of slow motion. Everyone around him seems to move like they are stuck in molasses. He has learned to interact with the real world, but still finds it almost impossible to sit still for any length of time. A five-minute briefing feels like twenty minutes. An hour-long movie is an eternity for him. Despite his difficulties, he is extremely cheerful. He doesn't feel cheated by life; he lives every minute to the best of his ability. He is an eternal optimist, always convinced good things will happen and right will prevail. He understands that compared to others he has a very short time to live and he is determined to make a difference in the time he has. He is the first to volunteer for anything and the last to back down from a challenge. He can often be found doing something risky just for the fun of trying it, whether that is racing a train or trying to run across the water like the heroes from the comic books.



"You know when you are standing behind someone at an ATM and they have no idea what they are doing and are moving really slow? You just want to reach over their shoulder and punch the buttons for them? That is my life."

"You can count on him to do anything with a smile, except wait." - Professor Grak.



Harold lives four times as fast as other people. This makes him extremely agile and fast, because he can react to things much faster than normal people. He runs extremely fast, but since gravity affects him just like other people he can't run across water or up buildings like many speedsters. He is able to dodge virtually any missile just by moving before it reaches him. Even energy can be dodged because he moves aside before the attacker even fires.

His costume is a modified body armor, since even he gets hit on occasion.



Harold is tall and slender. He has blond hair and blue eyes with a pale complexion. Always in motion, he twitches and fidgets even when he is supposed to be sitting still. He wears a silver costume with a blue clock on the chest.