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Inara Yomeiri
Cost Characteristic Value Roll Notes
0 STR 10 11- Lift: 100.0kg; HTH: 2d6; END: [1]
33 DEX 21 13- OCV: 7  DCV: 7
20 CON 20 13-
0 BODY 10 11-
8 INT 18 13- PER Roll: 15-
4 EGO 12 11- ECV: 4; Mental Defense: 0
8 PRE 18 13- PRE Attack: 3 1/2d6
4 COM 18 13-
4 PD 12   Total: 12 PD (6 rPD)
2 ED 12   Total: 12 ED (6 rED)
19 SPD 5   Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12
0 REC 6   Running: 4" / 8"
0 END 40   Swimming: 2" / 4"
0 STUN 25  
Kitsune | Summary
Real Name: Inara Yomeiri Hair Color: Brown
Concept: Metamorph Eye Color: Brown
Affiliation: Senshudan One Height & Weight: 3' 3" (0.99 m) / 11 lbs (5.00 kg)
Played By: Noah Thorp Date of Birth: March 24, 1105
Created By: Noah Thorp Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Cost Powers END
94 Kitsune Magic: Multipower, 75-point reserve, all slots Reduced Endurance (Half END; +1/4) (94 Active Points)
6u 1) Illusion: Sight , Hearing , Smell/Taste and Touch Groups Images x4 Radius (+1/2), +/-6 to PER Roll (43 Active Points) 3
5u 2) Fox Lighting: Energy Blast 12d6 (60 Active Points); Beam (-1/4) 3
7u 3) Fox Fire: Energy Blast 10d6, Explosion (+1/2) (75 Active Points) 3
4u 4) Fox Hole: Teleportation 12", Improved Noncombat Movement (x4), Safe Blind Teleport (+1/4) (36 Active Points) 2
8 Bite: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1/2d6 (1d6+1 w/STR) (10 Active Points); Reduced Penetration (-1/4) 1
27 Human Form: Multiform (200 Character Points in the most expensive form) (40 Active Points); Costs END (Only To Change) (Only To Change; -1/2) 4
5 1) Easily Hidden: +4 to Concealment, 8 Active, Self Only (-1/2)
20 2) Hard to Hit: +4 with DCV
8 3) Hard to Perceive: +4 to Stealth
-10 4) Physical Limitation: Diminutive (Custom Adder)
5 Divine: Life Support (Longevity: Immortal)
5 Fox Eyes: Nightvision
6 Fox Senses: +2 PER with all Sense Groups
8 Sensitive Nose: Tracking with Smell/Taste Group (10 Active Points); Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4)
5 Smell Magic: Detect A Class Of Things 13- (Unusual Group), Sense (7 Active Points); Sense Affected As More Than One Sense [very common Sense] (Sight Group; -1/2)
Cost Talents
12 Blessed: Combat Luck: 6 PD/6 ED
3 Fox Naps: Lightsleep
Cost Perquisites
2 Good Friend: Contact: Yukio Odo (TV Personality) (Good relationship with Contact) 8-
Cost Skills
3 Acting 13-
3 Breakfall 13-
3 Concealment 13-
3 Conversation 13-
3 Deduction 13-
0 Everyman Skills
AK: Kyoto Japan (Custom Adder) 11-
Acting 8-
Climbing 8-
Concealment 8-
Conversation 8-
Deduction 8-
Language: Japanese (Idiomatic, native accent; Custom Adder)
[Notes: Native Language]
PS: Kitsune (Custom Adder) 11-
Paramedics 8-
Persuasion 8-
Shadowing 8-
Stealth 8-
TF: Custom Adder, Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
[Notes: Custom Mod is Everyman Skill]
3 KS: Arcane and Mystical Lore 13-
2 KS: Japanese Baseball 11-
3 KS: Japanese History 13-
2 Language: English (Basic Conversation; Custom Adder)
3 Persuasion 13-
2 Senshudan One Team Package
[Notes: Must be Good Relationship or Very Good Relationship. Build to fit one of the following: Aki, a member of Shichinin no Yuushi, Shingen, Tomoe, Go. This is basically an NPC that the character met during one of the adventures.]
Mind Link , Specific Group of Minds, No LOS Needed, Number of Minds (x4), Sense Affected As Another Sense (Radio; +0) (30 Active Points); IAF (Earpieces; -1/2), Sense Affected As More Than One Sense Hearing (Can Be Flashed as Radio or Hearing; -1/2)
Fringe Benefit: Local Police Powers, Membership
[Notes: Includes 'Personal' 200 pt vehicle that merges as part of Team Vehicle]
Hunted: Japanese Media 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Watching)
Hunted: Senshudan One Sponsors 11- (As Pow, NCI, Watching)
Social Limitation: Held to a Higher Standard (Frequently, Minor)
Teamwork 13-
[Notes: If character already has Teamwork, this is, instead +1 to Teamwork Skill (2 Active Points) and a KS: Senshudan One 8- (1 Active Point)]
3 Shadowing 13-
3 Stealth 13-
200+ Disadvantages
15 Distinctive Features: Talking Nine-Tailed Fox Concealable, Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction, Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses
25 Hunted: Mister Chaos 11- (Frequently), More Powerful, NCI, Harshly Punish
15 Hunted: Rat King 8- (Occasionally) (As Pow, NCI, Harshly Punish)
15 Physical Limitation: Spirit Creature, Requires Special Medical Attention Frequently, Greatly Impairing
15 Psychological Limitation: Cannot Standby and Let Evil Occur Common, Strong
20 Psychological Limitation: Code Against Killing Common, Total
15 Psychological Limitation: Prankster Common, Strong
1 Quirk: Avid Japanese Baseball Fan
1 Quirk: Fox Naps During the Day
1 Quirk: Grooms Herself Constantly
1 Quirk: Laughs at the Dumbest of Jokes
1 Quirk: Loves to eat Kitsune-Zushi
10 Reputation: Prankster, 11-
15 Social Limitation: Secret Identity Frequently (11-), Major
Kitsune | Points Summary
Characteristics Cost: 98 Base Points: 200
Powers Cost: 203 Disadvantages: 150
Talents Cost: 15 Total Experience: 10
Perks Cost: 2 Spent Experience: 4
Martial Arts Cost: 0 Unspent Experience: 6
Skills Cost: 36 Total Points: 360

