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Wild Spirit
Wild Spirit
David Clarke
Cost Characteristic Value Roll Notes
5 STR 35 16- Lift: 3200.0kg; HTH: 7d6; END: [3]
24 DEX 28 15- OCV: 9  DCV: 9
16 CON 28 15-
2 BODY 11 11-
8 INT 18 13- PER Roll: 13-
6 EGO 13 12- ECV: 4; Mental Defense: 0
3 PRE 13 12- PRE Attack: 2 1/2d6
2 COM 13 12-
4 PD 11   Total: 23 PD (12 rPD)
3 ED 9   Total: 21 ED (12 rED)
2 SPD 5   Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12
0 REC 13   Running: 6" / 12"
0 END 56   Swimming: 2" / 4"
0 STUN 43   Flight: 21" / 42"
Wild Spirit | Summary
Real Name: David Clarke Hair Color: Brown, Gray, And White
Concept: Brick Eye Color: Glowing Red
Affiliation: Canadian Shield Height & Weight: 7' 1" (2.15 m) / 366 lbs (166 kg)
Played By: Michael House Date of Birth: 8 July 1973
Created By: Micheal House Place of Birth: White Horse, Yukon Territory
Cost Powers END
10 Hybrid Form: Elemental Control, 30-point powers, (15 Active Points); all slots Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4), Only In Canada (-1/4)
8 1) Beast Speech: Telepathy 5d6 ( Animal class of minds), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (37 Active Points); No Range (-1/2), Visible (-1/4), Communication Only (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4), Only In Canada (-1/4)
14 2) Heavy Fur: Armor (12 PD/12 ED) (36 Active Points); Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4), Only In Canada (-1/4)
7 3) Hybrid Agility: +10 DEX (30 Active Points); No Figured Characteristics (-1/2), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4), Only In Canada (-1/4)
8 4) Retractable Claws and Talons: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 2d6 (4d6 w/STR) (30 Active Points); Reduced Penetration (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4), Only In Canada (-1/4) 3
31 Mystical Wings: Multipower, 62-point reserve, (62 Active Points); all slots Restrainable (-1/2), Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
2u 1) Chameleon Wing Wrap: Invisibility to Sight , Hearing , Mental and Smell/Taste Groups , No Fringe (45 Active Points); Restrainable (-1/2), Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4) 4
6m 2) Wing Block: (Total: 60 Active Cost, 30 Real Cost) Missile Deflection (Any Ranged Attack), Missile Reflection, Reflect At Any Target (50 Active Points); Restrainable (-1/2), Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4) (Real Cost: 22) plus +5 OCV With Missile Deflection (10 Active Points); Restrainable (-1/2), Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4) (Real Cost: 5)
4m 3) Wing Buffet: Energy Blast 4d6, STUN Only (+0), Double Knockback (+3/4), Area Of Effect (8" Cone; +1) (55 Active Points); No Range (-1/2), Restrainable (-1/2), Only In A Gaseous Environment (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4) 5
5m 4) Winged Flight: Flight 21", rapid Noncombat movement (+1/4) (52 Active Points); Restrainable (-1/2), Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4) 5
4m 5) Wingspan: Stretching 10" (50 Active Points); Restrainable (-1/2), Limited Body Parts: Wings (-1/4), Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4) 5
1 Heavy Fur: Life Support (Safe in Intense Cold) (2 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
13 Hybrid Characteristics I: +10 CON (20 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
13 Hybrid Characteristics II: +20 STR (20 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4) 2
13 Hybrid Statistics: +2 SPD (20 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
3 Hybrid Senses I: Discriminatory with Normal Smell (5 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
3 Hybrid Senses II: Infrared Perception (Sight Group) (5 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
3 Hybrid Senses III: Tracking with Normal Sight (5 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
3 Hybrid Senses IV: Analyze with Normal Smell (5 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
