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Guy Chesnais
Cost Characteristic Value Roll Notes
8 STR 18 13- Lift: 303.1kg; HTH: 3 1/2d6; END: [2]
24 DEX 18 13- OCV: 6  DCV: 6
10 CON 15 12-
0 BODY 10 11-
5 INT 15 12- PER Roll: 12- (14- Sight)
10 EGO 15 12- ECV: 5; Mental Defense: 0
5 PRE 15 12- PRE Attack: 3d6
0 COM 10 11-
3 PD 7   Total: 17 PD (10 rPD)
4 ED 7   Total: 17 ED (10 rED)
12 SPD 4   Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
0 REC 7   Running: 10" / 20"
2 END 34   Swimming: 6" / 12"
7 STUN 34  
Real Name: Guy Chesnais Hair Color: Grey
Concept: Weaponmaster Eye Color: Brown
Affiliation: Zodiac Agency Height & Weight: 6' 1" (1.85 m) / 207 lbs (94.00 kg)
Played By: NPC Date of Birth: March 6, 1976
Created By: Ben Langdon Place of Birth: Le Havre, France
Cost Powers END
10 Truncheons: Multipower, 20-point reserve, (20 Active Points); all slots OAF (-1)
1u 1) Attack: Hand-To-Hand Attack +4d6 (20 Active Points); Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/2) 2
1u 2) Block: Missile Deflection (Bullets & Shrapnel) (15 Active Points) 0
1u 3) Siren: Hearing Group Flash 4d6, Area Of Effect (One Hex; +1/2) (18 Active Points); 4 Charges (-1) 0
1u 4) Swingline: Swinging 15", Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (19 Active Points) 1
1u 5) Thrown Truncheon: Energy Blast 4d6 (20 Active Points); 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4), Limited Range 10" (-1/4) 0
8 Highly Trained I: Running +4" (10" total) 1
4 Highly Trained II: Swimming +4" (6" total) 1
5 Highly Trained III: Leaping +5" (8 1/2" forward, 4" upward) 1
17 Body Armour: Armor (10 PD/10 ED) (30 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Real Armor (-1/4) 0
20 Gemini Bolas: Entangle 4d6, 4 DEF, Entangle And Character Both Take Damage (+1/4) (50 Active Points); OAF (-1), 4 Recoverable Charges (-1/2) 0
3 Mask I: Sight Group Flash Defense (5 points) (5 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
3 Mask II: +2 PER with Sight Group (4 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
3 Mask III: Infrared Perception (Sight Group) (5 Active Points); OIF (-1/2), Nonpersistent (-1/4) 0
3 Protected Hearing: Hearing Group Flash Defense (5 points) (5 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
9 Zodiac Communicator: High Range Radio Perception (Radio Group), Concealed (-1 with High Range Radio Perception PER Rolls) (13 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
Cost Martial Arts
Maneuver Phase OCV DCV Notes
55 Truncheon Fighting Style
Block 1/2 +2 +2 Block, Abort
Blurring Strike 1/2 +1 +0 7 1/2d6 Strike  (11 1/2d6 Truncheon); Autofire (3 shots; +1/2)
Choke 1/2 -2 +0 Grab One Limb; 3d6 NND
Counterstrike 1/2 +2 +2 7 1/2d6 Strike, Must Follow Block (11 1/2d6 Truncheon)
Disarm 1/2 -1 +1 Disarm; 38 STR to Disarm
Groin Strike 1/2 -1 +1 3d6 NND
Joint Lock/Throw 1/2 +1 +0 Grab One Limb; 3 3/4d6 NND ; Target Falls
Strike 1/2 +0 +2 7 1/2d6 Strike (11 1/2d6 Truncheon)
Weapon Bind 1/2 +1 +0 Bind, 38 STR
+2 HTH Damage Classes (already added in)
Weapon Element: Empty Hand, Truncheon (Clubs)
Cost Skills
10 +1 Overall
4 +2 with Missile Deflection (Block)
9 +3 with Truncheon Fighting Skills
3 Acrobatics 13-
3 Analyze: Combat 12-
3 Breakfall 13-
3 Climbing 13-
3 Combat Driving 13-
3 Combat Piloting 13-
1 Contortionist 8-
3 Demolitions 12-
3 Disguise 12-
0 Everyman Skills
AK: Le Havre, France 11-
Acting 8-
Climbing 8-
Concealment 8-
Conversation 8-
Deduction 8-
PS: Security Guard 11-
Paramedics 8-
Persuasion 8-
Shadowing 8-
Stealth 8-
TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
2 Gambling (Card Games) 12-
3 Interrogation 12-
10 Linguist
Language: Croatian (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)
Language: English (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)
Language: French (idiomatic)
Language: German (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)
Language: Italian (fluent conversation) (2 Active Points)
3 Lockpicking 13-
3 PS: Paramedic 12-
3 Paramedics 12-
2 SS: Medicine 11-
3 SS: Pharmacology 12-
3 SS: Trauma Medicine 12-
10 Scholar
KS: Dawnstars (2 Active Points) 11-
KS: International Law Enforcement Agencies (3 Active Points) 12-
KS: Uberhumans (3 Active Points) 12-
KS: Zodiac Agency (3 Active Points) 12-
3 Shadowing 12-
3 Sleight Of Hand 13-
3 Stealth 13-
3 Streetwise 12-
3 Systems Operation 12-
1 TF: Jetskis, Large Motorized Ground Vehicles
3 Tactics 12-
4 WF: Common Melee Weapons, Small Arms
2 Zodiac Agent
Bribery 12-
Computer Programming 8-
Electronics 12-
Monitored: Zodiac Agency 11-
PS: Mercenary 11-
Security Systems 12-
TF: Zodiac Vehicles
Teamwork 13-
200+ Disadvantages
5 Enraged: When Witnessing Uberhumans Causing Collateral Damage, Go 8-, Recover 14-
10 Hunted: Bailey 8-
20 Hunted: CLAW 8-
20 Hunted: International Law Enforcement Agencies 8-
20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
15 Psychological Limitation: Anti-Uber Agitator
15 Psychological Limitation: Believes The System Doesn't Work
15 Psychological Limitation: Reluctant To Kill
15 Psychological Limitation: Will Not Harm Innocent Bystanders
15 Social Limitation: Secret Identity
0 Experience Points
SAGITTARIUS | Points Summary
Characteristics Cost: 90 Base Points: 200
Powers Cost: 90 Disadvantages: 150
Talents Cost: 0 Total Experience: 0
Perks Cost: 0 Spent Experience: 0
Martial Arts Cost: 55 Unspent Experience: 0
Skills Cost: 115 Total Points: 350

