The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm

Team Designation: BROTHERS GRIMM

Threat Level: Delta [Hunted Value: X] [Contact Cost: X]

Expanded Membership Details:


Grievious (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]


Harm (350 points)
[Hunts only as a Team] [Contact Cost: X]


Major Adversaries:

Australian Law Enforcement Agencies


Base of Operations:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia




Grievous (Team Leader)
Gregorio and Harmon Grimaldi are enforcers for the Grimaldi Crime Family which is based in Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia. Gregorio followed his father into the business, while the younger Harm found himself in the enforcer business quite by surprise. They operate as independent mercenaries on occasion, but their loyalty and main purpose thrives within the Melbourne Italian Crime Family.
Area of Operations
The Grimaldi family have influence in Melbourne and Adelaide, although they are also interested in expanding their power north, into Sydney. The Brothers Grimm operate primarily in Melbourne, and to a lesser extent in Adelaide when on family business. When they are operating as independent mercenaries their work can take them anywhere across Australia, although they have not been known to work overseas.
The Brothers Grimm enjoy a privileged lifestyle and do not plan on endangering it through wanton destruction or acts which would unduly attract the authorities. They work loyally for their family and do whatever is asked or necessary. When they work independently, they take jobs which pay well and require little subtlety. Their main method of execution is the 'smash and grab' technique.
The Grimaldi family is well respected amongst the criminal element of Australia, particularly in the south. As the most public enforcers, the Brothers Grimm share this reputation and the respect it garners for them. As independent contractors, Grievous and Harm are less successful, although their reputation is growing.