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Muhammad Al-Damin
Cost Characteristic Value Roll Notes
40 STR 50 19- Lift: 25.6tons; HTH: 10d6; END: [5]
30 DEX 20 13- OCV: 7  DCV: 7
28 CON 24 14-
4 BODY 12 11-
3 INT 13 12- PER Roll: 12-
2 EGO 11 11- ECV: 4; Mental Defense: 0
10 PRE 20 13- PRE Attack: 4d6
0 COM 10 11-
5 PD 15   Total: 27 PD (12 rPD)
10 ED 15   Total: 25 ED (10 rED)
20 SPD 5   Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12
0 REC 15   Running: 6" / 12"
26 END 100   Swimming: 2" / 4"
1 STUN 50   Flight: 20" / 80"
Real Name: Muhammad Al-Damin Hair Color: NA
Concept: Powered Armour Eye Color: NA
Affiliation: Dagan Unit, Kuwaiti National Police Height & Weight: 7' 0" (2.14 m) / 650 lbs (295.00 kg)
Played By: NPC Date of Birth: NA
Created By: Ben Langdon Place of Birth: NA
Cost Powers END
18 Assemble Machine: Minor Transform 4d6 (Parts Into Working Machine), Improved Target Group (Various Machines) (+1/4) (50 Active Points); Requires A Skill Roll (Computer Programming, Electronics, Mechanics etc) (-1/2), Extra Time (Full Phase, -1/2), Limited Target (Spare Parts; -1/2), Limited Range 10" (-1/4) 5
41 Weapon and Environmental Systems: Multipower, 61-point reserve, (61 Active Points); all slots Battlesuit (-1/2)
4u 1) Concussive (Hard Air) Blast: Energy Blast 7d6, Double Knockback (+3/4) (61 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) 6
4u 2) Ion Blaster Array: Energy Blast 12d6 (60 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) 6
3u 3) Liquid Nitrogen Spray: Entangle 6d6, 6 DEF (60 Active Points); Vulnerable to Fire and Heat Attacks (Common; -1/2), Battlesuit (-1/2), Limited Range 12" (-1/4) 6
4u 4) Precipitation: Change Environment 8" radius, -1 to Normal Sight PER Rolls, -3 Temperature Level Adjustment, Long-Lasting: 6 Hours, Multiple Combat Effects, MegaScale (1" = 1 km; +1/4) (61 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) 6
15 Rainmaker Armour: Elemental Control, 30-point powers
21 1) Communications and Navigational Unit: (Total: 50 Active Cost, 33 Real Cost) +2 PER with all Sense Groups (6 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 4) plus High Range Radio Perception (Radio Group) (12 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 8) plus Infrared Perception (Sight Group) (5 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 3) plus Ultrasonic Perception (Hearing Group) (3 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 2) plus Microscopic (x100) with Sight Group (10 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 7) plus +3 versus Range Modifier for Sight Group (5 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 3) plus Bump Of Direction (3 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 2) plus Absolute Range Sense (3 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 2) plus Absolute Time Sense (3 Active Points); Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 2) 0
18 2) Flexible Micro-Chainmail Armour: Armor (12 PD/10 ED) (33 Active Points) 0
41 3) Flight System: Flight 20", x4 Noncombat, Usable Underwater (+1/4) (56 Active Points) 6
24 4) Life Support Systems: Life Support (Immunity: All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents; Immunity: All terrestrial poisons and chemical warfare agents; Safe in High Pressure; Safe in High Radiation; Safe in Intense Cold; Safe in Intense Heat; Safe in Low Pressure/Vacuum; Self-Contained Breathing) (39 Active Points) 0
4 Protective Helmet I: Hearing Group Flash Defense (6 points) (6 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
4 Protective Helmet II: Sight Group Flash Defense (6 points) (6 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
4 Protective Helmet III: Radio Group Flash Defense (6 points) (6 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
10 Civilian Identity: Multiform (100 Character Points in the most expensive form) (20 Active Points); Extra Time (5 Minutes, Only to Activate, -1) 0
Cost Perquisites
3 Kuwait National Police: Fringe Benefit: Federal/National Police Powers
Cost Skills
9 +3 with Weapon and Environmental Systems
3 Breakfall 13-
3 Combat Piloting 13-
3 Computer Programming 12-
3 Criminology 12-
3 Demolitions 12-
3 Electronics 12-
0 Everyman Skills
AK: Kuwait 11-
Acting 8-
Climbing 8-
Concealment 8-
Conversation 8-
Deduction 8-
Language: Arabic (idiomatic)
PS: Special Police Officer 11-
Paramedics 8-
Persuasion 8-
Shadowing 8-
Stealth 8-
TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
3 Interrogation 13-
2 KS: Criminals 11-
3 KS: Dagan Rainmaker Armour 12-
2 KS: Police Protocol 11-
3 Language: English (completely fluent)
3 Mechanics 12-
3 Systems Operation 12-
2 TF: Combat Aircraft, Helicopters, Small Planes
3 Teamwork 13-
2 WF: Small Arms
300+ Disadvantages
5 Dependent NPC: Dagan Company Support Staff 8-
15 Hunted: Fatwa 8-
20 Monitored: Kuwaiti Government 11-
15 Physical Limitation: Weird Biochemistry Requires Specialist Medical Care
20 Psychological Limitation: Code Against Killing
15 Psychological Limitation: Finds Faults In Everything (Except Himself)
15 Social Limitation: Secret Identity
15 Social Limitation: Subject To Orders
10 Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x BODY Electro-Magnetic Attacks (Common)
20 Vulnerability: 2 x STUN Electro-Magnetic Attacks (Common)
0 Experience Points
DAGAN RAIN-MAKER I | Points Summary
Characteristics Cost: 179 Base Points: 300
Powers Cost: 215 Disadvantages: 150
Talents Cost: 0 Total Experience: 0
Perks Cost: 3 Spent Experience: 0
Martial Arts Cost: 0 Unspent Experience: 0
Skills Cost: 53 Total Points: 450

