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Eau'n Kanos
Cost Characteristic Value Roll Notes
3 STR 13 12- Lift: 151.6kg; HTH: 2 1/2d6; END: [1]
12 DEX 14 12- OCV: 5  DCV: 5
16 CON 18 13-
0 BODY 10 11-
3 INT 13 12- PER Roll: 17-
46 EGO 33 16- ECV: 11; Mental Defense: 20
0 PRE 10 11- PRE Attack: 2d6
0 COM 10 11-
2 PD 5   Total: 23 PD (18 rPD)
1 ED 5   Total: 23 ED (18 rED)
16 SPD 4   Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
0 REC 7   Running: 6" / 12"
0 END 36   Swimming: 2" / 4"
0 STUN 26   Flight: 11" / 44"
Unicorn | Summary
Real Name: Eau'n Kanos Hair Color: None
Concept: Mentalist / Energy Blaster Eye Color: Amber
Affiliation: Chimera Force Height & Weight: 5' 9" (1.75 m) / 154 lbs (70.00 kg)
Played By: NPC Nationality: F'plrara
Created By: Neil Ma Place of Birth: J'stron F'plrar
GM: NPC Date of Birth: 588sc 04c 12r
Cost Powers END
70 Brain Projector Horn Emanations: Multipower, 70-point reserve
7u 1) Focused Mental Energy: Energy Blast 4d6, Armor Piercing (+1/2), Based On EGO Combat Value (Standard Defenses apply; +1), Does BODY (+1) (70 Active Points) 7
5u 2) Mentally Erase My Presence: Invisibility to Sight, Mental, Hearing, Radio, Smell/Taste and Touch Groups, Danger Sense and Combat Sense , Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (69 Active Points); Does Not Affect Remote or Distant Sensing (i.e., this is a Mental Effect) (-1/2) 2
7u 3) Mind Blast: Mind Blast: Ego Attack 6d6 (Organic Sentient and Mineral classes of minds) (70 Active Points) 7
6u 4) Mind's Knife: Killing Attack - Ranged 1d6+1, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), Based On EGO Combat Value (Standard Defenses apply; +1), Does BODY (+1) (65 Active Points) 3
3u 5) Snap Out of It: Mind Control 11d6 (Organic Sentient class of minds), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (69 Active Points); Set Effect (Only to Grant a Breakout Roll; -1) 2
5u 6) Thought Stunning: Entangle 2d6, 3 DEF, Works Against EGO, Not STR (+1/4), Takes No Damage From Attacks Physical (+1/4), Based On EGO Combat Value (Standard Defenses apply; +1) (62 Active Points); Cannot Form Barriers (-1/4) 6
10 Brain Projector Horn: Elemental Control, 20-point powers
17 1) The Mind's Eye: Spatial Awareness (Mental Group), Increased Arc Of Perception (360 Degrees) (27 Active Points) 0
11 2) Perception Boost: (Total: 21 Active Cost, 21 Real Cost) +5 PER with all Sense Groups (Real Cost: 15) plus Sight Group Flash Defense (2 points) (Real Cost: 2) plus Hearing Group Flash Defense (2 points) (Real Cost: 2) plus Mental Group Flash Defense (2 points) (Real Cost: 2) 0
10 3) Shielded Thoughts: Mental Damage Reduction, 50% (20 Active Points) 0
10 4) Thought Linguistics: Universal Translator 12- (20 Active Points)
13 5) Thought Shield: Mental Defense (20 points total), Usable Simultaneously (up to 2 people at once; up to 2 people at once; +1/2) (23 Active Points) 0
10 6) Thought Shielding: Force Field (6 PD/6 ED/8 Power Defense) (20 Active Points) 2
13 Battle Belt: Elemental Control, 40-point powers, (20 Active Points); all slots OIF (-1/2)
17 1) Energy and Kinetic Deflector: Force Field (12 PD/12 ED/2 Flash Defense: Sight Group/2 Flash Defense: Hearing Group/2 Flash Defense: Smell/Taste Group), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (45 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
23 2) Flight Field Generator: Flight 11", x4 Noncombat, Variable Advantage (+1/4 Advantages; +1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (54 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
13 3) Preservation Field: Life Support (Immunity All terrestrial poisons and chemical warfare agents; Immunity: All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents; Safe in High Pressure; Safe in High Radiation; Safe in Intense Cold; Safe in Intense Heat; Safe in Low Pressure/Vacuum; Self-Contained Breathing) (39 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) 0
F'plraran Abilities
6 1) Born Fighter: Combat Luck (3 PD/3 ED)
4 2) Fearless: +5 PRE (5 Active Points); Not to Exert PRE-based Skills (i.e., Primarily for Defensive PRE Applications) (-1/4)
5 3) Lick Your Wounds: Rapid Healing
     [Notes: Wound closure and healing acceleration factors in saliva]
2 4) Nictitating Membrane: Sight Group Flash Defense (2 points) 0
22 Mental Reserves: Endurance Reserve (120 END, 10 REC) (22 Active Points) 0
Cost Talents
3 Zero-G Training: Environmental Movement (no penalties in Zero-G)
Cost Perquisites
1 Bonded Mentalist: Fringe Benefit: Licensed Psionic
3 Born Fighter: Fringe Benefit: Warrior of the Blood
5 Well Paid: Money: Well Off
Cost Skills
15 +3 with ECV
3 Breakfall 12-
3 Concealment 12-
13 Chimera Force Package
Mind Link , Specific Group of Minds, Any distance, No LOS Needed, Number of Minds (x4) (35 Active Points); IIF (-1/4), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-1/4), Limited Power Only with Others Who Have This Power (-1/4)
Fringe Benefit: Federal/National Police Powers
KS: Enemies of the F'plrara 12-
Language: Grahk (basic conversation)
Language: Union Standard (basic conversation)
Social Limitation: Subject to Orders
TF: Science Fiction & Space Vehicles
0 Everyman Skills (F'plrara Blood Military)
AK: F'plrara Confederations 11-
Acting 8-
Climbing 8-
Concealment 8-
Conversation 8-
Deduction 8-
Language: F'plrara (Idiomatic, native accent)
[Notes: Native Language]
PS: Soldier 11-
Paramedics 8-
Persuasion 8-
Shadowing 8-
Stealth 8-
TF: Personal Use Spacecraft
[Notes: Custom Mod is Everyman Skill]
2 KS: F'plrara 11-
2 KS: Iglaglic 11-
3 Lockpicking 12-
3 Persuasion 11-
3 Security Systems 12-
3 Sleight Of Hand 12-
3 Teamwork 12-
4 TF: Common Motorized Ground Vehicles, Small Motorized Ground Vehicles, Railed Vehicles, Two-Wheeled Motorized Ground Vehicles
275+ Disadvantages
F'plraran Disadvantages
5 1) Distinctive Features: Bronze-skinned humanoid
10 2) Reputation: Ruthless Warriors, 11-
20 Distinctive Features: Large Horn on Forehead
15 Hunted: Skellarian Counter-Psions 8-
10 Physical Limitation: Migraines
15 Physical Limitation: Uber-F'plrara Physiology, Requires Special Medical Care
20 Psychological Limitation: Considers Himself A Monster
15 Psychological Limitation: Follower
5 Psychological Limitation: Monitors the Iglaglic
20 Psychological Limitation: Will Sacrifice Himself For Chimera Force Team Members
10 Social Limitation: Held to a Higher Standard
15 Social Limitation: Public Identity
5 Social Limitation: Seen as A Crystal Crackpot (Most People Think That the Iglaglic Are History)
17 Experience Points
Unicorn | Points Summary
Characteristics Cost: 99 Base Points: 275
Powers Cost: 289 Disadvantages: 165
Talents Cost: 3 Total Experience: 17
Perks Cost: 9 Spent Experience: 17
Martial Arts Cost: 0 Unspent Experience: 0
Skills Cost: 57 Total Points: 457

