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Pheron Kaness


Value Roll Notes
10 STR 20 13- Lift: 400.0kg; Dice: HTH Damage 4d6 END [2]


18 DEX 16/26 12- / 14- OCV: 5/9 DCV: 5/9
20 CON 20 13-
0 BODY 10 11-
8 INT 18 13- PER Roll 13-
2 EGO 11 11- ECV: 4
8 PRE 18 13- PRE Attack: 3 1/2d6
0 COM 10 11-
0 PD 4/14   Total: 4/14 PD (0/10 rPD)
0 ED 4/14   Total: 4/14 ED (0/10 rED)
14 SPD 4/5   Mental Defense: 0
0 REC 8   Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12/3, 5, 8, 10, 12
10 END 60   Running: 6" (12" NC)
10 STUN 40   Swimming: 0" ( NC)




157 Gravitic Manipulation: Variable Power Pool, 90 base + 67 control cost, Cosmic (+2) (225 Active Points); Limited Special Effect Gravitic SFX (-1/2), Limited Power Adding Powers to the VPP Requires a Skill Roll (-1/4), Limited Class Of Powers Available No Skills (-1/4)
0 1) Area Gravity Manipulation: Change Environment 1" radius, Multiple Combat Effects, Varying Combat Effects (20 Active Points) Real Cost: 20 2
0 2) Gravitic Barrier: Force Wall (18 PD/18 ED) (90 Active Points) Real Cost: 90 9
0 3) Gravitic Point Defense: Missile Deflection (Any Ranged Attack) (20 Active Points) Real Cost: 20
0 4) Gravitic Shock: Energy Blast 6d6, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), Attack Versus Limited Defense (Power Defense or Certain ED Force Fields; +1 1/2) (82 Active Points); Limited Range (40"; -1/4) Real Cost: 66 3
0 5) Gravity Control: Telekinesis (60 STR) (90 Active Points) Real Cost: 90 9
0 6) Gravity Manipulation: Telekinesis (40 STR), Affects Porous (70 Active Points) Real Cost: 70 7
0 7) Gravity Surge: Energy Blast 12d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (90 Active Points) Real Cost: 90
0 8) Gravity Well: Entangle 7d6, 7 DEF, Takes No Damage From Attacks Limited Group (Physical; +1/4) (87 Active Points); Cannot Form Barriers (-1/4) Real Cost: 70 9
0 9) Hyper-Velocity Flight: Flight 10", Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), MegaScale (1" = 10 km; +1/2), Can Be Scaled Down: 1" = 1km (+1/4) (45 Active Points) Real Cost: 45
0 10) Master of Gravity: Flight 18", Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Usable As Attack (+1) (90 Active Points) Real Cost: 90
0 11) Spatial Anchor: (Total: 60 Active Cost, 48 Real Cost) Knockback Resistance -15", Uncontrolled (lasts until makes a full move; +1/2) (45 Active Points); Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4) (Real Cost: 36) plus Clinging (normal STR), Uncontrolled (lasts until makes a full move; +1/2) (15 Active Points); Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4) (Real Cost: 12) Real Cost: 48 5
0 12) Warp Light: Invisibility to Sight Group , No Fringe (30 Active Points) Real Cost: 30 3
0 13) Center-Point Crush: Major Transform 6d6 (Objects Into Crushed Objects), Requires A Power Skill Roll (No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll +0) (90 Active Points); Limited Power Inanimate Objects Only (-1/2) Real Cost: 60 9
0 14) Darkness of a Black Hole: Darkness to Sight and Radio Groups 3" radius, Requires A Power Skill Roll (No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll +0), Personal Immunity (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Uncontrolled (One Turn; +1/2) (79 Active Points) Real Cost: 79
0 15) Gravitic Acceleration: Aid 2d6, Requires A Power Skill Roll (No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll +0), Personal Immunity (+1/4), Area Of Effect (7" Radius; +1), all Movement powers simultaneously (+2) (85 Active Points) Real Cost: 85
0 16) Gravitic Shield: Force Field (20 PD/20 ED), Requires A Power Skill Roll (No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll +0), Hardened (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Uncontrolled ((Lasts One Minute, Plus One Minute Per Point Below Necessary Power Skill Roll); +1/2) (90 Active Points) Real Cost: 90
0 17) Gravitic Vertigo: Suppress DEX 12d6, Requires A Power Skill Roll (No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll +0), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (75 Active Points) Real Cost: 75 3
0 18) Gravity Drag: Suppress 4d6, all Movement powers simultaneously (+2), Requires A Power Skill Roll (No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll +0), Personal Immunity (+1/4), Area Of Effect (3" Radius; +1) (45 Active Points) Real Cost: 85 8
0 19) Relativisitic Temporal Distortion: Drain 1 1/2d6, Requires A Power Skill Roll (No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll +0), Personal Immunity (+1/4), Costs END Only To Activate (+1/4), DEX and SPD simultaneously (+1/2), Uncontrolled (One Turn; +1/2), Continuous (+1), Area Of Effect (8" Radius; +1), Cumulative (30 points; +1 1/2) (90 Active Points) Real Cost: 90 9
0 20) Singularity Crush: Killing Attack - Ranged 1d6+1, Requires A Power Skill Roll (No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll +0), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), No Normal Defense (Force Field or Force Wall with Energy SFX; +1), Does BODY (+1), Continuous (+1) (90 Active Points) Real Cost: 90
0 21) Singularity-Induced Space Warp: Faster-Than-Light Travel (4 Light Years/hour), Requires A Power Skill Roll (No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll +0) (40 Active Points); Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4) Real Cost: 32 4
0 22) Wormhole: Teleportation 10", x4 Increased Mass, Requires A Power Skill Roll (No Active Point penalty to Skill Roll +0), Usable By Other (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), MegaScale (1" = 1,000 km; +1), Can Be Scaled Down: 1" = 1km (+1/4) (82 Active Points); Limited Power Gate (-1/2) Real Cost: 55 3
10 Armored Containment Suit: Elemental Control, 30-point powers, (15 Active Points); all slots OIF (-1/2)
15 1) Duralloy Plating: Armor (10 PD/10 ED), Hardened (+1/4) (37 Active Points); OIF (-1/2)
7 2) Synaptic Acceleration: +10 DEX (30 Active Points); OIF (Battlesuit; -1/2), No Figured Characteristics (-1/2)
9 Containment Suit Sensor Suite: (Total: 14 Active Cost, 9 Real Cost) Infrared Perception (Sight Group) (5 Active Points); Cyberware Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 3) plus Sight Group Flash Defense (9 points) (9 Active Points); Cyberware Battlesuit (-1/2) (Real Cost: 6)
23 Gaseous Form: Multiform (265 Character Points in the most expensive form), (Gaseous Form; +0) (53 Active Points); Limited Power Cannot Activate While Inside Containment Suit (-1/2), Extra Time (Full Phase, -1/2), Limited Power Requires Containment Suit to Return to "Solid" Form (-1/4)
62 Gaseous Physiology: Life Support (Eating: Character does not eat; Immunity: All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents; Immunity: All terrestrial poisons and chemical warfare agents; Longevity: Immortal; Safe in High Pressure; Safe in High Radiation; Safe in Intense Cold; Safe in Intense Heat; Safe in Low Pressure/Vacuum; Self-Contained Breathing; Sleeping: Character does not sleep), Inherent (+1/4) (62 Active Points)
7 Neural Accelerator: +1 SPD (10 Active Points); Cyberware Battlesuit (-1/2)