Guy's parents were Croatian refugees who changed their family name from Corluka to Chesnais when they arrived in Le Havre during the 1970s.  He was a superb athlete and played on many teams before going to university to study medicine.  The studies were too difficult for him and he dropped out, much to the disappointment of his family.  Not wanting to give up on medicine entirely, Guy studied to become a paramedic and worked part-time as a security guard at a local pharmaceutical company.

In 2003 Guy was one of the two paramedics who attended the car accident which claimed the lives of Le Renard and his two children.  Guy had never been a big fan of super heroes, but when he saw the broken body of Le Renard, who was famously not an uberhuman, something inside him broke.  He worked tirelessly on the bleeding body of Nefise Quelennec and was responsible for saving her life, but after the day was over he broke down and couldn't stop crying.

He took a leave of absence from his work and spent the time locked inside his small apartment, replaying the scene over and over in his mind.  He saw the dead children and the broken super hero, and all he could think of was how much of a waste it all was.  News leaked that the accident was actually orchestrated by uberhuman assassins, Motte and Bailey.  This news further distressed Guy who could now see the whole chain of events stemming from the growing number of lawless ubers running around Europe.  He declared to himself that someone needed to stand up against the super heroes and the super villains.

He realised that he could never return to work, not with the burning need to gain vengeance upon the ubers consuming his every waking moment.  He focussed his attention on working harder than ever before on his physical training.  In high school he had been an excellent athlete and he built on this experience with blinding fury.  Guy styled a costume, knowing that he would have to conceal his identity to avoid being arrested.  At the beginning it was simply a mask, but after working to oppose crime on the streets of Paris he decided he needed more protection and began wearing a black body armour.