When first Inara was allowed to leave the den high in the mountains of Mount Fujiyama and she only had one tail. Yipping and frolicking down the mountainside beside Inari the God of the Rice she truly enjoyed herself. The world was her play ground.

Inari no Kami watched the peasants struggling with task of gathering in the rice, while Inara and her litter mates explored the world. Inara watched how the peasants struggled to gather the rice for their overlords, while the nobles and the monks lived well.

“Father,” asked Inara, “why is it that the nobles in their castles and the monks in their monasteries live so well, while the peasants in their hovels barely survive?”

“It is because the mighty feed upon the weak and helpless. I do what I can to fill their bellies. So be content young vixen,” replied Inari.

The second time Inara came to the world of man she sported another tail to mark her turn of two hundred years old.

A little wiser in the ways of the world, she traveled further from the rice paddies into Kyoto. There she actually met the Emperor, a sad man who had lost control of his country to Kamakura. Inara tried to cheer him up as best she could with songs, dancing, and illusions, but to no avail.

Returning again to her father, she asked why the Emperor was so sad.

“It is because when the mighty are no longer so mighty they long for greatness. Let not power consume you young vixen.”

The third time Inara came to the world of man she sported a new tail; three to be exact. Yet again she ventured even further into the world of man. Confusion and chaos ruled Japan. Two impotent emperors sat upon the throne. At the time there were two courts; the northern and the southern.

Returning to her father, she asked how Japan could be mighty if it was so divided.

“It is because the hunger to be Emperor drove those who seek the throne like wild dogs. Let not the temptation of power corrupt you young vixen.”

When Inari and his foxes returned to the world again Inara sported another tail making it four.

What wonders and horrors she saw in the time when the Portugese first came to Japan. In ways these invaders were more threatening than the Mongol invasion two hundred years before. These foreigners brought strange weapons and even stranger a new religion. It was a religion not of Kami and ancestry, but of a sacrificed man and saints it was most confusing and disturbing. For the first time Inara saw concern on her father’s silvery head.

“Father, these Gaijin trouble you so, why?”

Inara just swept a hand before his eyes. Were those tears she saw in his eyes? Without a word the God of the Harvest turned for home. In his wake the foxes frolicked, and yipped. It was a long time again before Inara came to Japan.