Environmental Movement (no penalties on)




+1 with Gravity Powers

Everyman Skills

Acting 8-

Area Knowledge: Shandress Nebula 11-

Climbing 8-

Computer Programming 8-

Concealment 8-

Conversation 15-

Language: Union Standard (idiomatic)

Paramedics 8-

Persuasion 8-

Shadowing 8-

Stealth 8-

Systems Operation 8-

TF: Everyman, Small Motorized Ground Vehicles


Navigation (Space) 13-


Power Skill (Gravity Manipulation) 18-


KS: Customs and Traditions of the U.C.W. Races (3 Active Points) 13-

KS: Galactic History (3 Active Points) 13-

KS: Races of the UCW (3 Active Points) 13-


SS: Gravitational Physics 15-


SS: Physics 13-

Stellar Shield Team Package

Computer: Stellar Shield Communications Pod

Contact: Ord Hlrang, UCW Stellar Shield liaison (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has: useful Skills or resources) 11-

Fringe Benefit: Membership, Stellar Shield (Access to Base and Lander)

Fringe Benefit: Security Clearance (UCW Defense Force)

Hunted: The Union of Civilized Worlds 11- (Mo Pow, NCI, Watching)

Reputation: Champions of the UCW (A large group) 11-, +4/+4d6

Social Limitation: Minor Celebrity of the UCW (Frequently, Major, Not Limiting In Some Cultures)

Social Limitation: Subject to Orders (Very Frequently, Major)