In May 1991, the United States of America assisted Kuwait in establishing the Dagan Unit - a special forces division of the Kuwaiti National Police which would feature Kuwait's superhero representative. In the wake of the Iraqi invasion, Kuwait was convinced that it needed a superhuman presence. With America's financial assistance, as well as Iron Amir's technical ability and prototype designs, the Dagan Unit was launched at the end of 1992 with one functional Dagan Rainmaker Armour.

The Armour was to be worn by an elite police officer who would become a hero for the country, offering security from external threats as well as providing the country with much-needed rain. The combination of high-powered defensive and offensive capabilities coupled with the benefits of atmospheric ionisation which would lead to precipitation, was a major hit with the people of Kuwait. The Dagan Rainmakers have enjoyed widespread support and popularity since 1992.

Muhammad Al-Damin began work at the Dagan Unit as a technical support officer and first stepped into the Rainmaker Armour during an attack by Fatwa. The terrorists had struck at the Unit's headquarters and killed one of the pilots, leaving one Rainmaker Armour inert. Al-Damin took the opportunity and assisted the other Armour in the short but fierce firefight. After the conflict had passed, Al-Damin was given the opportunity to take on the role permanently. He has since shown a deep affinity with the Armour.

Al-Damin is an uberhuman with the ability to manipulate technology. Some call him a technopath and it is this affinity with machines which has enabled him to become one of the best pilots to take on the Dagan Armour since 1992.



Al-Damin is something of a perfectionist and expects others to maintain his own high standards. He can be critical of others, but doesn't see the conlfict this can sometimes cause. Some people call him naive, but he is hardly that - having lived through some harrowing times since first donning the Rainmaker Armour. His appearance is somewhat disarming. His eyes are wide and searching, giving the impression of innocence. He doesn't take much attention of how he looks, but others have commented on it and have assumed that because he looks innocent and naive that he must be. Al-Damin is a smart man with an affinity with technology.



"Ooh that's going to take me an hour to fix... Can you stop throwing the bad guys around like that? A simple nitrogen spray will immobilise them - and avoid the unnecessary damage you're doing to the base."



The Dagan Rainmaker Armour is based on the Iron Amir suit although there have been modifications, mostly through American research and development. The suit is designed for two major purposes: defence and its rain-making capabilities. It has a range of offensive capabilities such as concussive (hard air) blasts, an ion blaster array in the fingertips, liquid nitrogen spray (also in the fingertips) as well as the capability to enhance the pilot's strength to an uberhuman level (often able to press in excess of 25 tons).

Its defensive capability includes a flexible micro-chainmail armour and full life support systems, as well as a range of enhanced sensors and the ability to fly. In addition to these, mostly security-based abilities, the Rainmaker Armour is able to generate a high-range ionisation effect in the atmosphere which can generally lead to the production of precipitation, most likely in the form of rain. In perfect conditions this can generate sustained rain storms up to 8km for a period of up to six hours. This ability has made the Rainmaker Armour highly sought after in the Middle East region.

Al-Damin is also an uberhuman able to psionically re-arrange technical components and spare parts to create functioning machines. He has always had this gift but has been trained in its applications since joining the Dagan Unit. He has shown an ability to create a laptop computer, a portable radar and Geiger counter, as well as various weaponry in the field.  This ability is somewhat diminished when he is wearing his Armour.



The Dagan Rainmaker is a silver armour with a series of matt-black panels (which assist with solar energy absorption). It is a fully contained armour which conceals the wearer's identity. The helmet has silver lens and a mouth slit for clear vocalisation. The armour generally stands at seven feet tall, depending on the wearer to some extent, and weighs in excess of 650lbs.

Out of the armour, Muhammad Al-Damin appears to be a lithe man in his thirties with short dark brown hair and large pleading eyes. He generally wears his police uniform but has times when he is more comfortable in a t-shirt and cargo pants.