4 Hybrid Senses IV: +6 versus Range Modifier for Normal Sight (6 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
9 Mystic Power: Endurance Reserve (110 END, 3 REC) Reserve: (14 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4) REC: (3 Active Points); Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
10 Roar: +17 PRE (17 Active Points); Incantations (-1/4), Only In Canada (-1/4), Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
5 Wings and Tail: Extra Limbs (2), Inherent (+1/4) (6 Active Points); Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4)
Cost Talents
2 Bump Of Direction (3 Active Points); Only In Heroic Identity (-1/4), Only In Canada (-1/4)
Cost Perquisites
1 Contact: Hank Hanley (Informant) 8-
Cost Martial Arts
Maneuver Phase OCV DCV Notes
39 Shao Lin Bear Style Kung Fu
Block 1/2 +2 +2 Block, Abort
Disarm 1/2 -1 +1 Disarm; 50 STR to Disarm
Dodge 1/2 -- +5 Dodge, Affects All Attacks, Abort
Escape 1/2 +0 +0 55 STR vs. Grabs
Joint Lock/Grab 1/2 -1 -1 Grab Two Limbs, 30 STR / 50 STR for holding on
Kick 1/2 -2 +1 12d6 Strike
Punch 1/2 +0 +2 10d6 Strike
Throw 1/2 +0 +1 8d6 +v/5, Target Falls
+1 HTH Damage Class(es)
Cost Skills
6 +2 with Kung Fu
3 Acrobatics 15-
5 Animal Handler (Birds, Canines) 13-
3 Breakfall 15-
6 Canadian Shield Package
Bureaucratics 12-
Criminology 13-
Fringe Benefit: Canadian National Police Powers
Monitored by the Canadian Government 8 or less
Monitored by the Canadian Media 8 or less
PS: Mountie 13-
Social Limitation: Subject to Orders
Tactics 13-
Team Base Donation
Team Communicator
Team Vehicle Donation
Teamwork 15-
3 Deduction 13-
3 Disguise 13-
0 Everyman Skills
AK: White Horse, Yukon Territory 11-
Acting 8-
Climbing 8-
Concealment 8-
Conversation 8-
Deduction 8-
Language: English (Idiomatic, native accent)
[Notes: Native Language]
PS: Hero 11-
Paramedics 8-
Persuasion 8-
Shadowing 8-
Stealth 8-
TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
[Notes: Custom Mod is Everyman Skill]
2 Language: French (fluent conversation)
3 Language: Inuit (completely fluent)
3 Paramedics 13-
3 Riding 15-
12 Scholar
KS: Canadian Criminal Law and Procedure 13-
KS: History of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police 13-
KS: Kung Fu 13-
KS: Native Cultures 8-
KS: Research Methods 13-
-14 Scientist Package
Fringe Benefit: Doctorate in a Science of the Player's Choice
PS: Academic Researcher 11-
PS: Environmental Engineer 13-
Social Limitation: Occupation
Social Limitation: Publish or Perish
15 Scientist
SS: Bacteriology 13-
SS: Biochemistry 13-
SS: Environmental Engineering 15-
SS: Forensic Environmental Engineering 13-
SS: Mathematics 13-
SS: Mathematics 13-
3 Stealth 15-
2 Survival 13-
3 Tracking 13-
200+ Disadvantages
15 Accidental Change: To Normal: When Endurance Reserve Drops Below 11 Endurance 14-
10 Dependent NPC: Sarah Clarke (Wife) 8- (Normal)
15 Distinctive Features: Inhuman, Animalistic Appearance In Hero Form
5 Distinctive Features: Bright Mystic Aura
15 Physical Limitation: Becomes More Feral And Emotional The Longer He Remains In Hybrid Form
5 Physical Limitation: Unwieldy Body Shape (Large, Bulky Wings)
15 Psychological Limitation: In Love With Sarah
15 Psychological Limitation: Reluctant To Kill
1 Quirk: Doesn't Drink or Smoke
1 Quirk: Has A Buzz Cut Because It Looks Cool
1 Quirk: Hates Formal Attire And Avoids It If At All Possible
1 Quirk: Secretly Loves Romance Movies
1 Quirk: Wears His Mother's Native Necklace Whenever Possible
15 Social Limitation: Ethnicity (Indian Half-Breed)
10 Social Limitation: His Clothes Are Shredded By His Transformation
15 Social Limitation: Secret Identity
5 Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x STUN Magical Attacks
5 Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x Effect Flash vs. Smell
12 Experience Points
Wild Spirit | Points Summary
Characteristics Cost: 75 Base Points: 200
Powers Cost: 175 Disadvantages: 150
Talents Cost: 2 Total Experience: 12
Perks Cost: 1 Spent Experience: 0
Martial Arts Cost: 35 Unspent Experience: 12
Skills Cost: 58 Total Points: 350

