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Uberworld is a co-operative gaming and writing community.

All artists and writers retain their rights and their voices.

FAQ: Campaigns

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Submitting a Campaign for Play in Uberworld

Potential GMs who would like to run a campaign within Uberworld need to send a note to Ben or Noah, the list owners. The initial note should just generally give an idea of the campaign theme and the location as well as a general statement about the GMs commitment and experience. If the campaign would fit well in the setting of Uberworld, a campaign page will then be submitted by the prospective GM to the GM Senate. If approved, the GM will be informed as to the best time to launch the campaign.

Calls for Submissions

A Call for Submission is posted when it is time for a new campaign to launch or if a GM of an on-going campaign wants to have a formal Call for Submission. The Call should include:
  • The number and types of player characters being sought
  • The date of closure for submissions
  • The approximate date of announcement of accepted player characters
  • General criteria for character submissions
  • GM expectations regarding frequency of posting, etc.
  • A fiction story related to the Call is optional, but often serves to display the theme of the campaign and the GMs writing skills.

GMs should be willing to field questions of prospective players either on-list or off-list. Players should allow a reasonable amount of time for GMs to reply. GMs can extend the date of closure of submissions at their own option. Updates to the Call are optional.

After the Roster Announcement is posted by the GM, newly recruited players are expected to reply within a week to accept. Some GMs may require players to write an acceptance "in character". Players newly accepted into campaigns are expected to work with the GMs to finish the character (please be assured that our GMs are all reasonable people).

GMs of on-going campaigns need not have a Call to replace a character or expand the roster. Generally, players that are replacing players for a continuing character can be from among interested lurkers. Similarly, characters that need to be replaced can be selected from received characters from previous Calls for Submissions; lurkers should have priority in this. Roster expansion can be handled in the same way.

Posting Guidelines

The three most important rules are:
  1. Have Fun!
  2. Don't make things bad for other players and the GM
  3. It's only a game!
The exact posting rules will be defined by the GM. Here are general guidelines:
  • Unless otherwise specified, players (and GMs) are expected to post at least once in a week.
  • By courtesy, if a player (or GM) can not meet the posting time rules of the campaign, that person must send a note to the list or the GM. GMs have the right to NPC any PCs for which no posts have been received within the time period. If a player fails to post three weeks in a row, the GM can either change the PC to an NPC until he/she hears from the player, or drop the PC from the campaign. Likewise, if the GM does not post in three consecutive weeks, players should bring this to the attention of the GM Senate. In the case of a RL emergency, a note should be sent to those affected when possible.
  • In character (IC) posts should be written in third person, singular. Good grammar and spelling should generally be used. Heed your GM's warnings regarding these, he/she has the right to drop players at any time.