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Horacio Barrionueve
Cost Characteristic Value Roll Notes
50 STR 60 21- Lift: 102.4tons; HTH: 12d6; END: [6]
24 DEX 18 13- OCV: 6  DCV: 6
26 CON 23 14-
4 BODY 12 11-
4 INT 14 12- PER Roll: 12-
0 EGO 10 11- ECV: 3; Mental Defense: 0
10 PRE 20 13- PRE Attack: 4d6
1 COM 12 11-
1 PD 13   Total: 28 PD (15 rPD)
8 ED 13   Total: 28 ED (15 rED)
12 SPD 4   Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
0 REC 17   Running: 6" / 12"
2 END 50   Swimming: 2" / 4"
6 STUN 60   Leaping: 29" Forward / 14 1/2" Upward
Hit | Summary
Real Name: Horacio Barrionueve Hair Color: Black
Concept: Brick Eye Color: Brown
Affiliation: Hit & Run Height & Weight: 6' 5" (1.96 m) / 215 lbs (98 kg)
Played By: NPC Nationality: Argentinan
Created By: Ben Langdon Place of Birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
GM: NPC Date of Birth: November 11, 1979
Cost Powers END
20 Super Strength: Elemental Control, 40-point powers
25 1) Durability: Armor (15 PD/15 ED) (45 Active Points)
33 2) Shockwave Punch: Energy Blast 8d6, Area Of Effect Nonselective (9" Cone; +3/4) (70 Active Points); Extra Time (Full Phase, -1/2) 7
20 3) Super Leap: Leaping +17" (29" forward, 14 1/2" upward) (Accurate, x8 Noncombat), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (40 Active Points) 1
25 4) The Knock Back: Up to 60 STR, Double Knockback (+3/4) (45 Active Points) 4
13 Always Stands His Ground: Knockback Resistance -8" (16 Active Points); Requires A STR Roll (-1/4)
10 Not Easily Impressed: +20 PRE (20 Active Points); Only To Protect Against Presence Attacks (-1)
5 Closed Radio Link: Mind Link , Human class of minds, One Specific Mind, No LOS Needed (15 Active Points); Only With Run (-1), Sense Affected As More Than One Sense Radio and Hearing Groups (-1/2), Does Not Provide Mental Awareness (-1/4), IIF (-1/4)
13 Mask: (Total: 21 Active Cost, 13 Real Cost) Hearing Group Flash Defense (8 points) (8 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) (Real Cost: 5) plus Sight Group Flash Defense (8 points) (8 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) (Real Cost: 5) plus Infrared Perception (Sight Group) (5 Active Points); OIF (-1/2) (Real Cost: 3)
Cost Perquisites
5 Successful Crook: Money: Well Off
Cost Martial Arts
Maneuver Phase OCV DCV Notes
16 Street Fighting
Block 1/2 +2 +2 Block, Abort
Punch 1/2 +0 +2 14d6 Strike
Roundhouse 1/2 -2 +1 16d6 Strike
Takedown 1/2 +1 +1 12d6 Strike; Target Falls
Cost Skills
12 +4 with Punch, Block and Shockwave Punch
3 Breakfall 13-
0 Everyman Skills
AK: Buenos Aires, Argentina 11-
Acting 8-
Climbing 8-
Concealment 8-
Conversation 8-
Deduction 8-
Language: Spanish (Idiomatic, native accent)
[Notes: Native Language]
PS: Thief 11-
Paramedics 8-
Persuasion 8-
Shadowing 8-
Stealth 8-
TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
[Notes: Custom Mod is Everyman Skill]
3 High Society 13-
3 KS: The Mercenary World 12-
1 KS: The World Of The Rich And Famous 8-
3 Language: English (completely fluent)
3 Lockpicking 13-
3 Security Systems 12-
3 Stealth 13-
3 Streetwise 13-
3 Teamwork 13-
200+ Disadvantages
20 Hunted: FBI 8-
20 Hunted: Law Enforcement Agencies Of South America 8-
15 Physical Limitation: Weird Biochemistry Requires Specialist Medical Care
10 Psychological Limitation: Egotistical
15 Psychological Limitation: Fearless
15 Psychological Limitation: Reluctant To Kill
15 Psychological Limitation: Swashbuckler Mentality
15 Social Limitation: Secret Identity
15 Social Limitation: Wanted Criminal
10 Unluck: 2d6
23 Experience Points
Hit | Points Summary
Characteristics Cost: 148 Base Points: 200
Powers Cost: 164 Disadvantages: 150
Talents Cost: 0 Total Experience: 23
Perks Cost: 5 Spent Experience: 23
Martial Arts Cost: 16 Unspent Experience: 0
Skills Cost: 40 Total Points: 373

Horacio Barrionueve was always big for his age, and grew up through school as the boy you didn't dare mess with. He wasn't a bully, but he also wasn't one to mess with. If the mood struck him, he may have defended those who were being picked on, but more often he simply watched impassively. He began to suspect that he may have an active ubergene, and although he was always underestimated by his teachers and peers, Horacio was a keen learner and studied hard outside of school.

Unfortunately, his family was poor and began to slide even further into poverty as Horacio neared his graduation. To help supplement his family's income, Horacio began to steal from the more affluent neighbourhoods. It wasn't long until he was confronted in the act of stealing, and Horacio made a fateful decision to strike out at the security guard. There was no contest. From that night, Horacio embarked upon a string of crimes, always taken from the rich areas, never the poor.

He was dubbed the Blue Bandit and managed to appear regularly on nightly news programmes across South America. He didn't feel the need to restrict his illicit activities to Argentina, especially as there were richer, more corrupt societies to the north.

Eventually Horacio met Miguel Laguardia, an idealistic uber who planned to apprehend the Blue Bandit. And Miguel did manage to do so, but after being mistreated by the police and mesmerised by the stories of the Blue Bandit, young Miguel turned the tables on the police and whisked Horacio away. The two struck up a firm friendship and after some months of training and planning, took on the monikers of Hit and Run: partners in crime.


Horacio doesn't scare easily, and considers the law enforcement agencies to be slightly less effective than parking meter attendants. He has no respect for authority, but does hold a small flame for his home city of Buenos Aires. He wants to make sure the people on his old neighbourhoods are looked after, while at the same time he couldn't care less about the welfare of the rich and famous. He has made a career out of stealing from the rich and doesn't feel any kind of remorse.

He was dashing and risqué as the Blue Bandit, but now with the more youthful and extroverted Miguel, Horacio has become the older more responsible 'brother'. He doesn't like to think of himself as growing older, but some times he will appreciate the new role he has chosen and the perspective he brings to the partnership. And he retains most of his swashbuckling attitudes, rarely keeping quiet as he goes about his pillaging.


“I've never met a wall safe I didn't like."


Hit has an archetypal strength uberene, granting him strength and durability far beyond the scope of normal humans. He has experimented with these sometimes limited powers so that he can cause a vibrational shockwave punch which he uses to catch superheroes off guard. Hit and Run usually employ guerrilla tactics and prefer not to engage super teams for any kind of prolonged period.


Hit wears a patriotic suit of aqua and white, including mask and gloves to obscure his identity. Out of uniform he is a tall and impressive man, with a crew cut and pronounced cheek bones. He wears black a lot, out of costume, and prefers to blend in during social occasions.