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Jainaea Wouday
Cost Characteristic Value Roll Notes
3 STR 13 12- Lift: 151.6kg; HTH: 2 1/2d6; END: [1]
30 DEX 20 13- OCV: 7  DCV: 7
20 CON 20 13-
10 BODY 15 12-
3 INT 13 12- PER Roll: 12- / 16- (Spatial Sense)
16 EGO 18 13- ECV: 6; Mental Defense: 0
10 PRE 20 13- PRE Attack: 4d6
4 COM 18 13-
5 PD 8   Total: 23 PD (15 rPD)
4 ED 8   Total: 23 ED (15 rED)
10 SPD 4   Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
2 REC 8   Running: 6" / 12"
5 END 50   Swimming: 2" / 4"
8 STUN 40   Flight: 15" / 30"
SARDONYX | Summary
Real Name: Jainaea Wouday Hair Color: Black
Concept: Energy Blaster Eye Color: Brown
Affiliation: Solo (formerly the Gemstones) Height & Weight: 5' 9" (1.74 m) / 132 lbs (60.00 kg)
Played By: NPC Date of Birth: January 7, 1975
Created By: Ben Langdon Place of Birth: Banjul, Gambia
Cost Powers END
67 Wielder Of Force Energy: Multipower, 100-point reserve, (100 Active Points); all slots Extra Time (Full Phase, -1/2)
4u 1) Bands Of Force Energy: Entangle 4d6, 4 DEF, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (60 Active Points) 0
1u 2) Deflection Field: Missile Deflection (Any Ranged Attack) (20 Active Points) 0
1u 3) Energy Lockpicks: +3 with Lockpicking (6 Active Points); Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4) 1
6u 4) Energy Blast: Energy Blast 11d6, Autofire (3 shots; +1/4), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/2) (96 Active Points) 3
7u 5) Force Blast (Physical): Energy Blast 10d6, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), Double Knockback (+3/4) (100 Active Points) 4
7u 6) Force Energy Manipulation: Telekinesis (60 STR), Fine Manipulation (100 Active Points) 10
3u 7) Force Field Sense: Spatial Awareness (Unusual Group), +4 to PER Roll, Discriminatory, Analyze, Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees), Ranged (+1/2) (61 Active Points); Costs Endurance (-1/2) 6
2u 8) Scan For Flaws: Find Weakness 13- with Related Group of Attacks (Force Energy Powers) (30 Active Points); Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4) 3
20 Force Energy Manipulation: Elemental Control, 40-point powers
20 1) Force Field: Force Field (15 PD/15 ED/10 Power Defense) (40 Active Points) 4
25 2) Force Propulsion Field: Flight 15", Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), Usable Underwater (+1/4) (45 Active Points) 2
2 Enhanced Hearing: Ultrasonic Perception (Hearing Group) (3 Active Points); Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4) 0
Cost Talents
4 Exotic Beauty: Attractive (+2 w/PRE-Based Skills)
Cost Skills
5 +1 with Ranged Combat
2 AK: New York City 11-
3 Breakfall 13-
3 Climbing 13-
3 Concealment 12-
3 Disguise 12-
0 Everyman Skills
AK: Banjul, Gambia 11-
Acting 8-
Climbing 8-
Concealment 8-
Conversation 8-
Deduction 8-
Language: Wolof (idiomatic)
PS: Burglar 11-
Paramedics 8-
Persuasion 8-
Shadowing 8-
Stealth 8-
TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
2 Forgery (Documents) 12-
3 KS: New York Apartment Buildings 12-
3 KS: The Gemstones 12-
3 Language: English (completely fluent)
7 Lockpicking 15-
3 Paramedics 12-
3 Persuasion 13-
3 Power: Force Energy 13-
5 Security Systems 13-
3 Seduction 13-
3 Shadowing 12-
3 Sleight Of Hand 13-
3 Stealth 13-
200+ Disadvantages
15 Dependent NPC: Nadim Al-Atiyat 8- (Incompetent)
5 Distinctive Features: Pointed Ears
10 Monitored: American Law Enforcement Agencies 8-
5 Monitored: Gemstones 8-
10 Monitored: New Men 8-
20 Normal Characteristic Maxima
15 Physical Limitation: Weird Biochemistry Requires Specialist Medical Care
15 Psychological Limitation: Greedy
15 Psychological Limitation: Reluctant To Kill
5 Reputation: Former Member Of The Gemstones, 8-
10 Rivalry: Professional: Other Members Of The Gemstones
10 Social Limitation: Criminal Record (Secret ID Only: 4 Years for Burglary, On Parole)
15 Social Limitation: Secret Identity
12 Experience Points
SARDONYX | Points Summary
Characteristics Cost: 130 Base Points: 200
Powers Cost: 165 Disadvantages: 150
Talents Cost: 4 Total Experience: 12
Perks Cost: 0 Spent Experience: 12
Martial Arts Cost: 0 Unspent Experience: 0
Skills Cost: 63 Total Points: 362

The life and crimes of Jai Wouday began in Rabat, Morocco when she met up with two other uberhuman women and formed the Gemstones. Her earlier life is shrouded from the public, but it is known that she was a burglar who specialised in stealing from tourists in resorts up and down the west coast of Africa. In Rabat she discovered that she could be so much more. The leader of the trio was Topaz, and her ubergene manipulation powers enabled her to 'activate' both Jai and the third member, Rose Diamond. Whereas before, Jai had ultrasonic hearing, she now possessed great powers over something she dubbed 'force energy'. Taking the name Sardonyx she joined her new friends on a free-wheeling series of robberies across the Mediterranean.