It was the smell of smoke and ashes that awoke Inara from her fitful sleep on Mount Fujiyama. Coming out of her den, she saw her father standing at a precipice looking down on Japan. As quietly as a fox, she padded to him. However, even for a fox she was no match for the keen ears of her father. He smiled down at the vixen that sported another tail to her collection. Inari sat down upon the ground and Inara crawled into his lap. For a long time the two of them watched and waited. Japan burned. War in all its madness had engulfed Japan. Strange birds flew in the skies their noise made Inara cringed at the sound. To calm her Inara petted her. Everywhere they looked cities were destroyed, crops burned, and people died.

Inari sighed, “Long ago young vixen, I said the mighty feed upon the weak and the helpless. Nothing has changed, except for the magnitude of that hunger.”

As the God of Rice said this far to the south in Hiroshima and Nagasaki twin plumes of death mushroomed from the doomed cities. Even in far away, on Mount Fuji the Kami felt the shock of the explosions of the atomic bombs.

“What, what was that?” cried Inara as tears streamed down her muzzle.

She was further shocked to see tears upon the God of the Harvests face. But this was just the first of her surprises.

“I, I, I do not know young vixen,” stammered Inari. Inara had never heard Inari falter before let alone not know the answer to any question.

“I, I am feeling weary, I must lie down and rest.” a fatigued Inari said as he placed the vixen on the ground and tiredly walked back to his home. Inara had never seen her father in such a state. It unnerved her. Lying down with her head upon her paws she watched Japan bleed.

How long Inara laid there was hard to tell. Time has little meaning to the kitsune, was it months, years, or decades, who knew? Inara never left the spot. She saw the Gaijin take control of a defeated Japan, and then see them go. She saw the descendant of the Amaterasu humbled. This perked up the fox’s ears, so even the mighty could be humbled. She saw how Japan picked itself from the ashes of war and in this Inara saw hope again.

With a laughing yip, Inara raced to her father’s home. However, things were amiss. Inari slept and even her cold wet nose did not awaken him. Well let him sleep she thought, he has earned this rest. Turning she ran down the sides of the mountain her heart pounding in her chest. A new world awaited her and she wanted to be part of it.

She was never quite sure how she ended becoming a super-hero, but become one she did. Mainly she fought crime in Kyoto, but was drawn to Tokyo where she aided Senshudan One by freeing the Minster of Finance from a vengeful kuei who possessed the minister. Now Kitsune, as she is known to the public, divides her time between Kyoto and Tokyo. Her main foes are supernatural in nature.

See also the story of Kitsune and the Old Senshudan One

Played by Noah Thorp


For centuries Inara watched what evil men did to one another from Hein Period up to the Pacific War and the destruction wreaked upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Inara just watched along with the other kitsune. Now Inara cannot stand for such inhumanity to continue. For Inara it is a time for action, and if a little fox can change the world then she’s going to try.

Inara has always been curious like all kitsune. Humans interest her greatly, she’s always studying how they react to others, but she never lets her curiosity to be the cause of anger or harm. However, she’s a kitsune, and often can't help playing pranks on the unwitting and foolish.

Over the centuries Inara has seen human kill human over the most trivial of things; land, rice, and even honor. This senseless slaughter sickened her ages ago, and Inara won’t stomach killing herself. If the choice is between harming herself and preventing another useless death then Inara will move Heaven and Earth.


“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence. Summer passes and one remembers one’s enthusiasm. Autumn passes and one remembers one’s veneration. Winter passes and one remembers one’s persistence.”


Inara is a kitsune or a Japanese fox spirit. As such Inara is naturally magical. Her magic expresses in the power of illusion, minor nature magic, and shape shifting. Her illusions are very believable, and only those with the strongest of minds can see through them. Not quite as powerful is her nature magic, which isn’t as strong because her link with Inara is not as strong as it used to be, and she must now rely more on natural magic. As mentioned earlier she’s able to assume the form of a human female, but even in such a form he’s quite potent.

Inara likewise has the ability of rubbing her tails together generating lightning or fire. Also at a short range she’s able to breathe out fire. Inara can also create a small ball of fire for illumination.


Inara in her natural shape is that of red fox but a large one of the species. However, unlike a regular fox, Inara has nine tails, but she only shows all nine when she’s trying to make a point. For those able to see spirit creatures it become obvious what she is.

Inara is also able to take on the appearance of a human female of exceptional beauty. For a costume she prefers to wear a royal blue kimono with silver foxes embroidered along the sleeves and the hem. When Inara moves it looks as if the foxes are leaping around her. She keeps the kimono tied with a yellow obi. Under the kimono she wears cream colored tunic and hakama. To hide her identity, Inara wears a silver mask that covers the upper half of her face that his formed in the shape of a foxes head.