The media were slow to catch on to his crusade, but when he was interviewed by an independent reporter he made sure the public knew that he was on the streets in preparation for his bigger prize: to fight against uberhumans.  In the interview he adopted the super hero name, Le Renard, in honour of the fallen hero he had been unable to save.  Across in Venice the news of this new Le Renard sent shockwaves through the ranks of the Dawnstars who had been the first Le Renard's team mates.  Nefise travelled to Paris with Suleyman to seek out the man who had taken her husband's name.  She wasn't necessarily angry with Guy but wanted to understand his motivation.

Nefise appealed to him via a radio interview and he arrived on the rooftop of the building.  They talked and Nefise pleaded with him to give away his anger, that it was a good move to take on Le Renard's name but that it was important to also take on his mission: to bring peace to the people of France.  During their meeting, Bailey arrived and fought Guy.  The strong uberhuman was too powerful for Guy and nearly killed him.  Nefise was rescued by Suleyman, who had been waiting for her down on the footpath.  Bailey was routed, despite his parting cry that he would be back to kill Le Renard - again!

Guy disappeared and went into hiding, throwing away his costume.  The words of Nefise echoed in his mind, but so did the embarrassing defeat at the hands of Bailey.  He hated uberhumans, but he also knew that Nefise was right and that blind hatred was dishonouring the memory of the first Le Renard.  The only way for him to go on, at least in his mind, was to give up the name of Le Renard.  He walked out of his apartment and returned to Le Havre where he began work as a paramedic again.

Years passed before Guy was sought out by the Astrologer of the Zodiac Agency.  Guy's outspoken anti-uber stance had been noted by the criminal mastermind, and when he was looking for new agents in Europe he tracked down Guy, first by taking possession of his abandoned apartment in Paris and then by blackmailing Guy in Le Havre.  The blackmail was unnecessary, because when Guy was taken into the embrace of the Zodiac Agency he realised that his long-hidden hatred was still boiling away beneath the surface.  He had never felt more truly alive than when he was fighting crime in the streets of Paris, and now with the Zodiac Agency supporting him, Guy felt that the time was right to return.

He began to work with the Agency as a regular agent, but was soon drafted into the Star Agents as Sagittarius.



Guy Chesnais wants to help the word.  He is a healer and sees the terrible price the world has paid because of the rise in uberhumans.  The moment he came across Le Renard's body and those of his young children, Guy has felt that the 'uber-menace' must be addressed.  As a part of the Zodiac Agency he is more than able to address the problem now, and volunteers for the more direct actions against uberhumans.  Although he is direct and wants to do all he can to eliminate the threat to future families, he is not bloodthirsty.  He would be just as happy maiming or negating uberhumans somehow, and since the Agency is able to create technology to do this, Guy prefers these options to the out and out murder so prevalent in other anti-uber agitators.

Guy still practises as a paramedic and is dedicated to the emergency services.  He doesn't have any faith in governments or institutions but some constants remain: people need to be protected and he has given his oath to heal those who are sick.  Of course, he believes that most of the problems of this world are due to the increase in numbers of uberhumans, so to remedy the sick he must get rid of the uberhumans.



"It will be the everyday people of this world that will tear down these false gods, these 'uber' humans. And I will be leading the attack, for our future and for our species."



Sagittarius is an efficient fighter who employs a truncheon as well as martial arts training.  The truncheon is fitted with a swing-line as well as a targeted siren which can deafen opponents with a shrill alarm.  In his hands the truncheon is a powerful weapon, and his most effective attack is in a flurry of strikes where he can actually land more than a single blow, usually in the same place for maximum effect.  He can also use the truncheon to deflect attacks, including bullets.

The Zodiac Agency has outfitted him with advanced body armour and a mask which grants him infrared vision and protected senses.



Guy is a brawler, with a lean wiry body which has been accustomed to regular scraps in his youth.  He has fine facial features but these hide a hardened resolve.  He wears a dark costume which is fitted with a microweave kevlar, as well as grey boots and gloves.  He wears a blue vest when on regular assignments, but leaves this out when completing covert missions.  His mask covers his eyes and chin, but leaves his mouth and forehead open.  He has dark brown hair and soft olive skin.

Out of costume, Guy is usually wearing his paramedic uniform or dark casual clothing.  He avoids bright colours, particularly when working in the uberhuman world.  In fact, he has strong views on those of the Star Agents who deign to wear costumes.  His opinions are noted, but none of the other members care what he thinks.