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Frank Brosnan


Value Roll Notes
50 STR 60 21- Lift 100 tons; 12d6; [6]

30 DEX 20 13- OCV: 7  DCV: 7
46 CON 33 16-  
20 BODY 20 13-  
3 INT 13 12- PER Roll 12-
16 EGO 18 13- ECV: 6
20 PRE 30 15- PRE Attack: 6d6
1 COM 12 11-  
18 PD 30   Total: 30 PD (20 rPD)
23 ED 30   Total: 30 ED (20 rED)
10 SPD 4   Total: 0 MD (0 rMD)
10 REC 24   Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
0 END 66   Running: 11" / 22"
0 STUN 67   Swimming: 2" / 4"




10 Strong Legs: Running +5" (11" Total) (10 Active Points) 2
4 Tough: Knockback Resistance -2" (4 Active Points) 0
20 Virtually Invulnerable I: Damage Resistance (20PD / 20ED) (20 Active Points) 0
25 Virtually Invulnerable II: Life Support (Immunity: All Terrestrial Diseases and Biowarfare Agents; Immunity: All Terrestrial Poisons And Chemical Warfare Agents; Safe In Intense Heat and Cold; Longevity: 200 Years) 0




Influential Contact: Contact: Cuban Government Official




+2 with HTH Combat


Academy Teachers Package

Contact: Dr Saul Numen 11- (Good Relationship)

Fringe Benefit: Passport
Knowledge Skill: Known Uberhumans 12-
Knowledge Skill: Numen-Kami Institute 12-
Language Skill: Spanish (idiomatic)

Monitored: Numen-Kami Institute 11-

Power Skill: Brick Tricks 11-
Professional Skill: Teacher 12-

Social Limitation: Occupation

Staff Communicator: High Range Radio Perception (12 Active Points); IIF (-)

Teamwork 13-


Everyman Skills
Acting 8-
Area Knowledge: Charleville, Queensland 11-
Climbing 8-
Concealment 8-
Conversation 8-
Deduction 8-
Language Skill: English (idiomatic)
Paramedic 8-
Persuasion 8-
Professional Skill: Security Guard 11-
Shadowing 8-
Stealth 8-
Transport Familiarity: Small Ground Vehicles
9 Linguist
Language Skill: French (completely fluent)
Language Skill: Indonesian (completely fluent)
Language Skill: Tok Pisin (fluent conversation)
Language Skill: Mandarin Chinese (fluent conversation)
3 Paramedics 12
3 Tactics 12-
12 Traveller
Area Knowledge: Australia 11-
Area Knowledge: Brisbane, Queensland 13-
Area Knowledge: Melbourne, Victoria 12-
Area Knowledge: Sydney, New South Wales 11-
Area Knowledge: South East Asia 11-
Area Knowledge: South Pacific 11-
200+ Disadvantages
10 Dependent NPC: Andrea Corrigan (Reporter, Unaware of ID) 8-
20 Hunted: Gauntlet 8-
15 Monitored: ASIO 8-
15 Physical Limitation: Weird Biochemistry Requires Specialist Medical Care
20 Psychological Limitation: Code Against Killing
15 Psychological Limitation: Overconfident
20 Psychological Limitation: Protective Of Innocents
15 Social Limitation: Secret Identity
20 Vulnerability: 2x STUN and Effect from Mental Attacks
0 Experience Points
Characteristics Cost 247 Base Points 200
Powers Cost 59 Disadvantages 150
Talents Cost 0 Experience Points 0
Perks Cost 2 Total Points 350
Martial Arts Cost 0
Skills Cost 42
Total Cost 350
Concept Brick Hair Colour Black
Nationality Australian Eye Colour Green
Place of Birth Charleville, Queensland, Australia Height 2.0m
Date of Birth July 21, 1963 Weight 100kg

Frank Brosnan's powers manifested when he was a teenager in the 1970s. This made him one of the earliest known Ubers in Queensland. While he never received formal training with his powers, his relative invulnerability ensured that his mistakes weren't fatal.

His long, if rather sporadic career has seen him working as an uberpowered security guard and "hero for hire" (his company went broke), a humanitarian aid worker (as a human bulldozer and heavy transport vehicle), a smuggler (for a good cause) and even, on occasion, a crime fighter of sorts.

His extensive travels revealed his gift for languages, which provided the pretext for his hiring by the Angelus Academy. In reality, however, his experience as an Uberhuman operating in Australia, and his having worked with a number of Ubers from different countries, was a more important factor.

He is currently dating Andrea Corrigan, a local journalist.

Assault grew up as an irresistible force in a distinctly movable world. While he has learnt a certain degree of subtlety, he still tends to approach the world like a bull at a gate.

Some of this is play-acting. He actually enjoys playing the fool, and likes to encourage his opponents to underestimate him.

And some of it is real.

He smokes Cuban cigars, and is rarely without a hip flask containing either rum, vodka or Irish whiskey. None of these things have the slightest effect on him.
"Look, mate. Why don't we just go to the pub, have a beer, and talk about this like sensible people?"

Assault possesses uberhuman strength and durability.  His constitution is remarkable, making him one of the most resistant ubers in the world. He is also a skilled linguist.


In his superheroic identity, Assault wears a red body suit with yellow gauntlets, a yellow mask, black boots and a black utility belt. He wears a stylised golden "A" on his left chest. The utility belt rarely contains much more useful than a hip flask and a selection of cigars.

In his civilian identity, he tends to dress as informally as is appropriate for a particular situation.

He keeps his hair very short, and is generally clean shaven, although he occasionally can be seen sporting a distinct five o'clock shadow.