The Brotherhood

Team Designation: BROTHERHOOD

Threat Level: Gamma
[Hunted Value: 25] [Contact Cost: 12]

Expanded Membership Details:

Armstrong (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 4]

Holger Danske (400 points)
[Hunted Value: 20] [Contact Cost: 3]

Polestar (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 10] [Contact Cost: 3]

Solaris (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost:3]

Steppenwolf (350 points)
[Hunted Value: 15] [Contact Cost: 3]

Steppenwolf's Beast (215 points)
[Hunts only with Steppenwolf]


Major Adversaries:

Kinder der Zukunft



Base of Operations:

There is no one base of operations, as each member operates independently.




Armstrong (Team Leader)
Holger Danske
Steppenwolf's Beast
The young blonde man who might have fit a propagand poster of Hitler's Waffen SS took tentative steps as he disembarked from the airplane. He still could not forget the faces of the two librarians. Two innocent people whom he incinerated. He would not allow himself to forget them, it must become a part of him so that it would never happen again.

"What do you think?" said the wolfman. Although it came out as a slight snarl, those around him knew that was just his normal speaking voice. His ears rotate slightly as he quickly spotted his mark. At Brandenburg Airport in Schoendfeld the boy's appearance did not make him seem remarkable, but then Steppenwolf had met him before.

"You know that both Sanction and Uber Force thought of taking the boy under their wing," replied the Egyptian as he straightened the collars of his blue shirt and his white jacket. "But as usual, it came down to politics."

Looking at the four superheroes seated next to him in the gate area, Dr. Al-Hazeem sighed and then continued in his dour voice, "From five years of studying his thoughts, I have grown to believe that he desperately wants, more than anything else, to show the two librarians that he is not the person who turned them to ash. It's not a matter of him showing the world that he is redeemed. He deeply desires to do right in their memory."

"What about us, Doc?" asked Steppenwolf.

"Yes... You're the right fit," the psychiatrist said as he turned his eyes back to Polestar. They young, misguided uber hefted his large duffelbag and made his way past the gate desk and toward the major walkway along with the rest of the crowd. "The Brotherhood is less about grabbing headlines and more about taking care of business on the streets."

"Ja," said Steppenwolf with a sly smile, "except Monsieur Machine here is about taking care of the business of business."

Ignoring the jibe, Armstrong nodded his head, "Oui, Docteur Al-Hazeem, our gallant bunch is composed of misfits. Our wolfman is a misfit who tries hard to fit in. And, he will be the legal guardian of young Tadeusz. Axel has his rough edge, but he sometimes I think that its just trying to fit the mask of his visage. No, look what he has done with the fierce Beast of Waldestatte - no more than a big puppy dog now.

"Holger here," added the cyborg tapping the shoulder of his Danish friend, "is a man of himself. Except when he works with us to take care of the big baddies, I'd guess that he's alone in his studio hacking at some rock. Still, he is perhaps the most stalwart of us. The soul of an artist and the heart of a hero, he will set a good example to the ex-Kinder.

"Look at my young protege from Italy," Armstrong continued as he turned to look at Solaris. "A man's distraction and a party girl to boot. But, she might know more about being a hero than any of the rest of us even if the tabloids have poked fun at the 'Sister in the Brotherhood'. Her father was one of the world's greatest heroes. A sense of history is good, and something that will be greatly lacking among our fairheaded parolee."

"Si, Braccio Forte, Polestar will be one among us," she nodded.

"We will be stepping down our monitoring of Polestar, then," the S.A.G.E. Psychiatrist said. "We would appreciate quarterly updates on his progress, though. As information is the currency that we use, in exchange we will update you with any activity of Kinder der Zukunft. We have also made arrangements with CERN for him to continue his studies on nuclear physics. This may help him to understand and control his powers even more."

The leader of the Brotherhood nodded and then signalled to Steppenwolf and said in wry humor. "He has already seen the worst of our lot. It is time that he meets the rest of us."

Area of Operations
The Brotherhood Operates in Europe, primarily in Central Europe within each of their own home nations. On occasion, they will pursue villains beyond their borders or assist in territories of their home countries.
All of the members of the Brotherhood are motivated to protect the populace of their home countries. Polestar wants to do that as well as redeem himself of his past deeds when he was part of the Kinder.
In general, the individual members of the Brotherhood are regarded well by the people of their home countries. Some members of the government and law enforcement of those countries regard them as extra-legal vigilantes. But these are by far in the minority. Most individual villains are wary of these heroes, but villain teams sometimes disregard them because of their nearly informal association.

The Brotherhood and its individual members have worked in the past with other independent superheroes such as Golden Arrow and Nightbird as well as government-sanctioned teams such as Uber Force and Knightwatch. The Brotherhood also has close ties with S.A.G.E.