David Clarke was born outside of Whitehorse, in the Yukon, the son of a Native man and a Caucasian woman. His father was a ranger and his mother a vet. David grew up to love the wilderness, and the animals that lived there. He was much less enamoured with the people, however. As a child of mixed parents, David believed that the native community saw him as an outsider, an infiltrator, and shunned him, while the non-natives treated him like he was some kind of primitive tribesman.

Despite unfair treatment by some of his teachers, David excelled at school, earning a scholarship at the University of Toronto School of Environmental Studies. David wanted to preserve the beauty and purity of the land he so loved, from the sometimes unthinking or greedy actions of the people he disliked.

The big city was quite a shock to David. His lack of sophistication and familiarity with the latest devises and trends only increased his feelings of being an outsider. At least he was amongst like-minded individuals at the Environmental Studies campus. David learned that not all people were bad or greedy, that some of them were good and cared.

It was during university that David was introduced to martial arts. Martial Arts honed David's body as well as his mind. The study of Shaolin style Kung Fu grounded David, allowing him to work through his resentment and see that he was a whole person, nor some kind of half-breed.

David threw himself into his studies and his martial arts training, excelling in both. He wasn't interested in the more sophisticated distractions available in the big city for a man his age. Preferring simple but sincere friendships, study and training, and exploring nature.

David graduated with a PhD in Environmental Studies, and a black belt in Kung Fu. He applied to work for the government as an environmental trouble-shooter, going wherever there were unexplained or potentially dangerous situations. His childhood in the northern territories made him ideally suited for work in Arctic environments, and he often found himself working in the old neighbourhood, relatively speaking.

Thus David found himself stationed outside of Yellowknife, investigating an unknown illness that seemed to be sweeping through the native animal populations. He had been called in only when the domesticated herds and people began to take ill.

The illness was spreading quickly, and each case seemed to be worse that the last. Sick patients required long and complicated treatment during the course of the mysterious disease. Standard precautions against infection had no effect, with health care workers being no more, or less, likely to become ill than anyone else. Surviving a previous bout also didn't seem to effect ones likelihood of catching it again. The unusual infection profile pointed to an environmental cause, rather than an actual illness, and so David had been called in to investigate.

According to David's calculations, it would not be long before the sparsely populated territories were overwhelmed. Once the number of sick surpassed the doctors' abilities to handle, people would begin dieing in ever increasing numbers. Time was of the essence.

Despite frantic efforts and testing, David continuously failed to find a cause while the clock rapidly counted down. After yet more disappointing tests, David took to wandering through the wilderness, in hopes of finding some clue.

It was on one such trek that he heard the screaming.

Using all his native dexterity, skill, and training, David quietly moved through the woods. He was only one man, and he had only a utility knife and his martial arts to fall back on. He was confident that he could handle most trouble, but he knew that there were highly dangerous animals out there. Animals where his best chance for survival was to avoid a confrontation at all cost.

Expecting a rogue bear or a wolf pack attacking some pour tourists, David was shocked to discover a clearing occupied by a man dressed in robes, a strange glowing aurora flicked sickly in the sky above.

A half dozen people were securely bound, and dumped in a pile. From his concealment, David watched in horror as a child was dragged screaming from the pile and thrown onto a blood stained alter. Before his eyes the child was strapped down, and then the knife came out.

Multicoloured lightning cracked across the sky as the child died. A feeling of power and presence tainted the air. Then a woman was selected as the next sacrifice.

David couldn't stand by and do nothing. Heedless of the consequence, David rushed forth. He would not let the knife welder harm anyone else. David tackled the man, interrupting the sacrifice. The mage screamed in frustration.

Black lighting shoot forth, sending a barely conscious and critically wounded David flying into a nearby tree, but it was too late, the ritual was ruined. As the life drained from his body, David seemed to see the clearing surrounded by huge, glowing, translucent animals. A chorus of roars, growls, chirps and other animal noises echoed through his head, and yet somehow made sense.

** Foolish human. ** The voiced boomed. ** Now your doom is upon you. Did you truly think you could drain the very life from this land without paying the price! We will take back that which you have stolen, and you will be punished. **

Mystical energy flared about the mage, flooding the clearing and crashing over David, changing David even as it healed him. A wave of anger and bloodlust overwhelmed David and everything faded out in a wash of red.

When David's mind finally cleared, he found himself changed. He had been turned into some kind of creature, his body a strange combination of bear, timber wolf, lynx and raven. Blood dripped from his claws and teeth; the coppery taste in his mouth sickened him. His stomach felt nauseatingly full. David was no longer in the clearing, and had no idea where he was, or how much time had passed.

The smell of blood was nearly overpowering, but through it he could smell someone nearby, a woman. It was the same woman whose sacrifice he'd interrupted. David turned his glowing eyes upon her and smelt her fear. He growled in reaction, and she shuddered involuntarily, but she did not run.

Slowly her fear faded as she talked to David. Speaking as though to a child or wounded animal. Her words calmed him, and allowed him to regain some of his equilibrium. Once calm, David succumbed to the physical and emotional stress he had been under. He reverted to human form. A naked, exhausted, and wounded human form.

The woman, Sara Strongbow, took him back to her camp and nursed him back to health. He had saved her life from the mage, and she in turn saved him from the wilderness, and from himself.

