Bruninieks Ziemassvetki (Knights of Winter)


Threat Level: Gamma

Expanded Membership Details:

Dagnja Balodis (375 points)
[Does Not Hunt] [Contact Cost: 8]

Stanislavs Vasilevskis (370 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 3]

Stanislavs Vasilevskis (Mark II) (365 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 3]

Zvaigzne Sieviete (Star Woman) (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 3]


Major Adversaries:



Base of Operations:

The Winter Palace, Riga, Latvia




Dagnja Balodis (Chairperson)
Stanislavs Vasilevskis
Stanislavs Vasilevskis (Mark II)
Zvaigzne Sieviete (Star Woman)

The Knights of Winter were a small band of uberhumans active in the 1980s.  Although they only operated for a little over one year their legacy has continued.  Originally formed by independent heroes from Latvia, Estonia and Finland, the Knights were eventually forced to retire by the machinations of the Soviet government.

The current Knights of Winter (Bruninieks Ziemassvetki) is an organisation rather than a team of heroes.  It was established just after the fall of the Iron Curtain, although a similar organisation was already in existence in Russia.  It simply changed its name and became more public.  The organisation is charged with keeping uberhuman threats under control and in this regard it operates something like a prison, although it does also work on assisting uberhumans control their powers.

The current CEO is Dagnja Balodis who has worked with the Numen-Kami Institute and as an advisor to the Russian government.

The Winter Palace is a high-tech prison system and can generally hold threats up to the Beta Level, although with personalised adjustments the facility may also contain threats of a higher order.

Area of Operations

The Knights of Winter is a prison and a scientific organisation.  It is based in Riga, Latvia, although it has staff located in some other major European cities, most notably Vienna and London.  The Knights do not apprehend prisoners nor do they facilitate travel from the prisoners' point of origin.  It simply operates as a 'keeping place'.  The governments who wish to take advantage of the facilities must organise their own transport.


Primarily a business, the Winter Palace has two wings.  The first is the prison wing which is well defended and draws in a substantial amount of revenue for the organisation.  The second wing is dedicated to research into uberhuman abilities, particularly in measuring power levels as well as formulating restraining and negating devices.


The Winter Knights enjoys a solid reputation as a prison for uberhumans.  Although not the premier facility for such incarceration the Winter Palace is more affordable and less stringent on some regulations.  It is closely aligned with Russia and there have been unsubstantiated allegations of poor treatment of inmates, although such accusations were from a time before the current CEO arrived.

The first team of Winter Knights were seen as defenders of individual rights, particular in the face of communism.  Their legacy has been hijacked to a certain extent, and there are some in the community who feel that the prison should not be taking the name of the heroes.