They moved to America after Topaz revealed the reason she had helped Rose Diamond and Sardonyx to 'blossom' with more powerful abilities, was to help her take revenge on her former lover, Sartorial. The Gemstones arrived in Argus City and managed to surprise the reclusive supervillain, leaving him naked on the rooftop of the Argus Central Shopping Centre, strapped to a flagpole.

Topaz was then able to 'move on' and established the Gemstones as a popular villain group across America, managing to get the girls on MTV and in various magazines. While they conducted high profile crimes they did so with flair and attention to the media. In 2001 they were voted most popular Superhero Group in Capes despite being self-proclaimed villains.

During her high profile career, Jai was married to an American and after living in the States for five years was able to gain residency. The marriage was a fraud, set up by Topaz, but it served its purpose well.

In 2002 Jai was caught breaking into an apartment in her civilian guise after becoming powerless during a fight with the New Men. She refused to lie low until her powers returned and so she returned to her earlier career. When she was arrested the other two Gemstones were embroiled in a crime caper in New Orleans and never noticed she was in jail until several weeks had passed.

Jainaea Wouday found herself at a crossroads and since her powers hadn't returned, the Gemstones decided not to worry about breaking her out again. Jai was sentenced to five years imprisonment, and her residency was going to be revoked until the New Men intervened. Chloe Numen used her influence to represent Jai secretly and the judge decided to suspend any decision on Jai's residency until she served her time.

In 2006 Jai was released on parole. She was met on the outside by Nadim Al-Atiyat who had been one of the prison guards, and secretly Jai's lover. Nadim resigned from his position, took up a security job in New York and the couple started a fragile relationship in Queens.

When the Gemstones heard that Jai had been released, they decided to surprise their former team mate but they were followed by Samantha Numen and a battle ensued after Samantha was spotted. During the battle, most of Jai's new home was destroyed and her boyfriend, Nadim, was left paralysed and slightly brain damaged.

The police arrived and Topaz and Rose Diamond fled, leaving Jai to explain the situation. Samantha Numen, feeling guilty, shielded Jai's identity and soon after Jai moved to Manhattan. She had regained her powers during the fray but kept them hidden from Samantha and her former team mates. In New York she began a series of robberies to finance Nadim's treatment in a nursing home.

She is currently active in the New York area, and even though she still cares from Nadim and visits him weekly, her attention has once again turned to the life of crime. While she would most likely refuse to rejoin the Gemstones, she is determined to live a comfortable life and won't go back to jail again.



Jai is a complex woman. While she commands enormous power beyond the comprehension of most humans, she is also tied to the invalid former prison guard, Nadim Al-Atiyat. She loves him, or at least the idea of a normal life with him; but at the same time she refuses to deny the power that is hers. She is greedy and covets the riches of other people, so she will never be satisfied living in suburbia. Part of her acknowledges this, but another part still clings to the hope that one day she will be able to 'live happily ever after'.

Her brush with fame (or notoriety) enabled her to live life to the fullest and she misses those times as well. There were occasions when the Gemstones robbed banks and then were applauded by bystanders; when they battled the police in the streets of Chicago and were supported by their fans. Her association with the Gemstones also broke any form of modesty she may have had, and her costumes (like the other Gemstones) are always jaw-droppingly risqué.



"They love me because I am bad. That is something you can never accept, Chloe darling."



Sardonyx possesses a 'modified' ubergene. She could originally hear into the ultrasonic range, an ability which was reflected in her elfish ears. After meeting with Topaz and undergoing her 'modification', Sardonyx was able to generate and control a green energy which she dubbed 'force energy' because it could materialise as ethereal energy or a physical force. This force energy can be manipulated in a number of ways including the creation of force fields, propulsion through air and water, the ability to 'feel' the world around her using subtle energy spikes, and the generation of stunning beams of energy or concussive blasts. She is also able to exert the force energy to manipulate objects at a distance as well as create restraining manacles.



Jai Wouday was born with slightly pointed, 'elfish', ears. She has an exotic beauty which includes long dark lashes, luxurious black hair down to her middle back and delicate, flawless dusky skin. Her costumes change now and then but are always revealing and most times seemingly impossible. Her current costume includes a series of leather and ceramic pieces arranged strategically in a kind of bikini pattern, although there is no obvious way these pieces are able to stay in place. Sardonyx uses her 'force energy' to hold them in place. It has been the subject of many discussions on the internet and even in such magazines as Capes.