As David recovered, Sara and he grew closer. She taught him things about his heritage that had been denied him as a child, and encouraged him to meditate and to learn to control his transformations. The change terrified David, at first, and who knows what would have happened without her encouragement and support. Sara convinced him to accept his new powers as a gift, not a curse.

With the mage's ritual disrupted, the mysterious illness faded away, but David stayed. He found local work so he could be with Sara and their relationship deepened. After fifteen months they were married in a traditional native ceremony.

Once married, Sara and David decided it was time to move on. He would get back to saving the Canadian environment as Dr. Clarke and as his new alter Ego, WildSpirit, the embodiment of the Canadian wilderness' animal sprits.

A newly opened position with Canadian Shield seemed ideal. He could use his powers, and his training, to defend Canada from exploitation, from inside or out.


David is a strong willed and passionate person. He cares deeply about the Canada in general and the Canadian environment in particular. He truly and deeply loves his wife, Sara. It is for her sake that he maintains a secret identity.

David is usually wiling to give strangers the benefit of the doubt, but he is not naive. He believes that most people are entitled to a second chance, but very few are entitled to a third.

David does not like to use lethal force, but he does recognize that sometimes you have on other choice. He tries to use a reasonable level of force, reserving lethal act for rare occasions. Sometimes, in order to prevent an innocent from being killed, you have to resort to the permanent measures.

The feral nature of his animal side sometimes sneaks through his normal ID. David regularly meditates to help himself remain calm and in focus. As WildSpirit, his animal instincts are much closer to the surface, however. The longer he stays in hybrid form, the more likely he is to react emotionally.


"Surrender now. If you run I will hunt you down, and hunting makes me hungry."


David has the ability to transform into his heroic hybrid form, WildSpirit, endowing him with abilities based on Canadian wildlife. The strength and stamina of the grizzly, the claws of the lynx, the teeth and sense of smell of the timber wolf, the wings of the raven, the eyesight of an eagle.

He also has mystical extensions of animal abilities. His as fur acts as armour, his strength is far beyond that of any bear, and his wings can be used for more that flight. His wings can deflect missiles, send a backlash blast of air to knock his targets down, stretch out over considerable distances, and he can wrap himself in the wings and fade into the background like a chameleon. WildSpirit can issue forth a roar that terrifies (bonus to PRE for causing fear only). WildSpirit can also talk to animals while in hybrid form, however just because he can talk to them does not mean they will chose to answer or be helpful. He can only converse, he cannot control, for the animals of the wilderness are meant to be wild.

WildSpirit's powers all run off a mystical endurance battery that only recovers while he's in his normal form. Thus he must be careful of how he uses his powers, and can't simply stay in hero form at all times, for he may run out of endurance when he needs it most. David tends to spontaneously revert to human form if his battery runs out. That can be very dangerous if not deadly in a fight. Due to this aspect of his powers, David tries to use strategy and take advantage of his surroundings rather than rely on brute force alone.

David can still use his martial arts skills while in Hybrid form, though the more feral he becomes the more likely he is to ignore them in favour of brute force solutions.

Finally, David can only maintain his hybrid form while in Canada. He is mystically liked to the essence of the Canadian wilderness and his powers do not function outside of Canadian borders. This is a dangerous aspect of his powers that he is not yet aware of!


In human form David has mixed features. His hair and skin have a native cast but his eyes are Hazel. He tries to wear a native necklace that his mother gave him whenever he can, however he doesn't explain its symbolism if asked. The necklace is important because his mother made it, not because it actually has any meaning. It was made to sell to tourists and doesn't have any real significance. David keeps his hair in a buzz cut because its easier to maintain, and he thinks it looks cool.

David is comfortable in uniform or casual clothes. His survival training has taught him to dress for the environment he expects to be in, and that includes a meeting with the press or a night on the town. David is not a clothes horse, however, and does not maintain an outfit for every occasion, preferring clothes that are more general in scope.

In Hybrid form WildSpirit is over seven feet tall and somewhat bulky. He is covered in white and grey fur with a brownish muff, on his back sprout two large, black feathered, raven's wings. His eyes are glowing red, with no desirable pupils. Short but sharp retractable yellowish claws adorn his hands. He has an animalistic, musky smell, particularly when wet, but it is not overpowering.

David's transformation to WildSpirit is hard on his clothes; his expanding body and the huge wings that emerge from his back tend to shred most clothing. Whenever possible David wears an elastic belt and pouch. Given the time and relative privacy he will strip down before transforming, stuffing his clothes in the pouch and then strapping the belt and pouch on his enlarged body. If he has to transform quickly, and the pouch manages to survive, he can always use it to store whatever valuables and scraps of clothing he can salvage.