Systems Operation 13-

TF: Science Fiction & Space Vehicles

Teamwork 12- (14-)
275+ Disadvantages


Distinctive Features: Gaseous Being (Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses; Not Distinctive In Some Cultures)


Hunted: Enemies of the U.C.W. 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Harshly Punish)


Hunted: UCW 11- (Mo Pow, NCI, Watching)


Physical Limitation: Strange Physiology, Requires Specialized Medical Care (Frequently, Greatly Impairing)


Physical Limitation: No Sense of Smell or Taste (Frequently, Greatly Impairing)


Psychological Limitation: Code vs. Killing (Common, Total)


Psychological Limitation: Fascinated by Other Races (Common, Moderate)


Psychological Limitation: Prefers Diplomacy to Force (Common, Moderate)


Psychological Limitation: Seeks Out New and Exciting Experiences (Common, Strong)


Social Limitation: Famous (Frequently, Major)


Social Limitation: Profession (Champion of His People) (Very Frequently, Major)


Social Limitation: Public Identity (Frequently, Major)
0 Experience Points
Characteristics Cost 98 Base Points 275
Powers Cost 290 Disadvantages 175
Talents Cost 4 Experience Points 0
Perks Cost 0 Total Points 450
Martial Arts Cost 0
Skills Cost 58
Total Cost 450
Concept Energy Blaster/Metamorph Hair Colour None
Nationality Shandreni Eye Colour Yellow
Place of Birth Shandress Nebula Height 1.70 m/5' 7"
Date of Birth UY 754.11.23 Weight 29.00 kg/64 lbs

Pheron had always been an oddity among his people, the gaseous entities who danced among the spectral discharges of the Shandress Nebula. He enjoyed the company of the solid races, and actively sought out new experiences among the "ephemerals" whenever they ventured to his home system. To be candid, he found them fascinating... they were more driven and exciting than his own people, whose detachment from the rest of the UCW he had come to consider problematic.

When the UCW put out a call for members to join Stellar Shield, he pondered how a gaseous being such as himself might be able to effectively participate in such a venture. Collaborating with the scientist-diplomats who served as his people's liason to the U.C.W., he had a containment suit manufactured which would permit him to engage in more meaningful interactions among the solid races. Armored and ready, he went before his people to plead his case. It would not be sufficient for him to merely walk among the other races... to join Stellar Shield he must possess sufficient might to defend his people and the other member races of the U.C.W.

After some deliberation, the folk of the nebula concurred with his stated goal. A champion among the other races could only benefit them, and it was their duty to contribute to the collective whole as a member state of the U.C.W. The minor abilities his race possessed in manipulating and generating gravitational fields would be greatly enhanced, through the combined focus of his species, then transferred to his person. This would cause some inconvenience, but no long term loss... though no other member of the species could possess such formidable might while he wielded it. Still, he would be a truly formidable adversary for the foes of the people of the Nebula.

Venturing forth into the U.C.W., Pheron applied for and was admitted into the Stellar Shield. He takes his duties very seriously, and will do his utmost to live up to the responsibilities that have been entrusted to him.
"You will find that these crimes weigh... heavily... on your conscience"

As Nebula, the champion of his people, Pheron has been gifted with the combined might of his race's gravitic manipulation abilities. This gives him tremendous power to create, shape, or alter gravitational forces which his long experiences have granted him considerable skill with. As a result, he can create gravitational effects ranging from benign to incredibly destructive with but a thought. However, if forced to abandon his containment suit a substantial portion of his powers must be expended in maintaining his bodily cohesion outside of the nebula, massively reducing his effectiveness.

The armored containment suit he wears is very durable, and has an integrated synaptic/reflex acceleration component that greatly increases his reaction speed and coordination. Additionally, the suit has some minor sensory enhancements permitting the user to see into the infrared portion of the light spectrum, and will polarize to protect the vision of it's wearer should external sources of illumination move into harmful ranges. The suit also restricts his ability to interact with his environment in his natural vaporous state, rendering him unable to smell or taste while within the sealed containment unit.


Pheron is a swirling mass of dark and luminescent gasses, in which lights glow and fade intermittently. He is inherently formless, but to permit greater ease of interaction wears an armored containment suit. The suit is composed of transparent plasteel and duralloy composite, shining metal and translucent panels (which reveals his swirling, gaseous, luminous nature within). If the suit is damaged, he will quickly leak out into the surrounding environment. In either case, Pheron is a nearly unique sight among the people of the U.C.W., as his reclusive people do not travel to other worlds and few can tolerate the gas-laden reaches of space they call home with comfort.