Eau'n was born to a fairly typical family of F'plrara in the home city. His father was a warrior in the fourth fleet, his mother was a Star Rider released from duty after she her leg was disintegrated by a Skellarian plasma canon. However, he was different, too. He was born with a horn on his head.

Even the F'plrara, with whom talent, skill, and military prowess are the measure by which people are judged could not get around seeing that horn. For the most part, Eua'n went through his younger years always being treated a little differently. He developed a bit of insecurities that resulted from that, but reconstructive surgeons refused to operate on it. They determined that the horn contained a large 'satellite' brain.

There was one among his class, Torg'la Gryfn'n, who befriended Eau'n. She was one that truly and completely practiced the means of measuring a person by their drive and talents. Certainly everyone else saw that Eau'n was capable, but Torg'la was the one that saw beyond his horn. Throughout topschool and even after they graduated, she and he were close friends. But she went on to the Academy and he went to someplace else.

When it was found that Eau'n had the ability to use his extra brain capacity to cast his will upon others, the Marshall of Advanced Personel arranged to have him undergo special training. F'plrara with ubergenes came at a rate of about one per million population. And the ability for psionics among that group was the rarest. So, Eau'n was sent to the F'plraran Duchy of Qliq to train with Qliq Warriors.

He was only three years into his training when a MiniDestroyer landed outside of the training base. Torg'la stepped out and asked Eau'n to join her. She was on a critical mission in the Fringe and she needed someone that she could trust to back her up. Eau'n did not hesitate to join her friend and became a member of Chimera Force.


Eau'n may not be as patriotic as his teammates, but he will never let them down. Each of the teammates was unusual in some regard, and that makes him feel at home with them. He was nearly killed twice already to make the mission succeed or to save his teammate, and that has earned this relatively meek F'plraran rank of Warrior of the Blood. Throughout his adventures, he has taken notice of relics of the mind-enslaving Iglaglic who were once masters of the F'plrara, and he believes that the ancient enemy is still not gone.


"I have long ago foresworn mind manipulation, but that doesn't mean I can't just stop your mind altogether."


Unicorn is a mentalist who has still not realized his full potential. He uses his mental abilities to attack or bind his enemies as he feels it is beneath a Warrior to manipulate minds or read the thoughts of others. At the same time, he can project psionic shields to protect his teammates against mental intrusion.


Eau'n has skin the color of bronze. Of course the most obvious thing about him is the large horn that houses his 'satellite brain' and the other small protrusion that hold sensory nerve clusters. He wears a belt that provides him defense against enemy attacks as well as life support.