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Welcome to Canadian Shield!

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microphoneGood morning, Canada,

Well, isn’t this interesting. We all know that after thirty four years of auspicious and dedicated service to our great country of Canada, our government decided to throw the Canadian Shield out the window, and forgot to check to see if the baby was still in the tub. Now, after no less than a year, it seems that someone took the time to look at the tub again, and – surprise surprise – they’ve acknowledged their mistake.

Are you shocked? Probably not, if you’re anything like me. Why? Because despite being thrown out, despite having their doors closed and most of their land sold off, the remaining members of the Canadian Shield have continued to be superheroes in this great country of ours. So why would we be surprised that the government, who are renowned for flip-flopping on issues like this, would suddenly and arbitrarily decide that all was well and forgiven, and that the Canadian Shield should never have been let go?

We wouldn’t be surprised. We wouldn’t be Canadians if we were surprised that it only took a year for this situation to turn around. And we sure as hell wouldn’t be Canadians if we thought that this was it, that there’s no more changes in store for the team – folks, it’ll happen again, mark my words. I’ll bet my hockey stick, a Tim Hortons’, and ten pounds of back-bacon on it, if you don’t believe me.

While I’m thinking of it, I’m half tempted to go back to my closet at my old childhood home, pull out my old Scarlet Musketeer costume, march up to Ottawa and start slapping some politicians around. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, folks – those guys have no clue what this country wants. It’s just a shame that we can’t throw that baby out with the bathwater instead.

Let’s take a caller. Hello, you’re on the air …

-- "Parliamentality with David Crumb", David Crumb, October 15th, 2006, CBC Radio.

Gamemaster: Ry Stevenson

Campaign mailing list:



The Analogist (352 pts), played by James Diel

Cyba (350 points), played by Derek Pearson

Ghostkeeper (352 points), played by Herb Wells

Mermaid (359 points), played by Joe Senecal

WildSpirit (350 points), played by Daniel Flacks





Superintendent Michel Bonchamps (Chief Liason to the RCMP)

Inspector Mary Cobb (Superintendent Bonchamp's Assistant)

David Burmingham (Legal Representative)

Doctor Harid Saraj (Physician)


Sergeant-Major Larry Donald (Pilot)




Base of Operations: Queen’s Tower (14 Rue Besserer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Vehicle: The Bluenose

Major Adversaries: The Abominable Snowman, Binary Man, The Mathematician, Moon Spirit

Note: This campaign originated in the Global Guardians Universe and moved to the Uberworld in October 2006.

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